A good news because that Snapchat customers as the company has introduced the brand-new “Timer and also Grid” option. Snapchat never ceases to amaze and also introduces new features that permit users come creatively share their moments.

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As Snapchat is a little behind various other Apps to provide such alternatives to your users, now it effort to capture up. The Snapchat application was experimentation a many of new features such as a timer, the camera grid and also the portrait photo as well from rather a while.

Portrait photos room in vogue and also users want to have this function in the application as quickly as possible. A short article of jane manchun wong(Jane Wong is a modern technology blogger as well as app researcher who discovers new features prior to they launch because that users) top top Twitter reflects Snapchat redesigning the user user interface of the camera to ar this duty on the appropriate side.

Instagram presented this function last April with the “Focus Mode”, for this reason Snapchat is clearly behind in its adoption in the app.

Snapchat could also introduce the “Batch capture” feature that permits you come group and publish multiple story in one go together predicted by Wong. It have the right to be done after clicking a photo, push the “+” switch to include another photograph to the cluster. This can be useful if you desire to i announced multiple image in a story or group.


The timer and also grid option is currently accessible for apologize users and it’s no clear as soon as it will certainly be easily accessible for android.

Before this, timer does not show up when you take it a snap yet users only had the chance to placed the the town hall time top top any picture or video. Individual snaps cannot be longer than 10 seconds however it has actually the alternative to placed it come infinity.

The picture sharing platform likewise worked on an additional feature dubbed “Charms” that helps specify your friendship or connection with who else. Above all much expected by users, it also gave the capability to delete messages prior to the recipient has read them.

Snap, the company that own Snapchat additionally worked top top its very own gaming platform. The brand-new service have actually the code name of job Cognac. It consists of the come of brand-new games (including third parties) to it is in used directly within the Snapchat application.

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The developers are working really hard to give every function one could need in any type of application. As with other attributes still in testing, over there is no info on when these will make their way.