Knowing exactly how to tape your breasts for a deep V dress is a skill in itself, especially for those who space blessed in the boob department.

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Many popular celebrities choose Kim Kardashian, JLo, and also Beyoncé, among so countless others have actually nailed down just how to store theirs perked up every time they appear in public. Because that the rest of us, us can shot their tricks and also celebrity-approved ways to tape ours breasts because that a red carpet-ready look.


​How to Tape your Breasts for a Deep V Dress​What to usage for Taping your BreastsTips for how to Tape her Breasts UpFrequently request Questions

​How to Tape your Breasts because that a Deep V Dress

If dresses have actually a deep plunging neckline, ​even put on the ideal push up bra everor walk braless are not always the ideal options.


A typical bra will be visible and also can damage the look. Stick-on bras, although said to it is in designed for the certain purpose the serving together a bra for costume or tops through plunging necklines, don’t constantly do the project well. Many women who use them admitted they slide turn off easily and also offer no assistance for their breasts.

On the other hand, there is no some sort of support, you hazard a small nip slip. For women with huge breasts, it’s like a wardrobe breakdown waiting come happen.

​If friend don’t have actually a difficult backless bra the works v your dress, tape may end up being your brand-new best friend.

Small-breasted women might get away with just nipple covers. But, tape does more by adding an interpretation to the breasts and also even boosting or creating some cleavage.

Taping her breasts increase is not a complicated concept. It requires cutting out an adequate strip of ice which can go native the bottom of your breasts come the earlier of her shoulder.

When you use it, you’ll begin at the bottom of your breast and also work your way to behind her shoulder.

Need some new boob tape? Here’s ours favorite! We’ve also written a an excellent guide on the ideal boob ice for different outfits and also body types.

Step 1: reduced Up Strips of Boob Tape

​On average, girlfriend will need at least 12 to 13 inch of tape. Three pieces room usually enough to cover and lift up your nipples and also breasts. You deserve to do much more if that would make you an ext comfortable.

When cut the tape, try rounding the edge slightly. This way, girlfriend don’t have actually sharp corners indigenous the ice cream poking and prodding her skin on the sides.

Step 2: Cup your Boob

The process of taping your boobs up is a mix of steps you have to do simultaneously.Cupping your boob is essential due to the fact that that’s the purpose of taping lock in the very first place.You want to lift that up and also give definition, and also this is similar to finding the perfect way to put on your push up bra so the works.

You will desire to cup one boob come start, and also then you have the right to work top top the 2nd one.

Step 3: pull the Tape in the direction of Your Shoulders

As you execute this, traction on the tape and also stick that on the bottom of your breasts toward your shoulder. Remember to placed a noodle pad on your nipple before taping her breasts to make it hurt much less when she removing the tape and at the very same time, to provide it another layer.

Put another strip that tape next with this one walking inwards your chest. This will produce the cleavage that will certainly show in between your plunging neckline. Doing for this reason will have actually the same effect as the of using aplunge bra which has actually a deep center gore because that low reduced tops, minus the cost!

Put various other strips on top of the vault ones till you feel that your breasts room supported and also you feel comfortable enough with the tape. Repeat these actions on your various other boob and you’re an excellent to go!

​What to usage for Taping your Breasts


As a general preeminence of thumb, avoid using strong varieties of tape that will most likely hurt girlfriend in the procedure of placing them on and also especially acquisition them off. If you’re no willing to know what “peeling layers of skin off of your body” feeling like, be certain to use among the tape recommended below. Through the right type of tape, there’s a means to to decrease the suffering.

Unlike difficult bras whereby you deserve to restore their adhesive, this ones are disposable and great for one-time use only.

​Gaffer Tape

​Gaffer ice is what human being who job-related in manufacturing use. It’s generally for taping cables and also cords in place. This ice is solid enough to organize up her breasts. The is not as well sticky come the point of hurting and irritating her skin too much when you usage it.

​Athlete’s Tape

​Athlete’s ice is used, well, by athletes to treat injury and also muscle strain. These room the bright-colored or black color tapes friend see experienced players, gym trainers, bodybuilders, and also the favor use. This is much less likely come hurt together it’s especially made come be put on the skin.

​The upside to athlete’s tape is that is likewise resistant to sweat. If you have a night of dancing planned, you could want to consider this. Just the very same as men need to be concerned with sweat in your undergarments, friend don’t want your tape to loss apart in the center of her jam session.

​Medical Tape

​Medical tape is a lot subtler tape come use. The compromise v it is, that it doesn’t sell as much support.

This would certainly be much much better for smaller-breasted women who don’t need much assist in delivering boob weight. They could need it an ext for the cleavage and also for covering the nipples.

​Braza flash Tape

​Braza flash tape is specifically made to be supplied on the skin and also clothing. It’s usually put in between the buttons of a shirt to close the gap there.

Many women are guilty of putting tape on their clothes and also skin together a fast fix to daring outfits. While no the strongest, this will certainly be one of the safest to put on her breasts.

Tips for how to Tape your Breasts Up

Now the you understand the specific steps you can follow come tape her breasts as soon as you space wearing a deep V neck and the species of tapes you have the right to use, it’s crucial for friend to take into consideration some things. Here are some of the ideal tips when taping her breasts:

Choose fabrics that job-related Well

Silk or satin usually renders it too noticeable that you have the tape on especially if her dress or peak is ~ above the diluent side. Try to prevent taping your breasts when you’re wearing these varieties of clothing. It could also be evident when you wearing tight garments or tops the hug your body. V that in mind, the fabric is constantly something to consider.

On the various other hand, you have the right to opt to wear pieces with heavier or more thick fabrics that won’t present you are wearing ice underneath your top. Cotton dresses work really well, in addition to textured or printed fabric. For example, if you want to rock a leopard print dress, you likely won’t view the ice marks underneath because of the busy design on your dress!

Wear Darker-Colored pieces of Clothing

Besides the fabric, you should consider the shade of your top or dress. Taping her breasts is very recommended once you space wearing darker-colored dresses. They room dark sufficient to hide the reality that you wearing tape.

The color of the tape may also impact how it will certainly be reflected as soon as some garments are seen in natural light. If your top is nearly on the sheer side, the ice cream will additionally likely be also obvious.

Beware of Skin Irritations

If you room allergic come adhesives, taping your chest is not recommended in ~ all. All of the tapes mentioned above were skin-friendly and also should no irritate or hurt your body.

To make sure you will avoid getting hurt or excited by wearing and also ripping off the ice cream from your body, carry out a patch test first.

Practice putting It On

Try to exercise or try this chest taping cheat at least once before preparing for an event. This is come make sure that you have ample time to redo that if vital or see just how it functions for you.

This is also to say that if the is your very first time law this, that may originally be uncomfortable. Trying the on with the dress or top you’re wearing prior to the official occasion or job will definitely help.

Consider the Occasion

The usual complain of women through sticky bras is that, when they’re attract them, they are anxious castle may fall off suddenly and cause unfortunate events such a nip slip.


It is crucial to think about the occasion or chance you room going to. Will certainly it it is in hotter or colder there? will certainly you it is in doing tasks that will reason you to sweat? Ask you yourself questions prefer these.

Usually, when it is hot and also you gain a little sweaty, particularly on your bust, there might be an unexpected propensity for the ice cream to become loose. In events like this, friend can choose to bring some extra gaffer tape along. That always better to be prepared!

Don’t Tape as well Tightly or also Loosely

Be wary of just how you do the taping. Sometimes, even if you obtain that cleavage you were aiming for, taping as well tightly could make girlfriend uncomfortable. Additionally, doing therefore can also pose a hazard of an inner injury if the tightness leader to a blood flow restriction in that area of your body.

The exact same goes because that taping too loosely. If friend have large breasts, then loosened tape could somehow make your chest look saggy. The ice cream may also fall turn off if you videotaped them too loosely.

Cut Off additional Layers that Tape

You don’t want the ice cream to present under her sleeve, right? In stimulate to prevent instances choose that, that is ideal to challenge the mirror and also make sure the tape is exactly where it demands to be underneath the shape of your V neck height or dress.

Use Double-Sided or Fashion Tape

Put either double-sided tape or fashion ice underneath your dress for this reason it touches both of your dress and skin. This is a hack you deserve to do come make certain your dress, top, or strap is affixed and also will stay in its location all throughout the moment you’re attract it. This would prevent awkward moments where your tape decision to all of sudden appear.

Frequently request Questions

Can I usage Duct ice cream on mine Breasts?

You deserve to use duct ice on your breast as long as you do not have actually sensitive skin and also you have the right to put the ice cream properly. Perform not forget come cover her nipples as they are an extremely sensitive. By covering your nipples, you are lessening the pains while remove the duct tape.

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Does chest Tape yes, really Work?

Breast tape deserve to really job-related if you put it correctly. It can particularly help women with fuller breasts. However, women with smaller sized breasts deserve to have some difficulties like lifting their breasts up and giving them some shape.


Some females would go to an excellent heights to dismiss a tiny bit the pain because that a an excellent look. Taping her breasts doesn’t need to be as painful as people make that seem come be. Pick your ice cream option and rock the deep V dress you’d to be saving!