Have you ever pulled your frozen breast milk the end of the freezer to thaw it and also it look at strange? Or smells funny? You have a minute of panic…was all my difficult work pumping because that nothing?! can I feed this to mine baby?!

Remain Calm. Do not pour her milk under the drain! even when we follow the breast Milk safe Storage Guidelines, there are a couple of points that can cause us to concern if chest milk is still “good”.

1. White point out in frozen chest milk

When frozen, chest milk separates right into two materials a fat (cream) and also a liquid. The fat ingredient can show up as white clues in her frozen milk. Girlfriend may notification that the fat separation wake up at the optimal of the container. Because that example, if you store your breast milk in bags that were at first frozen laying flat the white spots will be in ~ the front confront of the bag.

When this happens, just gently swirl the milk ~ thawing to mix the components ago together.

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2. Thawed milk smells favor “soap”

Lipase is naturally arising in breast milk. Its purpose is to malfunction milk materials to do them much more easily digested/absorbed and aid fight disease-causing organisms for your baby. Some women produce excess lipase that reasons the malfunction of milk fat an ext quickly. Occasionally this can readjust the smell or taste of breast milk. Even though us may notice changes come the milk ~ thawing, most babies perform not.

If this is happening and your infant is refusing thawed milk, shot scalding her milk after pumping. This reverses the activity of lipase and also can avoid the different smells or spices from developing.

How to Scald breast milk:

1. As soon as feasible after pumping warmth the milk until seeing small bubbles start to kind around the in salt of the pan

2. Automatically cool the milk by placing it in the fridge

3. Keep in a freezer-safe container once totally cooled

Learn how to prevent your chest milk indigenous going bad

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