In bespeak to give yourself greater privacy and an individual space, you have the right to turn turn off the check out receipts on on facebook Messenger so the no one knows if you have actually read their message.

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Facebook introduced a cell phone application dubbed Messenger in the year 2011 for instant messaging, photo and video sharing and video calling. This application was introduced separate to Facebook yet users areallowed to collection their file on messenger making use of their on facebook account. Messenger takes details like profile photo, friends list from your FB handle, if in situation your sync your on facebook account v it.

Messenger is cost-free to download the app that is compatible v both IOS and Android. You deserve to chat v your on facebook friends and additionally with people from your contact book. ~ above Messenger, you can send messages, command HD video calls, re-publishing stickers, photos and videos, etc.

However, no matter how exciting it is to indulge into conversations with people on Messenger, there may be times once you wouldn’t feel prefer responding to a text or there might be times when you don’t have actually the time come respond; in any of these cases, the is best to disable your read receipts. On facebook does not have an option where you have the right to turn off your check out receipts however there space other means to execute the same. For disabling check out receipts top top Facebook, you deserve to make sure of third-party apps or extensions.

1. Disable read receipts top top Desktop

On her desktop, you can download an extension dubbed Facebook Unseen. Once you have actually installed it, there will be the Unseen symbol next come the resolve bar on Chrome. Click and check package that claims “Block the ‘seen’ function of the chat”. This will disable your review receipts on on facebook Messenger. This expansion can it is in downloaded for Firefox and Chrome and other browsers.

2. Disable review receipts ~ above Mobile

When you get a blog post from a Messenger chat, you deserve to read that blog post without the human knowing- simply switch ~ above your aircraft mode. This clears Messenger’s ability to procedure the reality that you have viewed the message because there is no net connection. When you are done analysis the message, nearby the application before switching turn off the aircraft mode. Make sure you near the application by swiping it out from your window section - the objective is come ensure the the application is shut under completely. However, the sender will get to know that you have read their message after you move on the app.

3. Disable review receipts top top iPhone

For iphone phone users, this is simple task! just go to the settings of your mobile and also then tap ~ above Messages and turn off the Send Receipts. Once you rotate that off, people are not educated that you have actually read their message. However, if you turn off the Send receipts, then it will use to all conversations and apps.

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4. Disable read receipts on Mac

Similar to the procedures of iPhone, in her Mac publication open messages and also then navigate to Preferences > choose Accounts > rotate off Send Receipts.