Older phones didn’t have blocking features, however with smartphones, this is just one of the best additions. It deserve to be offered to block spam callers, i m sorry is the main reason people use it. However, if your friend doesn’t want to get texts or phone calls native you, then they could decide come block her number. This avoids you from calling them, and they won’t get your texts either. So, how execute you recognize if who blocked her number top top Android?

Unfortunately, this no as easy as checking something on your phone. We’re walking to present you some of the best ways to find out if you’ve been blocked, so let’s run in.

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methods to uncover Out if you’ve Been blocked on Android
#1 – speak to Who You doubt is Blocking friend
#2 – Send the call a WhatsApp post
#3 – eliminate a call from Your call List
Considering What You’ve discovered Out

Ways to find Out if did you do it Been clogged on Android

Following on from above, there are a couple of different ways to inspect if someone blocks her number. Ideal off the bat, we imply that girlfriend don’t suppose the worst – even if a girlfriend blocks your number it may be unintentional.

Regardless of the factor that someone has actually chosen to block her number, it’s worth finding the end if they in reality have. Probably you had actually your call number hidden, and also they thought you to be a spam caller, or perhaps they intended to block one more number. Here are the ideal ways to figure it out.

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#1 – call Who You doubt is impede You

One method to discover out if her number is ~ above a contact’s block list is to contact them. If they pick up your call, then you have your answer – you’ve no been blocked. If they nothing answer and you still wonder how do you know if who blocked her number ~ above Android, the points below are crucial to take keep in mind of.

1. Does her phone ring once you call their number?2. If friend hear the phone call ringing, how countless times does that ring?4. Do you have your number surprise while call them?

You could want to consider repeating this at various times that the day. It can be as straightforward as the contact’s call is out of charge. If this is the case, climate your speak to will go directly to voicemail also if they didn’t block you.

Similarly, if castle don’t have actually their phone call turned on or have actually calls disabled temporarily, you’ll additionally be taken straight to voicemail.

You can go a step further, and you might even try calling them from another Android phone call or even a landline. If you no hear the phone ring v your own Android phone, but you do with a various smartphone, they’ve most likely blocked your number.

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Calling the call – Confirming You space Blocked

Before friend deduce the the call has her number on your block list, you need to confirm. Taking the steps over should it is in enough, but there’s no factor for you no to take it a couple of minutes just to make certain that they go block you.

How perform you recognize if who blocked her number top top Android has actually a couple of solutions. After ~ trying the solution above, monitor these measures to check what friend find.

#1 – start by unlocking her Android smartphone and also launching the “Phone” application.


When message are sent using WhatsApp, the adds checkmarks beside the messages that indicate the status.

One grey checkmark reflects that the message has been sent out from her deviceTwo grey checkmarks show up when the receiver receives your messageTwo blue checkmarks show up once they have actually read your message
After a while, if your post is still just one grey checkmark, then there room two possibilities. Either they no longer used WhatsApp and also chose to uninstall it, or they have your number on the block list.On the various other hand, if girlfriend see two blue checkmarks, however your call didn’t answer to her message, this confirms they are dodging your calls. We can assume the same about two grey checkmarks – they an alert that you sent them a message however don’t want to open it.

#3 – remove a contact from Your contact List

This final an approach doesn’t work-related for everyone, however if the other two don’t satisfy you, then it’s precious a shot. Deleting the contact’s details from your Android device and adding them as a new contact can make it clear if they did actually block you.

#1 – start by opened the “Contacts” applications on your Android smartphone.

#2 – Swipe down the list and locate the human being you desire to check.

#3 – in ~ the top-right of your display, tap ~ above “More” and also then “Delete”. Tap top top “Delete” again if a check popup crate appears.

#5 – usage the find bar and type in the name of your contact.

Once you’ve done this, if the contact’s number appears as a “Suggested Contact”, you’re in the clear! This way they did no block your number. The course, if your number no appear, it’s most likely that they go block you. Hopefully, if you space wondering just how do you understand if who blocked your number on Android, this will carry out some clarity.

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Considering What You’ve uncovered Out

Before we wrap this short article up, let’s take it a minute to consider what we found out. If you an Android user who wants to identify if someone else blocks your number, here are the tell-tale signs:

When you call them the phone call instantly ends or goes come voicemailWhenever you call their number, it no ring, and you hear the liven beeping noiseThey never ever reply to your text messages or your WhatsApp messages only display one grey checkmark

Depending on your partnership with the human you suspect did block your number, you could want to ask them about it. Using each that the solutions over will aid you find out, however none of lock will provide a critical answer. The being said, if you suffer all 3 of the things on the perform above, you’re most likely on your block list.

To finish on how Do You recognize If who Blocked her Number ~ above Android

Having a friend block, your number can be upsetting at first. But, many of the time human being block number by mistake. You might avoid these methods by draw close them and also simply asking them if they blocked you. That course, a many us would favor to prevent such an awkward confrontation. Instead, if you’re wonder “how do you recognize if someone blocked your number ~ above Android“, use among the travel guide above. They’ll help you get to the bottom that this and find out if your number is on a block perform or not!