Carrots are a must-have in any type of kitchen. So numerous recipes contact for the sweet taste and also bright orange color that they include to numerous dishes. You could have noticed, many times carrots don’t come through a “Use by” date.

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This is because carrots will selection greatly in ~ the very same package and also how new they are. Some carrots space thick and hearty and others space slim and bendy.

It also depends considerably on how you save your carrots. So, how have the right to you phone call if carrots are bad?


How the carrots feel

Carrots that have gone negative will obtain slimy or mushy. This also makes them less than appetizing so I have the right to bet, you will know that you shouldn’t eat your carrots if castle look this way.

They should have a clean fresh feel come them.

How the carrots look

Another authorize that your carrots have actually gone poor is if you see what they speak to a “white blush“. The skin on the carrots starts come look whitish. This is a sign that your carrots space spoiling and starting to drying out.

You are in search of a vibrant full shade to the carrot.

How the carrots smell

Now, baby carrots are a tiny bit various as lock don’t have actually the protective skin ~ above them. These can come with an expiration date on the package.

If they don’t, you have the right to tell that they have actually gone negative by their smell and appearance.

Baby carrots that have actually gone bad will have actually a poor smell come them and additionally start transforming white like consistent carrots or end up being slimy. You will want to litter them the end if any kind of of these is true.

How to appropriately store carrots

Carrots don’t have to be stored in the fridge. However, storing castle in the frozen refrigerator will store them new longer. One of the best ways is to freeze carrots.

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Carrots that space stored in the fridge will last you 2-3 months if save properly. It is essential to save them dry, plunder them loose in a file towel to store the moisture far from them.

If you choose not to refrigerate lock you’ll desire to make sure that they are store save on computer in a dark, dry place that is cool. Unwashed, unpeeled carrots will last 7-10 job if save on computer correctly.