I have a close family member that wears too much perfume. She remains at my house a few times a month and also I hate as soon as she puts the on- I can smell it in my house for hrs after she leaves. She is a an extremely sweet, perceptible person and I don"t want to hurt her feelings

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Maybe a tiny white lied is in order? Tell she you"ve emerged a sensitivity to scents. And also you have, sort of. You room sensitive come the overwhelming nature of her perfume usage. Ns can easily get mine feelings hurt around things, mostly because I problem that I"ve bothered someone without definition to, but it would not do me feel bad if mine future hostess called me she was perceptible to perfume, particularly if that was portrayed as a new thing, so ns wouldn"t to win myself up that I"d been aggravating she allergies all this time.ETA: divine Run-on sentence, Batman! Sorry around that, didn"t re-read prior to hitting send. Been doing the a lot of lately.

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Your "too much" is obviously her "just right".It"s all subjective and also I doubt you deserve to tell she without the offending her.Unless it is resulting in you significant symptoms such as asthma or allergy then ns say you just suck that up and also accept that"s who she is...just because you don"t like isn"t a factor to to speak something.

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This is more than likely right.We have a tiny team in ~ of 6 girl at work. 2 of them wear perfume. That doesn"t bother me, however it annoys the heck out of 2 the the other girls. Generally they simply bitch about it behind the perfume wearers" backs, but every now and then they will certainly say something about how it is too strong. The perfumed girl say "Really? I can hardly odor it top top myself!"