As a general rule, if a wine bottle is open up for over a main it’s more than likely gone “bad.” there are, of course, a few exceptions to this rule, including fortified dessert wines (like port or other wines through 18+ ABV).

Learn the mystery to storing open wine for 2 weeks or much more

How come Tell if Wine has Gone Bad


An experienced drinker have the right to tell almost instantly if a wine is previous its prime. Concern is, exactly how do they perform it? Well, this comes v a tiny practice, and also here’s what come look for:

How it will look

Wines go negative when they space left open up for too long. If some claim that open wines last for weeks, many will lose their luster after simply a couple of days, for this reason it’s wise

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Wine is cloudy and also leaves a movie in the bottleThere are numerous wines that room cloudy to begin with, however if they start out clear and also then go cloudy, this may be part indication the microbial activity is developing within the bottle.It will start to brown and change colorA wine browns lot like an apple does once exposed come oxygen. While ‘browning’ itself is not bad (there are numerous awesome “tawny” fancy wines) it will tell you exactly how much oxidative stress and anxiety has developed to the wine.It may have tiny balloon The bubbles come native a 2nd unplanned fermentation in the bottle. Yes, you simply made a sparkling wine! Unfortunately, it’s no going to be delicious choose Champagne, it’s going to be oddly sour and spritzy.

“Browning chin is no bad, yet it does show the quantity of anxiety the wine has undergone.”

What it will smell like

Second thing to observe is the smell. Wines that space “bad” could be because that 2 different reasons.

A wine the was left open up too long.

A wine that’s gone bad from gift left open up smells abrasive and also sharp. That will have sour medicinal aromas comparable to nail polish remover, vinegar or repaint thinner. These aromas space from chemical reactions native the wine being exposed come heat and oxygen which causes bacteria to flourish that produce acetic acid and also acetaldehyde.

What it will taste like

A wine it is “gone bad” i will not ~ hurt girlfriend if girlfriend taste it, however it’s most likely not a great idea to drink it. A alcohol that has actually gone negative from being left open will have a sharp sour flavor similar to vinegar the will frequently burn her nasal i in a similar method to horseradish. The will also commonly have caramelized applesauce-like seasonings (aka “Sherried” flavors) from the oxidation.

Practice smelling poor wine

If you ever let a alcohol go also far and also you understand with certainty that bad, give it a whiff before you dump it out. Make note of the cake flavors and the weird nutty aromas the you find and you’ll be able to pick them out with much more accuracy each time. It i will not ~ hurt you, therefore why not?


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