It is not unusual to find instances of world being coincidentally or unintentionally being blocked on iPhone. You will find below the procedures to find if Someone has Blocked her Number ~ above iPhone.

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Find if Someone has actually Blocked your Number ~ above iPhone

When someone blocks your Number ~ above iPhone, you will certainly not obtain a blog post or an alert about her Phone Number being blocked by someone.

However, there space definitely details signs that can indicate even if it is or no your phone call Number has actually been blocked by someone.

You will certainly find below a number of methods to discover If Someone has actually Blocked her Number top top iPhone.

1. Send one iMessage

An easy means to discover if someone has blocked her number on iphone phone is come send one iMessage come the human that you think has blocked her Number.

1.1. Open the Messages application on her iPhone and send a short Message come the human being that you think has blocked your Number and request the person to provide a short reply to your message.

1.2. After sending out the iMessage, take a look at the read Receipts.

Do you check out “Delivered” ~ above the check out receipt? as you can guess, seeing ‘Delivered’ is a good sign which does suggest that your call has no really blocked your Phone Number.


In situation you perform not view ‘Delivered’ or any other read receipt, it offers an point out of your Phone Number gift blocked.

However, this can likewise happen in case your contact has clogged “Read Receipts”, his/her phone is dead or not connected to Data/WiFi.

2. Speak to the human being to inspect if you have been Blocked

Make a Phone call to the person that you think has blocked her Number and also carefully observe what happens during the Call.

2.1. go the phone ring as it typically does as soon as you contact this person or did the phone ring just once and also your speak to was abruptly sail to the Voice Mail?

If the call rang more than once before being diverted to voicemail, your call is most most likely busy and also has not blocked her Phone Number.

However, if the phone rang simply once, that is one indication of your phone number being blocked.

Note: You should be conscious that comparable signs are also noticed once a person has actually switched off the Phone, is on an additional call, is in one area through low to move connectivity or has set Calls come Auto draw away to Voice Mail.

Hence, try calling this human being a couple of more times at different times that the day and observe even if it is the phone call are always being sail to the Voice Mail.

If the calls are constantly being diverted to the voice mail, it provides a strong indication of her number being clogged by this person.

Note: In instance someone has blocked your Number ~ above iPhone, that human being will no be notified around your Calls, also if you leave Voice Messages.

3. Switch off Caller ID and also Call the Person

Switch turn off the Caller identifier on her iPhone and Call the human being that you think has blocked your Number.

The idea behind this an approach is to check out whether the phone call rings much more than once, through the Caller ID rotate OFF.

3.1. walk to setups > call > present My Caller ID and move the toggle following to display My Caller ID to turn off position.


3.2. after ~ hiding Caller ID, speak to the person that you believe has blocked her Number and also observe what happens throughout the Call.

This time the human being that has blocked her Number won’t have the ability to see that is phone call and likewise his/her iphone won’t have the ability to block the call (Due come Caller ID being hidden).

If the person has actually blocked her Number, you should be able to observe the following.

The Phone will certainly Ring as normal and won’t automatically transfer to Voice letter after the first ring.The human may prize the contact or cut you off together he/she is can not to see who is Calling.

If the phone call rings as normal, the confirms that this person has actually indeed blocked her number.

If the person automatically answers the contact or cuts it off after a few rings, it also confirms that your number has actually been blocked.

However, if the phone rings once and gets transferred to voice mail (even with caller i would hidden), the is possible that over there is other wrong v the call or Phone number of your Contact.

4. Bypass execute Not annoy Mode

Another possibility is that the human that you room trying to call may have actually placed his/her phone on carry out Not annoy Mode.

Also, it is feasible that this human being forgot come Disable the carry out Not disturb Mode, lengthy after he/she was done using it.

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If this shows up to it is in the case and you understand the person well, you deserve to refer this article: just how to call Someone who is Using perform Not Disturb setting on iPhone

Signs the Your Number has actually Been blocked On iPhone

Your phone call Number has most likely been blocked, in instance you space unable to reach the human by phone call or message Message and also you room also notice the complying with signs.

Your call are acquiring diverted to the Voice Mail automatically or after ~ 1 ring.You hear a liven Tone and also your contact gets cut OFF (happens with some carriers).You do not obtain any response to your message Messages and do not view “Delivered” ~ above the check out Receipts.You are able to reach the person with concealed Caller ID