When purchase designer clothing, it’s often hard come tell even if it is the item is in fact, genuine. Over the last decade or so, the number of counterfeit commodities have to be on the rise, therefore you must ensure you’re spending your dosh top top the actual deal. Levi blue jeans have also fell victim to being replicated illegally, as such we’ll give you some tips top top what you should be looking the end for as soon as it concerns spotting the signs:

1. Button-embossed detail

While the high quality of denim may seem hard-wearing, one of the tell-tale signs that her jeans are in fake knock-offs room the buttons. Real Levis feature an embossed number on the back, v the number of the style. However, fake Levis often tend to have actually plain backs.

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2. Logo patch

The logo design patch is one of the most iconic features of Levi jeans and also can be fairly complicated to point out the indications when working out whether your Levis space genuine.


One that the aspects you need to be looking out for is the material, i m sorry is created from soft, worn leather when the jeans room real. The publish is frequently darker as soon as the jeans room fake and can often feature crooked lettering. While brand-new Levi jeans screen pale leather patches which deserve to darken end time, lock will never ever turn the same colour together a fake pair.

Also watch the end for spelling mistakes in the smaller sized print, i m sorry is an additional tell-tale sign.

3. Red logo

Another signature style allude for Levis is the tiny red logo design tag. Both the real and also fake duplicates showcase embroidered logo design lettering on the tag, but unlike the fake pair, the genuine pair function straight stitching and sometimes, a registered price on the left that the lettering.

4. Colour

If you’re new to purchase Levi’s, the colour of the jeans may not jump the end at you, however can end up being a genuine tell-tale authorize the much more pairs you buy. Fakes tend to have streaks throughout, whereas real Levis room solid in colour. 


When buying native us, please be assured that all Levi jeans space picked out carefully and also are 100% genuine. We stock a wide selection of men’s Levi jeans and women’s Levi shorts on our website in a range of shades and also sizes.

If you would prefer any an ext information on our an option of Levi jeans, please do contact us.

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