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Have you ever wanted to wear a top with an extreme plunge however couldn’t due to the fact that your boobs just looked way too saggy?Or probably you want to stay a shirt however when you tried the on your boobs seemed reminiscent of Moses parting the Red Sea... I.e. Really far apart. A lot of times there are particular styles of garments that girlfriend won"t be able to wear a bra with.Tape have the right to be really useful in situations like this. I"m walk to display you exactly how I tape my boobs below.

First off, let me just say the I wanted to perform this short article since before Carnival however I went back and forth around posting these pics online. I mean, over there is no nipple showing yet still... Climate I gained to thinking that there room so plenty of girls that can advantage from this small trick. Likewise there is nothing attractive around what you’re going to see below...Boobs covering in many surgical tape. Anyway, I just wanted to put out that disclaimer. If you space offended by breasts then I indicate that you protect against right here.

Boob Taping is a trick that celebrities use all the time. A if back, Kim Kardashian mutual a snapshot of what she boobs looked favor under she dress. A lot of of civilization were shocked, but this is yes, really a trick that has actually been around, just not many world know about it. Cultivation up, I always used to view my mom taping she boobs at any time she wore an outfit that required it. It offered her an instant lift. Apart from a lift,taping can likewise make your boobs appear much larger. I perform this native time come time depending on my outfit. Recently, I acquired a lot of weight and my boobs have literally double in size, so I’ve to be taping an ext often because that extra support. Of course taping isn’t a substitute for bras and also is normally done if girlfriend cannot use a bra v the format of outfit that you want to wear.

What you Need

The tape that I usage is the 3M surgical tape. Girlfriend can gain this at any kind of pharmacy, be sure to gain the wide one. I have seen human being use duct ice cream or masking tape however I perform not introduce this. I have constantly found the the surgical tape adheres well to the skin, gives great support and also has the most painless removal process. I find that it"s just painful to eliminate in locations where girlfriend have tiny hairs that stick come the tape. You deserve to probably wax/shave any type of fine hairs before taping. If friend still experience any kind of discomfort when removing the tape, girlfriend can always apply any kind of oil, eg.olive or baby oil and also it need to slide best off.

I would likewise recommend covering your nipples. This is no a must but I simply don’t feel comfortable v the idea of ice tugging top top them. I use the Hollywood silicone nipple consist of (my favorite) and then location the tape end it. Silicone covers don"t hurt in ~ all once you remove, they just peel appropriate off. Girlfriend can also use noodle pads if friend don’t have actually nipple covers.


The taping format that i did in the above pic gives maximum lift and also support. Ns tape my boobs favor this whenever i wear any type of deep plunge tops through the shoulders extended (as viewed in pic ~ above left). An initial off, you must put on your nipple covers. Then rip turn off a item of ice long sufficient to prolong from the base of your chest all the way to the earlier of her shoulders. I would certainly say to let the ice cream hang around 3 inches off the earlier of your shoulders. Ns usually begin outward relocate in closer to the facility of my chest. You should pull the tape yes, really tightly native the basic of your chest to the top of your shoulders because that the many lift. If you want less lift climate don’t pull together tight. Ns use around four piece of tape per breast, so eight total. You can use as lot tape as you want and also stop once you obtain the preferred support and lift. Nothing layer too much though, because you won"t want the tape to show through her top specifically if that a really slim material.

For short Plunge Outfits through Exposed Shoulders


To attain this look, just follow the same procedures as in the an initial pic. However, perform not prolong the tape every the way up to your shoulders as the tape will show. The red currently in the over pic indicate where not to location the tape. Begin the tape at the basic of the breast, curve approximately then pull tightly upward and also stop just over the height of the breast.

For maximum Cleavage

The above snapshot shows just how you have to tape if you want your boobs come look more pushed in together. Begin taping as with in the very an initial pic (For low Plunge Outfits). As soon as you space finished,all you must do is add some much more tape and also extend indigenous the left breast to the appropriate breast, pulling tightly together you go. I perform this about three times, starting from the basic of the breast and also moving in the direction of the nipple. Remember, don"t go also high as you carry out not want the tape to show. Her boobs will likewise appear much bigger with this trick. Taping native left to right, in conjunction with taping over your shoulders will enable for best lift and support.

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For best Cleavage with Exposed Shoulders

All you need to do for this type of outfit (if you do not want to wear a strapless bra), is tape indigenous left breast to right breast again pulling tightly as you go. Skip the over-the-shoulder taping together your shoulders are exposed. Again this will lug your boobs in together and make her cleavage appear fuller.

So ns hope this article was helpful. Taping really renders a distinction with exactly how your boobs look in her clothing. Oh! shot not to use any type of Lotions, oil etc. On your skin prior to taping. You want the tape come securely adhere to the skin. Mental to pull tightly ~ above tape for maximum lift and slowly remove tape once you are prepared to take it off. Happy Taping!