Google Assistant isn’t just for Android devices. Here's just how to set up and use Google's voice assistant on any mobile device, including iPhone and also iPad.

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Android tools should come v Google Assistant preinstalled, however you can also download the application from Google Play. It needs Android 5.0 or higher and the Google application version 6.13. Come configure Google Assistant top top Android, go to Settings > Google > Account services > Search, Assistant & Voice > Google Assistant.

If you have actually an iphone or iPad, you deserve to grab the application from the to apologize Store. Friend will must be to run iOS 11or greater on her device. Top top iOS/iPadOS, open up the Google Assistant app and tap her profile icon in the top right, where you deserve to review the selection of settings and options.


You can leave most of the settings at their default values, but there room some you must tweak or at least review.

Voice complement lets girlfriend train or retrain her voice so the Assistant can far better recognize it.

Assistant Voice permits you to select the kind of voice the Assistant will certainly use.


By default, Google Assistant uses any type of personalized information already available with her Google account, such as addresses, contacts, calendar appointments, and reminders. However, you can review these settings to make sure the details space correct.

Activate Google Assistant


To cause Google Assistant on one Android device, push down ~ above the Home switch at the bottom facility of the display or to speak “OK, Google” or “Hey, Google.” You have the right to then asking a concern or worry a command. To convey your request by text, insanity the keyboard and form your question or command.

iPhone or iPad individuals will have to open the Google Assistant application in order to create the program. At the house screen, you deserve to then madness the keyboard icon to form your inquiry or insanity the microphone icon to speak it.

Make a phone Call


You can speak to someone v the application by informing Google Assistant to call a certain contact in your phone. The very first time you perform this you need to grant access to your contacts. If your call has much more than one number, you will certainly be request to pick one. The Assistant then screens the call number. Tap contact to dial the number.

If you"d quite start a video clip call, tell the application to place a speak to through your wanted service, such together Zoom or Google Meet. IPhone and iPad users can likewise place a FaceTime call to any kind of contact v an to apologize device.

Send a Text


You can tell the Assistant to text someone in your call list and also dictate the message through the Assistant. When you"re done, the application asks if you want to send the post or readjust it. The Assistant then opens up up her default messaging application for you to send the text.

Create an Email


To email someone, tell Google Assistant come "Send an email to ." Dictate your email, and the app will questioning if you want to send it or modify it. To speak "Send it," and your post is on its way courtesy that Gmail.

Set a Reminder


You can set a reminder v Google Assistant by saying something like "Remind me to contact my dentist in ~ 3 p.m." If you overlook to clues a time, the Assistant asks friend to indicate the time. The app shows you the reminder and asks if you want to save it. Speak "Yes," and the reminder will appear on your phone in ~ the booked time.

If this is the very first time you’re setup a reminder v Google Assistant, the application prompts girlfriend to revolve on notifications in the iPhone"s setups screen. Girlfriend then go back to the Assistant, where you"ll need to repeat the reminder.

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Set a Calendar Appointment


You can set a calendar meeting to add an occasion to her Google Calendar. Say "Add a calendar appointment with my dentist for March 10 at 2 p.m." The app asks if you want to conserve it. Tell it yes, and also the appointment is included to her calendar. You deserve to also malfunction the request into individual parts, and also the Assistant will certainly ask you for each detail, such as the date and also time.