This is motivated by a similar post. Except this one is for America, so here we GO!

Disclaimer! The cops are simply doing your job, so any joke make in this is not intended to it is in taken seriously.

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1. The spotlight.


Lots that undercover cop cars look favor their either the base line trim level or 2nd to base. Ns mean simply look at all the car on this list. Various other then the Caprice (which other then in Australia, doesn’t have actually a basic trim level).

Now. In America, cops perform travel alone. You might see a cop in a vehicle with one more cop in the exact same car. However it’s not uncommon to check out a cop all by himself.

Another thing, unequal in Europe. Cops in the U.S perform use practice number plates.

Every undercover cop vehicle has a following trend once it involves color. And also like in the earlier post, their really clean.

They don’t have any graphics, castle don’t also have any badges. (Not saying every debadged cars are undercover cop cars).

Their really clean. Very stealthy (if you recognize nothing around cars).

This, is the evident sign of a cop car. 99% Of the time if a automobile has this the bound to be a cop.

That 1% is more than likely going to be someone trying to pay homage come the general Lee.

7. They have actually no it is registered on the number plate

Readers Comments

I’m going to quote what ///MGott said. Here it is.


“If you gain close you have the right to see the patent plate has actually no it is registered stickers and also says freed on it.”


Um those room detectives car undercover car don’t have actually exempt plates and are impounded vehicle so they could be anything.

Ok. I should clear other up.

Now both the the readers comments contradict each other. So i did some research, and also found the end that it different from terminal to station.

So it’s no guaranteed the the cops in your area will have “Exempt” ~ above the plates.

If friend think i’ve missed something then please comment down below and I’ll be sure to include it in if the hasn’t been addressed below already.

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