This to be pulled out of a residence fire and it was covered with soot. Soot and moisture corroded the metal. Corrosion will eventually develop holes that let in air and bacteria.

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4. Leaking


Wear gloves once cleaning up this mess and just come be safe throw out any food that the contaminated liquid has touched.

5. Dents


Dents damage the integrity of the air-tight seal which can expose the food come harmful bacteria.

6. Acrid Smell


If it smells pungent, acidic, chemical, or has an unnatural smell don’t eat it!

7. Rising Bubbles or Unnatural spring Colors


The picture above is a well-shook can showing safe bubbles. Ns didn’t have an instance of unsafe balloon so I thought I’d display you for sure bubbles. The bubbles to watch out for are tiny rising gas bubbles.

8. Sound – Hisses Loudly as soon as Opened or

No sound of fluid Inside once Shaken

A soft quiet hiss as soon as the air rushes right into a have the right to you room opening is normal yet a can that hiss loudly once opened is a warning sign.

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It’s necessary to rotate your canned food to save your food fresh. However, if a can is bulging, projecting, rusting, leaking, is dented, has actually a monster smell, looks funky, or hisses loudly DON’T taste it and also handle it very carefully! safely dispose that the contaminated food.

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