Your abdominal muscle muscles (abs) sit in between your ribcage and your pelvis. Together with your back muscles, they help kind the part of your body dubbed the core. The main point helps you remain balanced and keeps your spine protected. Most common physical tasks — such together walking or running — rely on a strong core.

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Many human being neglect to exercise their ab muscles. Doing so have the right to lead come health troubles such as obesity, poor posture, and weakness. Therefore, it’s vital to practice your abs come make sure they continue to be strong.

Some that the many common abdominal muscle exercises target your lower abdominal muscle muscles. This is one area where fat is save on computer in the body. Human body fat is needed to part extent, to assist you remain warm and equipped with sufficient energy-burning material. However, too lot body fat is not good.

Lower ab exercises emphasis on tightening and also strengthening the abdominal area. If functioned enough, they deserve to also aid you shed belly fat and also harden to type defined muscles dubbed a 6 pack.

It’s vital to begin any new exercise program slowly. If you feeling sharp pain while doing any exercise, stop and talk to a doctor prior to continuing.

Exercises to assist Lower Abs

The score of these exercises is come target an essential parts of the lower abs and strengthen them to enhance posture, stability, and also balance in everyday activity.

Most lower ab exercises can be done without extra equipment. However, several of the moves noted below carry out require sliders or towels.

1. Mountain Climbers

 Mountain climbers occupational your whole body and also your core. They room a kind of cardio as well — meaning, they boost your love rate as soon as you perform them.

To get started, location yourself in a plank position. This way elevating her body turn off the ground through your eight (think that the “up” position of a push-up). Remember to save your human body straight and your pelvis tucked slightly. Her arms must be shoulder-width apart through both palms on the floor. Your legs must be prolonged behind you, feet together.

Once in this position, slowly move your best knee to your chest then ago again. Next, attract your left knee to your chest and earlier again. This is one repetition (rep). 


Increase her pace and also move quickly to practice the rectus abdominis — a pair the muscles that runs down your abdomen and also forms the bulk of the ab muscles. 

You should repeat this exercise number of times for optimum results. Professionals recommend 15 come 20 reps on each side for beginners.

2. Lying leg Raises

This exercise strengthens your reduced abs yet doesn’t need you to hold yourself increase while you carry out so. Instead, lied on your ago with foot extended, feet together. Remainder the palms of her hands on either next of your body.

Raise your legs up with each other slowly. Certain they are perpendicular to the floor for much better results. Hold for 1 or 2 seconds prior to bringing both legs ago down to the floor. Do this 10 come 15 reps or an ext for best results.

If you desire to make the exercise more effective, don’t let your feet touch the ground. Also, be certain not come arch your back — it have the right to lead to earlier problems if friend do. If you have a poor back, take into consideration talking come your doctor before starting this exercise.

3. Crunches

When world think that lower abdominal muscle exercises, they frequently think of crunches. These low-impact exercises target your top abs and also your lower abs. However, they most likely won’t help you shed weight since they don’t do you burn a many calories. Nevertheless, they room a an excellent place to begin if you want to strengthen her abs.

To perform a typical crunch, begin by lie on your earlier with your knees bent and also your feet ~ above the ground.

Slowly lift her shoulders turn off the ground, tucking her arms behind her head. Curly your top body towards your knees, tightening your abdominal muscles as you background up. Climate lower ago down come the ground. That is one rep.

Try to execute 12 to 20 reps in a row. If the easy, continue. If it’s an overwhelming or she feeling significant pain, stop. If pain proceeds for hours or days, talk to a doctor.


Other varieties of crunch exercises the are ideal for your reduced abs include:

reverse crunch bicycle crunch Runner’s crunch Bird dog crunch

4. Scissor Kicks

This exercise is similar to the lying leg raise workout. However, you lift one leg at a time rather than both together.

Start by lying on your ago with both of her legs extended, feet together. Remainder your hand palms-down ~ above either next of your body or underneath her buttocks for support. Lift her shoulder blades and also head off the ground. Then, carry your foot up turn off the ground.

With foot elevated, transforms lifting and also lowering her legs, one after the other. Make certain your feet hover over the ground after ~ you lug them under — about six inches.

You have the right to repeat the practice as plenty of times together desired.

5. Knee Tucks (With Sliders or practice Ball)

For this exercise, you’ll need towels or sliders. Assume a plank position and place both of her feet on the towels or sliders.

Pull both feet to her chest and also gradually move back to the starting position. Perform this as numerous times together possible, or at least 10 times if you a beginner.

Avoid leaning your upper body forward too lot or hunching your shoulders — this have the right to lead to troubles if done too much. 

If girlfriend want much more of a challenge, you have the right to use an exercise ball. Rather of placing your legs on sliders or towels, balance her legs on top of the ball. Attract both knees towards your chest and return come the starting point. 

6. Toe Touches

The toe touch is a great lower abdominal muscle exercise for human being who feel comfortable with beginner workouts and want much more of a challenge. It uses elements from various lower abdominal exercises listed here together well, make it straightforward to change into various other lower abdominal muscle exercises after perfect this one.

First, start by lie on your ago on the floor, exercise mat, or towel. Your knees should be bent and your feet planted steady on the ground. Rest your eight at her sides.


Stiffen your ab muscles. Shot to store them this way throughout the entire exercise. Next, carry your foot up turn off the floor, straightening lock to be perpendicular to her body. Allude your toes away from her body.

Then, lift your hands toward your toes, lifting your shoulders and head turn off the ground together you carry out so. Lower your hands and upper body earlier down. This is one rep.

Repeat this procedure several times, keeping your foot perpendicular come the floor and your abs tightening throughout the exercise.

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Safety Considerations

There is no doubt that an excellent health is crucial to an individual’s life. The over lower abs exercises will help you acquire into the compelled shape and also ensure the you live a happy and also healthy life. 

However, it’s necessary to remember come take new exercises slowly. If spicy or lengthy pain occurs, talk to your doctor or look for advice from an additional healthcare professional, such together a physics therapist.