as much as $500 via e-gift card (sent w/in 8 wks). Port-in & activation the 4G LTE/5G phone call on choose Unlimited plan req’d. Line have to remain energetic for 45 days. $500 charge earlier if organization cancelled w/in 12 mos or eligibility req"s are no much longer met. See for details.
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I"m trying to tell if someone clogged my text messages. I use post plus and also when I see details top top the article it says it to be delivered. Go that mean the message obtained to your phone? I do not understand their transport only recognize they have an iphone. I understand that once I dubbed them it rang once maybe twice and went to voicemail. It"s control me nuts and also I"m yes, really mad. Would certainly love any input.

From your summary it sounds much more like if her number is clogged on the phone and not v their account online.
I"m most certainly NOT a VZW employee. If a short article answered her question, please note it together the answer.

LYNDAN47,Let"s collection the best expectations ~ above a clogged number. If you space blocked with this various other person, your texts would go through normally on her end, and any calls would certainly go right to voicemail.On your end, lock would never ever receive her texts, return they may receive a notice that you tried call them. This would certainly be suspect they have actually blocked you with the phone call itself and also not some various other application or program.RussellM_VZWFollow united state on Twitter
VZWSupportIf my an answer answered your concern please click the �Correct Answer� switch under mine response. This ensures others can benefit from ours conversation. Many thanks in development for your help with this!!


zmayse2019, the would depend on the type of block implemented. A block that stays clear of the completion of the call at the transport level will stop the call from reflecting on the contact logs. Us hope this information helps.

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