I was newly asked this inquiry by a reader and thought it would certainly be a an excellent blog write-up topic: exactly how to tell if lumber furniture is actual or fake. It’s something the I have actually wondered about in the past and also had to learn much more about as I started refinishing furniture. So, how have the right to you call if your furniture is solid lumber versus laminate or veneer? There room several methods to recognize this.

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Solid hardwood furniture is heavy. Yes, really heavy. If her furniture is relatively light-weight, it’s most likely not heavy wood.

Drawer Construction

A an excellent indicator the solid hardwood is dovetail construction. Her furniture might still have veneer fronts, but it’s many likely built of solid hardwood if you view that tongue and also groove building where the drawer connects to the drawer front.




Take a look at the sides and underneath your piece of furniture. If over there is a veneer, girlfriend will be able to look in ~ it indigenous the side and see where the sheet of veneer attaches come the prior of the piece. Also, if you watch unfinished timber underneath the furniture, it’s probably wood and not laminate which has tendency to cover the furniture from peak to bottom. Veneer will also have a horizontal grain sample on the edges, whereas solid timber will have actually no serial on the edges.


If you can feel the grain and also see a differing pattern, it’s probably solid wood. Periodically it’s tough to feel with your on the handle if it has actually been sealed, so friend will need to use several methods of inspecting the piece to recognize for sure. If you check out the grain however the pattern tends to repeat and it lacks texture and also feels perfectly smooth, it’s more than likely veneer. If it lacks grain altogether, it’s most most likely laminate.

This is our cheapo submit cabinet made out of bit board. This “fake” is easy to spot because of its irradiate weight and overall negative quality construction. No dovetail joints, no grain, and also when you open up it you deserve to see the bit board top top the ago of the drawer.


Carved Details

If the wood has an ornate or carved detailing, it is wood. Laminate and veneers cannot be carved.


Plain and simple, solid wood expenses a lot of more.

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Many veneers room made of actual wood, and just since a piece of furniture has actually veneer on it does not mean it is not great quality or durable. Genuine wood veneers can also be stained. Just be mindful sanding veneers, as you perform not want to damage it or sand it turn off completely.

I expect this is helpful. Permit me remind you that i am no an expert. I am simply learning as i go and sharing tips the I’ve choose up follow me the way. If you have any questions, or something to add to this, please let me know!