As quickly as Donald trump announced his presidential candidacy, people detailed a couple of of his linguistic quirks, such as the extended, supervowel together of substantial and the references to self in the third person. But past those, the version of English he speaks quantities to its own patois, with a one-of-a-kind vocabulary and syntax and also psychological substrate. A year back Alec Baldwin and I made decision to write a parody memoir, You can not Spell America without Me: The Really remarkable Inside Story of my Fantastic an initial Year as President, completely in the dialect. Come prepare, I spent weeks examining transcripts the his interviews and press conferences and depositions, and thousands that his tweets, to rally a lexicon I might consult together we wrote. This is one abridged variation of the Trump format guide.

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• positive

amazing / beautiful / best / large league / brilliant / elegant / fabulous / wonderful / good / great / good / happy / honest / remarkable / quite / outstanding / phenomenal / an effective / advanced / one-of-a-kind / solid / effective / height / significant / unbelievable


boring / complete and also total / crooked / disgusting / dishonest / dopey / dumb / goofy / terrible / interesting* / not great / obsolete / out of control / overrated / pathetic / man / crude oil / sad / scary / stupid / damaging / unfair / weak / worst

*as a synonym because that suspicious


big / vast / major / plenty of / huge / plenty of / staggering / substantial / hard / vast

Usage note: These might be talked once, double (“major, major”), or 3 times (“many, many, many”).

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absolutely / badly / usually / certainly / incredibly / frankly / substantially / very / very / totally / truly / unbelievably / really / heavy / way


candy* / chaos / choker / clown / disaster / dope / dummy / silly / hate / idiocy / incompetence / hoax / lightweight / loser / lowlife / moron / phonies / difficulty / terror / weakness

*as a synonym for cheap or widely spread commodities, such as illegal drugs and leaked intelligence

Nonstandard consist of of the identify Article

• the african Americans • the blacks • the cyber • the Latinos • the women



A many of human being are speak … people think it’s going come happen. Everybody’s talking about it. They room saying … everyone is currently saying …
That’s just what I had actually heard. I have heard the … What i have heard … I’ve been hearing … A many of civilization tell me … “I’ve seen this, and I’ve sort of observed it—in fact, in two cases I have actually experienced it.”
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believe me by the way doesn’t have a clue acquiring away v murder hit a residence run hit me more tough I have many, countless friends I need to tell you ns won ns a believer in ns doing an extremely well through in all fairness in the whole human being laughing at united state likes that which never seen before, ever not gonna happen … okay? … right? that I have the right to tell you they nothing respect us to be perfect honest very much involved zippo

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“He’s a low-energy person, let’s face it. Us don’t require low energy. We need many energy.” “I mean, we protect everybody. We defend everybody. No issue who it is, we defend everybody. We’re defending the world.” “The kids are aspiring to prosper up to be terrorists. They are taught to thrive up to be terrorists … They have to stop the to teach of kids to aspire to grow up as terrorists.” “You cannot just have actually a standard. You cannot simply say the we have a blanket standard almost everywhere the human being … girlfriend can’t have a ceiling standard. You might say … it sound nice come say, ‘I have a ceiling standard; this is what the is’ … yet you know … it i will not ~ be a blanket standard.” “We to be the large bully, however we were no smartly led. And we were the huge bully that was the huge stupid bully.”