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It is true the Greek yogurt is packed v nutrients and also contains active bacteria that are helpful for ours bodies. Greek yogurt is a good immunity booster and aids in heart diseases and also indigestion.The fact is that Greek yogurt can last a lengthy time if one is following the ideal storage methods. The shelf life have the right to be prolonged by deep refrigeration, however even that has actually its limits. So, girlfriend may have actually asked yourself how to tell if her Greek yogurt is transforming bad. 

Table of ContentsDoes Greek Yogurt go Bad?Expiration DateSniff and also TellDo You see Mold?Do You check out Water?Taste ItWhat happens If ns Eat negative Greek Yogurt?Stomach CrampsVomitingDiarrheaI Don’t desire to Throw the end My Greek Yogurt Yet
The simple and simple answer to this is that yes, the course, it can go bad. If regular yogurt can go bad, so deserve to Greek yogurt. It is, after all, a food product and will go bad like any type of other if no stored properly.

But you have to remember that it is additionally a milk product and contains energetic bacteria. And also the biggest enemy of most milk commodities is warmth and time. And also where there is warmth and also moisture, over there is fungus, i m sorry will revolve the Greek yogurt inedible quite rapidly.According come the United states Food and Drug Administration, yogurt deserve to be frozen because that up to two months and also stored in ~ 40 levels Fahrenheit for up to 2 weeks. Psychic that keeping it at room temperature will certainly not execute it any type of favors and accelerate the deterioration, choose a normal food product. This is because the bacteria will just multiply at that temperature.Hence, if you have packs of opened or unopened Greek yogurt, that is always a great idea come refrigerate them and not leave them lying around like that. Remember, in the end, that is simply old milk.
How to tell if Greek yogurt is transforming bad? A rapid look at the expiry day on the product will give you a same idea. And there seems to it is in a many confusion regarding expiry dates and also not just in the situation of Greek yogurt.

Interestingly, Greek yogurt is well-known to outlive the expiration date printed on the parcel by the manufacturer. Many Greek yogurt will make it through two more weeks 보다 the offered expiry date if that is stored properly.So because that example, if the expiry day says July 20, 2019, on a packet that Greek yogurt, it will last until August 3, 2019, if it is refrigerated properly and consistently. Adhering to this date, the Greek yogurt will start going poor gradually.There room some other components which will additionally determine how long the Greek yogurt will last while that is in storage. These can be determinants such as:
Is the Greek yogurt combined with any flavors or fruit?
Before storing, was the container open or sealed shut?
Where is the container retained in the refrigerator? Is the kept straight under the refrigerator light?
Common sense tells us that unflavored Greek yogurt will last longer than that flavored cousins since of the absence of added ingredients such as fruit or sugar. Also, an opened load which has actually been save on computer carelessly end or under a stack of other food commodities will considerably reduce the life. Opened up packs should constantly be preserved in the freezer in an airtight container or re-sealed foil, to rise their life.How else deserve to you call if Greek yogurt is walk bad? 
This is the an initial indication and an evident one. Most times, girlfriend can likewise look at the Greek yogurt and tell if it has actually gone bad or is ~ above its means to be.Does it have actually a weird odor? Is the smelling different or more pungent than normal? Is the odor so rancid the it makes your head reel? then we indicate you introduce it to the trash deserve to immediately.If it doesn’t odor edible, the is not edible, and also it is true in this case.
Well, this is fairly self-explanatory. Nobody likes mold, and certainly no in your food. However sometimes it is no visible ~ above the surface, and also you only realize it when you have actually a mouthful and get a an extremely unpleasant surprise.If you space suspicious about the Greek yogurt in the refrigerator, there room a few tell-tale signs. Girlfriend can automatically tell that by the color; if it has actually black point out or has actually turned green, you have to throw the Greek yogurt in the trash and not even attempt to taste it.

This is a really visual sign which will certainly be evident as shortly as you open up the lid up. Do you view a small watery problem on the surface ar rim? note that a little liquid on top is normal, and also all you must do is stir that a little bit to mix with the yogurt. If the quantity of watery problem is copious, you should bin the Greek yogurt.
If you nothing see any of the above symptoms, possibly you room worrying too much. Yet still, if the Greek yogurt has remained in the refrigerator for a long time, tasting a thimbleful i will not ~ be negative for your health.If that is too sour or even the slightest bit of bitter, just throw it out. This is the fastest means if someone asks you how to call if her Greek yogurt is turning bad.
Tasting that is a various thing, however consuming an ext than a couple of teaspoons of negative Greek yogurt can reason you some discomfort. A many of human being are no bothered around expiration dates, perhaps simply because the product is still somewhat edible, or if it is not showing any signs of walking bad.Here space some symptoms the may happen if you take place to consume poor Greek yogurt.
These symptoms may start reflecting after a couple of hours to 24 hrs of consuming poor Greek yogurt. There could even be a hold-up of a couple of days, relying on how much gone the Greek yogurt was. So, if you room experiencing stomach cramps automatically or a few hours after spend it, Greek yogurt is probably the cause for it.Don’t wait approximately for it come subside though, if it gets worse, you need to see a medical practitioner immediately.
The usage of details products the are way past their expiry day (Greek yogurt including) can lead to dehydration, weakness and also vomiting. This would make you shed a most fluids and cause dehydration, for this reason you have to consult a doctor immediately if these indications occur.
If friend have had actually food poisoning, diarrhea is the an initial symptom. This is commonly a clear authorize that the Greek yogurt you consumed had actually toxins and also the human body is intensely trying to get rid of them. Diarrhea can cause severe dehydration, for this reason you have to act accordingly and consume a lot of liquids.You should, of course, consult your physician if the symptom persist for more than 3 days.
If you space sure your Greek yogurt is going come go negative but girlfriend still desire to make the best of it, below are a couple of things you can still do with it.
You deserve to use a part of the Greek yogurt to usage as a salad dressing rather of mayonnaise. You deserve to use a lot of iceberg lettuce to provide the salad a crunchy feel.
Are girlfriend fond the cake mixes? You have the right to use some Greek yogurt in location of oil. It will certainly taste an excellent if you space using chocolate!
Use the Greek yogurt together a smoothie! throw in a choice of fruits with the yogurt in a blender and enjoy a very delicious smoothie.
Greek yogurt works wonders on pimples together well. Mix some of it through honey and also lemon, and also apply as a pimple cream for a couple of weeks. Bye-bye pimples!
Thanks to its antibacterial properties, you can use Greek yogurt on her suntan because that healthier, lighter skin.

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Use Greek yogurt together a conditioner for your hair. Use it generously on her scalp, leaving it for about five minutes and rinse. Greek yogurt removes dead cells and promotes new, healthier skin.