We have all heard the boob tape. Currently it’s time to uncover out exactly how to usage it. Recognize the ideal bra might get tiring and also time consuming. As well as expensive if you space trying to uncover the best one for each one of your short cut, strapless, backless and also so top top dresses. How numerous times have actually you do the efforts a dress or optimal that girlfriend LOVE, yet put back because friend don’t have the right bra? It’s not your fault you don’t have actually the best undergarment. The right bras for specific plunge-neck or backless dresses merely don’t exist! What chance do we have? Well, right here it is; boob tape!

It sound uncomfortable and also inconvenient. Transforms out it’s exceptionally simple and also easy. Not to mention surprisingly effective. This is exactly why the many fashion-forward stars choose Kim Kardashian and also Jessie J space taping their breasts. This an approach allows you come use a ice of your choice to totally replace your bra. Still not impressed? Did us mention using it takes nearly no time? Taping your boobs doesn’t also have to interfere v your usual glam-up routine.

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What Boob Tape should I Use?

There are many variations the tapes and multiple means of applying them. We’ll start with detect the best boob tapes prior to we learn exactly how to apply them. Kim Kardashian says practically any tape will do. This queen has actually tried all kinds, however from her own experience she swears through gaffer tape, as it’s the strongest and also least most likely to fail. As far as ‘what no to use’, comprehensive research tells us that duct tape is no our friend. So, steer clear of duct tape, ladies!


Gaffer tape

This is definitely the the strongest tape, however be conscious that it may irritate her skin. It’s constantly a an excellent idea to execute a patch check before completely taping your chest. If you feel no irritation, climate gaffer ice cream is fantastic choice. That course, we want to be sure that our boob ice cream will remain in ar all night. For this reason why not go because that the strongest? I recognize I wouldn’t want any kind of surprising-slips!

Keep in mind, it is VERY IMPORTANT no to confused duct tape through gaffer tape. Duct tape, by design is a long-term tape offered for construction and repairs. You execute not desire it on her skin. On miscellaneous reviews, you might find that Gaffer tape is veeeery painful come wear, although, if used correctly, it should not it is in so. So, stick with us to discover the best hacks and also tips because that boob taping.

And prior to you begin, you have to be prepared to obtain really handsy and also touchy through yourself. This method requires a the majority of tape cutting and moving your breasts about a lot, in stimulate to uncover the right positioning and also create the perfect cleavage. This is why the is extremely essential that you pick a secure, however, your skin type friendly tape.


Athletic tape

If gaffer tape reasons irritation to her skin, athletic tape may just be because that you. It’s frequently used by athletes and also often applied by physics therapists to help with heal injuries. Athletic tape (or sports tape) is currently made for direct application come skin therefore it’s gentler because that those through sensitive skin types. Though, nothing mistake it’s gentleness for weakness. Strong tape will certainly still organize in the girls!

The original shade of this ice is perfect for light skinned ladies, or also pale skinned. When applying the boob taping method, that course, depending upon the dress tightness and also form, girlfriend should likewise think around unexpected cases where, possibly, the ice could... Present a little. The basic advice to stop this native happening is to shot boob taping with your chosen peak or dress beforehand, when chilling at home.

Moreover, if you space an athlete or occasionally prefer sporting activities activities, this tape could come in comfortable for supporting your ankles while, because that instance, playing soccer or basketball.


If you unsure on which will work ideal for you, it’s a great idea to shot both before you commit come a night out.

Double-sided apparel tape

Last but not least; Double-sided apparel tape. This ice is particularly made come close the gap between buttons top top a top. This guarantee your peak doesn’t fly open up to expose the girls. It likewise works for any kind of low-cut costume that can be a little an ext revealing.

This Fashion Tapes worth pack contains 3 tins. In every tin, you will uncover 36 double-sided tapes that are medically proven to it is in harmless and also gentle because that those who struggle with sensitive skin problems. Thanks to the packaging, that is easy to bring around. Throw it in your bag for any boob ice cream or wardrobe emergencies.


How to Tape her Breasts


Clean her skin come make certain it is not oily, together this will certainly interfere v the boob ice sticking correctly to her skin. Absolutely avoid moisturizer or any oily products prior to you apply the tape.

Taping because that low-cut dresses

First, reduced a piece of tape about 13 customs long, or merely measure the length from the bottom the your chest to the earlier of your shoulder. Begin taping indigenous the external of your breasts. Background each breast as you start to tape indigenous underneath, pulling the ice up towards the back of your shoulder. Repeat the procedure by adding an ext strips towards the middle of each breast to cover the nipple. Sculpt as you go, till it looks and also feels right.

Be careful about your neckline. While applying the tape you might get brought away. Obviously, you execute not desire anyone to notice you have sculptured her boobs v tape that could originally be provided for resolving lightings. To stop this from happening, use the Fashion Tape us have detailed as among the ice cream options.

Taping for a strapless or backless dress

This time friend will use the boob ice right below your breasts. Beginning from the bottom, add each strip layer by layer till your breasts room secure. Making use of this approach, friend can likewise slightly background them together you’re using the tape. As soon as you’re finished, you should have perfectly spanned breasts that will stay safe native nip-slips and complimentary from unsightly straps.

Here is terrific video showing you exactly how it’s done:

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Things to Be aware Of…

Taping her breasts might seem choose a no-brainer, yet it’s great to be conscious of details mishaps that deserve to occur. So, what should you be wary of if taping your boobs?

It might feel weird in ~ first

Some females say they feeling no various with boob tape rather of a bra. Some say they feeling uncomfortable while rather feel completely comfortable to spend a day (and probably a night) lengthy wedding dancing and also sweating it turn off on the run floor. In short, you should be ready to take an extra mile for this one... The much more tape, the better lift and security!

Protect your skin and also hair

If you pick to usage a very sticky and solid tape and you have actually long hair, much better tie her hair up. A comparable suggestion describes girls through a little saggier breasts. You carry out not want to make her skin stretch or have actually a feel of heaviness. In case you usage very strong tape, it deserve to put a most strain on her shoulders and eventually leaving marks because that a couple of days.

Applying the tape too tight

This will certainly primarily lead to discomfort. You have the right to avoid this by not applying too much tape and not too tightly. Furthermore, law so may restrict blood flow and also a few hours deserve to be enough to induce some type of internal injury. This is a rarely scenario, but it’s better to be safe 보다 sorry!

Applying the tape too loosely

I think the pretty noticeable what wake up here. One of two people you don’t attain your desired look, and also feel less-than fab all night, OR the girls have actually a night out of your own once they’re claimed to be grounded! us don’t desire either, particularly the latter.

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Skin irritation

As we discussed before, the a an excellent idea to execute some spot testing. You deserve to do this by cutting the end a tiny piece that your liked tape and applying it to her skin. The skin on her boobs is quite clearly different come the skin on the outer parts of your body. Somewhere choose your forearm might be a tiny tougher, therefore it’s most likely not a great indication. As unpleasant as it may be, it’s a much better idea to apply a patch to your breast or somewhere with a similar skin type. This is highly argued if you’re utilizing gaffer ice cream or any type of other commercial tape. No difficulties should happen if you are using the tapes designed because that on skin.

Improper occasion

This is important. Think about the temperature before you walk out with your to win taped. If you’re getting ready for warm weather that’ll have you sweating, then please re-think the boob tape! The same uses to general exercise, i can’t imagine you’ll must tape your breasts for a expedition to the gym, however if you’re thinking of law it—don’t!

Ready to tape?

Try testing prior to your event. You don’t want to acquire stuck trying to do it her boobs occupational while you’re an alleged to be the end the door. Put some time aside to practice taping her breasts so girlfriend can obtain the hang of it before the occasion. The much more you practice, the better. Who knows, you might even pioneer your really own technique!