As a expert photographer, I"m disappointed through the state of the selfie — sexy selfies in particular.

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Taking good nudes have the right to be a beautiful method to attach with someone you love (including yourself). However with the thin amount of "leaked" celebrity picture on the Internet, I find it infuriating the we"re raising the following generation to think terribly composed iPhone photos are sexy just due to the fact that you"re naked. Nope. Not even a little.

For kindness sake, nudes provided to it is in an art form. But lately, it seems we it seems ~ to have actually forgotten how truly sexy the human body have the right to be in every its subtlety.

Lest ns sound shame-y, I, too, have actually been guilty the the complete face, full-on boob shot. And also guess what? mine husband never complained — and your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/sex partner probably won"t either.

But ~ becoming an ext involved in boudoir and also portrait photography, I"ve uncovered that there are numerous exciting ways (in numerous sexy poses) you deserve to increase and enhance the secret of your nude pictures without simply flashing her breasts.

And guess what? They"re super-easy.

To kick her sexting pics up a notch without acquiring too obscene, monitor the tips listed below — illustrated with a tiny help from ours pal, naked Barbie.

Your sexy self won"t just stand out, they"ll nearly moan v excitement.

7 advice On how To Take an excellent Nudes and Send Sexy Selfies

1. Great lighting is crucial when acquisition sexy selfies.

Photo: Casey Mullins

If your phone (or your lover"s phone) ever goes missing, you"ll desire as little damning evidence on there together possible.

If girlfriend send naked photos v both your face and nipples in plain view, friend could very well end up in a Google search, a gun meme, terribly embarrassed, or every one of the above. The very same goes for identifying jewel or tattoos. Proceed with caution.

Sending common privately exchanged nudes or explicit photos isn"t illegal as lengthy as you room over the age of 18, but if you ever before receive an unwanted and also unprompted nude native anyone that you did not ask for, that may be seen as a criminal offense.

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Casey Mullins is a skilled photographer and also writer based in Indiana. Follow she on Instagram for more.