You sent crucial email and also are waiting for a reply. You checked your get mailbox a pair of times, and also it’s empty. A couple of days passed, and also you’re wondering whether your email was lost, acquired into the junk folder, or simply was ignored.

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Should girlfriend send a brand-new email currently and change the topic line to gain noticed? Or it’s far better to compose a follow-up questioning whether the person had an opportunity to check your last email?

Fortunately, there are two easy-to-implement options that can aid you to understand whether your email has actually been opened and read:

Request read receipts.Use email tracking tools.

In this guide, we’ll discuss how these services work and how you have the right to utilize them. Us will find some that the pros and cons that using check out receipt requests and email tracking tools. After reading this guide, we are sure that you’ll never have to ask yourself again how to know if someone check out your email.

1. Request a read receipt• The pros and cons of read receipts• how to request a review receipt in Gmail• how to request a read receipt in Outlook2. Usage email tracking tools• just how email tracking tools work• The pros and cons of email tracking tools• how to track email opens up with MailTracker

1. Inquiry a review receipt

A read receipt, sometimes dubbed a return receipt, is a notice confirming the the receiver received and also opened your email.


Most famous email service providers such together Gmail and Outlook market the alternative to request a check out receipt when you send one email.

The pros and cons the this method

Request a read receipt technique is straightforward to implement. However, that doesn’t work for all circumstances.

Considering that recipients need to confirm that they obtained an email, it’s tricky to use this method while law cold outreach.

Completely cold future or civilization who don’t recognize you well might not it is in interested in letting you know whether they read your email or not.

Besides that, in many email platforms, a recipient can opt-out of sending out a read receipt, so there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a receipt also though you asked for it.

Asking permission through a pop-up might not be fine perceived, yet this an approach is much more privacy-friendly due to the fact that you ask consent because that the tracking.

Besides that, this an approach may it is in the best solution for sending urgent messages to obtain a fast reaction native the recipient. This way you clearly ask to administer feedback, highlighting the prominence of together an email. For example:

When girlfriend send a time-sensitive proposal to her prospects or clients, you desire to make certain that they read your email before the offer expires.When you schedule an emergency meeting through your team, and want to know who has opened your email so the you can contact those that missed it.

If you decision to request a check out receipt native the recipients, make sure the case is appropriate and also urgent.

A quick an introduction of requesting review receipts:


How to inquiry a check out receipt in Gmail

In the cost-free version that Gmail (accounts that end in, friend can’t request a read receipt. However, this feature is accessible for Google Workspace users (formerly G Suite).

If you’re a Google Workspace subscriber, you can turn on check out receipt request via the Admin Console.

From the Admin console residence page, go to Apps → Google Workspace → Gmail → User Settings. In the Email review Receipts, point out the senders your users can return receipts to. At the bottom, click Save.

Note: just account administrators can enable the check out receipts native the Google Workspace account.

Once the check out Receipt capability is activated, create an e-mail you want to send. Climate click the ellipsis in the lower right-hand edge to display screen a pop-up menu.


Click the Request read receipt choice from the pop-up menu and send your email. The recipients will certainly be triggered to send a review receipt when they open up your email.

From your side, girlfriend will receive a similar message below your email letting you know when it was opened:


How to inquiry a review receipt in Outlook

Outlook provides requesting a check out receipt supervisor simple. Girlfriend don’t require to collection it increase in advance—this feature is obtainable for every Outlook customers by default.

When you ready to send your email, click on the email icon, and also you’ll see 2 options:

Request a delivery Receipt (you’ll be informed once your email has actually been delivered).Request a read Receipt (you’ll be informed once your email has actually been review if her recipient responds Yes come the prompt ~ above the pop-up)

2. Use email tracking tools

Email tracking devices also assist tracking email opens, however they’re an ext than simply read receipt requests. Many email tracking devices can display who reads and clicks your emails, how countless times, and also when.

How email tracking tools work

Email tracking tools include an invisible picture of one pixel inside the emails. The photo is loaded once the recipient opens up an email, enabling the sender to recognize when the email is opened.

Other information can be gathered when the pixel is loaded, such as the browser or device used or the user’s location.

The pros and also cons of email tracking tools

If you use email tracking tools to understand if someone check out your email, recipients space not educated whether or no you monitor interactions with the email.

This is probably one that the most significant benefits of email tracking devices in compare to check out receipts. You can send and track cold emails to improve your campaigns’ performance. At the same time, you won’t bother your recipients with extr read request pop-ups (which could be annoying in similar situations).

Besides that, email tracking tools can carry out you with context and an important insights around your emails’ interactions. You deserve to use this insights to strengthen your outreach by, for example, prioritizing follow-ups to those who opened your emails lot of times throughout the work or week.


You can likewise send an ext targeted follow-ups once you know specifically how her prospects interacted with emails. Because that example, it doesn’t make sense to send a follow-up come someone that hasn"t had an possibility to review your initial email.

At the exact same time, over there is a downside of making use of email tracking tools. In part cases, her emails might be read, yet email tracking tools will not inform you about it. There space two usual reasons why this might happen:

Some extr browser extensions or software assets can likewise block the loading the the tracking pixel.

A quick summary of making use of email tracking tools:


How to monitor email opens with MailTracker

There are numerous tools that enable the tracking of email opens, both free and paid.

At, we’ve developed a simple and cost-free email tracking extension dubbed MailTracker, which enables you to recognize when recipients open your emails.

To begin tracking all of the emails sent out from your Gmail account, include MailTracker come Chrome by click the “Add to Chrome” button:


Then sign in with Google to determine your Gmail account:


Once the MailTracker is installed, you can create and also send your very first email. You’ll have the ability to see information around your email opens up in real-time native two different places:

1. In the perform of threads v checkmark icons you deserve to see i m sorry emails have been review or not.


2. In the conversation through the complete history of the email openings and the details.


You can constantly disable or activate tracking from the composition window in her Gmail.


It’s worth stating that MailTracker doesn’t read or save your emails. To function, MailTracker only needs to save identification numbers because that the tracked emails. Unlike plenty of other tools, MailTracker doesn’t need permission come read and manage her emails in Gmail.

Note: If you have to send and also track emails in bulk, you have the right to use Campaigns—our cost-free tool for cold outreach. You deserve to send completely personalized bulk emails top top autopilot and always know what happens to her emails after you click “Send.”

Wrap up

When you require to know whether your email was opened up or not, you have the right to use one of the two methods explained in the guide: request a review receipt or use email tracking tools.

If girlfriend don’t want to install any browser extensions, you deserve to use check out receipt requests. In this case, your recipients will constantly be notified with pop-ups around email tracking. Us recommend utilizing this an approach for only urgent emails sent to your team or those that you know well.

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For the cold outreach, email tracking software application would be the finest option. Girlfriend don’t notify recipients around tracking and bother them through extra follow-ups. You also get much more insights and additional information about interactions with your emails, therefore you deserve to use it come strengthen your outreach efforts.