So you favor someone, but you’re not quite sure how to tell her? after ~ all, you can never phone call the outcome as soon as you’re asking someone the end or when you’re do the efforts to do a move.

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So the question is, how do friend tell a woman that you’re interested in her?

Celia Schweyer


Life purpose Coach | Women’s support | Author, “70 days of Happy: Life is much better When girlfriend Smile

Be direct

No one likes the entirety “beat around the bush” method. If you desire a girl to know that you prefer her, phone call her. Don’t it is in vague. It is in honest. It is in direct. She’ll respect and appreciate that lot more.

Find out what she likes

Does the girl girlfriend like, prefer chocolate, the color red, good Tyler Perry plays? uncover out what renders her smile and also then…do it. Not just will she remember this together a to win gesture, however she will certainly be an ext open to getting to know you better.

Talk come her

Engage the girl you favor in a an excellent conversation. Speak to her. Permit her know that she is an ext than simply a pretty challenge to you. Show her that you enjoy her intellect, she humor…even her work ethic! as soon as you respect that she is as a person, she’ll be more willing to let she guard down and you have the right to let her know that you’ve to be eyeing her!

Hand-written letters

The best way to tell a girl or woman the you favor her is come personally hand-write, hand-address, and also actually mail her a self-penned letter, ideally top top nice file with a corresponding envelope –– and also zero keystrokes.

Be yourself, write just how you feel about her, and as if friends and also family might read the note, because they will indeed, which is part of the romance and also event the manning up and also coming front to show your feelings.

Your words perform not have to be long-winded or sappy. Simply communicate a few nice points you’ve noticed around her, and also how you might like to see her again or treat her to a date.

The gesture the writing, stamping, and also mailing a hand-written keep in mind is a powerful and personal method to deliver any type of message, especially since today is therefore saturated with swiping, texting, and e-mailing in such electronic and also impersonal ways.

Take to pen and paper, and write in your own handwriting come tell her that you choose her. She will certainly feel therefore special and also singled the end by your one-of-a-kind personal gesture.

Be clear about it

The most vital thing about expressing your attraction to someone is to be clear around it, but additionally to not be a jerk if it’s not reciprocated. It have the right to be downright danger for females to refuse men, so it’s crucial to take right into account the if friend seem aggressive when talking to her, she might not feeling comfortable.

Things deserve to vary based on if you already know she from your social circle or together a girlfriend from your past, vs. If friend met in a windy location and also had a conversation you’d like to go after on a exclusive date.

Either way, it is in direct and also simple: “I’ve really took pleasure in getting to recognize you, and also I’d favor to take it you on a day if you’re interested.

Then the tough part: If she says no, you have to be cool with that.

Pay attention to cues choose her speak “I don’t know,” or “I just acquired out the a negative relationship” or “I’m no interested in dating ideal now…” – she’s trying to let you down straightforward without risking girlfriend going bonkers.

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Please don’t go bonkers, just say okay and let her go on her way. Proceed acting normal if you see her again later. She isn’t your enemy, she’s just not interested in you that way, and that’s okay.

Things space a little easier, but likewise harder, for bisexual and also lesbian women, because we’re notoriously impossible to flirt with. The mating contact of the bisexual appears to it is in “Women never understand I’m flirting with them!” if staring straight at the woman you’re interested in. Then she states it back, “I know, very same here!” The same applies, you need to be direct. “I feeling a connection with you, would you favor to go on a date sometime?” Tada!

It’s best to simply go for it

When you want to tell a girl you prefer her, depending on who she is and also the circumstances at hand, it’s ideal to merely go for it with complete openness and also transparency.

When us speak native the heart, we deserve to usually never ever go wrong, and by genuinely informing your romantic attention what makes her therefore unique and also special, you’ll impress her and also stand out from the competition.

By highlighting all of her strengths and expressing what makes you prefer her together with any shared interests and commonality, you have actually the finest shot in ~ reciprocity. You can ask yourself, what’s the worst that can happen by speak this?

By being open and telling her about all the wonderful characteristics she possesses, the worst is most likely a very gentle letdown and continued friendship.

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Either way, you’ll most likely lighten she day and also lift her very own sense that self-esteem in the process. The best method to phone call a girl you choose her is come express every her traits and also capabilities that make you feel that method in the an initial place.