It’s frightening to contemplate the opportunity that any one the the mirrors you’ve looked in over the food of her life may actually have actually been two-way glass. It i do not care even much more unsettling to think that these winter may have actually been in public restrooms or changing areas.

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Going forward, if you’re ever in a instance where you just aren’t sure, there are a few ways to determine whether the mirror is, in fact, simply a mirror, or if it’s instead a tinted window.

Conduct A Fingernail Test

One method to check, follow to wikiHow, is by conducting a simple “fingernail test.” location your fingernail versus the reflective surface ar in question. If there’s a gap between your nail and also the mirror, it’s most most likely a real mirror. But if you location your fingernail as much as the mirror and it appears that her finger is straight touching the finger in the mirror, you could want to inspection further. Snopes points out that this test deserve to be unreliable relying on the dimension of the mirror, the angle at which it’s hanging and the light in the room, i m sorry is why friend shouldn’t make any type of immediate assumptions.


Take A peek Behind The Mirror… If friend Can

Wiki-How also says that one good method to inspect whether or no a winter is actually two-way glass is to see just how it’s hanging top top the wall. If the mirror is component of the wall, there’s a stronger chance it’s a two-way mirror. However, if you deserve to see a wall surface behind it, it’s probably just a regular old mirror.

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Face The Mirror

Another cheat or an approach Snopes proposal is to press your eye up against the mirror and then cup her hands around your face to help block out the light of the room you’re in. If friend think what you’re dealing with is two-way glass, you should probably be able to see somewhat of an open up area behind the mirror.

How Is The Lighting?

Observe the lighting that surrounds you. Wikihow says that for a two-way winter to be effective, the light on the copy side demands to be 10 times brighter than the light on the various other side. If the bright is any dimmer, it’s possible to see through the glass come the monitoring area.

Wait, Where room You?

Answering this question alone can be maybe to assist you identify if what you’re looking v is or is not a two-way glass. Most locations that choose to usage two-way glass for security are forced to post signs informing the public. However, if the questionable mirror is in a location where you’d expect privacy, just know the it’s illegal.

Use her Phone’s Flashlight

By turning off the lights and holding increase a flashlight come the mirror, friend should be able to tell if the winter is, in fact, two-way glass, because you’d have the ability to see the various other side.

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Give that A Tap

According to wise Geek, two-way glass will certainly make a different sound when tapped v your finger. This is because there likely wouldn’t be any kind of framing or assistance behind two-way glass, making the sound a lot “sharper” as soon as tapped, together you’d imagine a home window would sound.

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