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Nieuwland Photography/ShutterstockNot every airplanes space the same. The two main manufacturers—Airbus and Boeing—both sell different models to airlines for various situations. Let’s watch at just how to discover out what aircraft you’ll be flying on prior to you obtain on the plane.

Why You could Want come Know

Two Boeing 737 MAX8s have actually crashed in the previous six months, one flown through Lion Air, the other by Ethiopian Airlines. Because the second crash, the 737 MAX fleet has been grounded around the world, yet all the media interest has carried a lot much more attention come the different planes the airlines room flying. The 737 MAX, after ~ all, is simply Boeing’s latest iteration (with bigger engines) the their decades old and also incredibly effective 737-series.

While there’s no require to problem whether or no you’re going to be flying on a 737 MAX—since they’re not allowed fly—there space still a couple of good factors you might want to check what airplane you’re walking to be on in advance, or before even booking your trip:

Not all seats on a aircraft are equal. Ever before picked a home window seat and also found that the window doesn’t line up v your row? Or been stuck to a seat the doesn’t recline since it’s in prior of the emergency leave rows? If you check what airplane you’re on prior to booking, you have the right to pick one of the finest seats in the house.If you’re considering flying organization Class ~ above short-haul flights, it’s a great idea to check what airplane is operating the route. Some planes have proper Business course seats, but others just give you a common aisle or home window seat and also block people from sitting in the center one. Not necessarily what you want if you’re paying three times the price of a regular ticket.Finally, part planes, prefer the Boeing 747, are standards that space being retired. Others, prefer the Airbus A380, space failed models that which just very couple of were sold. If you desire to paris on one of these airplane that has actually a bit of story to it, climate you need to examine the paths on which castle operate.

How to discover Out What airplane You’re paris On

Okay, currently that you desire to uncover out what airplane you’re paris on, let’s look at just how to do it.

Check your Ticket or the Booking Screen

When you’re booking a ticket, some airlines list the sort of plane on i m sorry you’ll be flying. Here’s an example from Aer Lingus.


If friend click trip Details, friend get an ext information around the flight including what aircraft is flying. Here, you deserve to see it’s an Airbus A320. The procedure for recognize this information will it is in slightly different for each airline, and some might not present it till the seat selection screen, or even the final ticket.

Use chair Guru

The more reliable strategy is to usage Seat Guru. It’s a website that has actually floor to plan for every the major aircraft so you can pick the finest seat. Conveniently, it likewise tells you the aircraft on which you’re flying.

Head to seat Guru and plug in your trip information. You either usage the flight Number or the destination and date.


Here’s that same Aer Lingus flight.

Click “View Map,” and you’ll get a layout of the cabin.

Any an excellent seats room highlighted in green, seat you have to be conscious of room highlighted in yellow, and also bad seats room highlighted in red. Float over to discover out why.

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Knowing what aircraft you’re flying on isn’t for just aviation geeks (or AvGeeks). Over there are genuine benefits to check in advance, specifically since an excellent seats and also bad seats often expense the same.

Harry GuinnessHarry Guinness is a photography expert and also writer with nearly a decade of experience. His work has been released in papers like the new York Times and also on a variety of other websites, including Lifehacker.Read complete Bio »