Easy measures to discover out your iPad model

Identifying the correct design of her iPad is simple. Sell prices to sell your iPad are based upon iPad generation, carrier, and storage capacity.

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For every iPad models, other than the iPad Mini and also iPad Air, just look in ~ the back of your iPad. Friend will check out the design number and Capacity printed at the bottom. Now, proceed to action 3

If you have an iPad Mini or iPad Air, the way to uncover your design number and also Capacity is a tiny different, so skip to action 2

Step 2

Go to the setups app and tap General.Tap About.Scroll down to Capacity.Note: the number presented for volume will never be exact, however you deserve to follow this an easy rule of ignorance to identify the volume of your iPad:Less than 16 GB but greater than 8 GBLess than 32 GB but greater than 16 GBLess 보다 64 GB however greater than 32 GBLess than 128 GB however greater than 64 GB

Step 3

Find the version number for your iPad in the table listed below to complement itwith i beg your pardon iPad Generation you have.

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GenerationModel #CarrierCapacity
iPad Mini 3A1599 | MGNV2LL/AWiFi Only
A1600 | MH3F2LL/AAT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint
16, 64 & 128 GBiPad waiting 2A1566 | MGLW2LL/A
WiFi Only
A1567 | MH2V2LL/AAT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint
16, 64 & 128 GBiPad mini Retina / second GenA1489 | ME276LL/A
WiFi Only
A1490 | MF066LL/AAT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint
16, 32, 64 & 128 GBiPad AirA1474 | MD785LL/A
WiFi Only
A1475 | ME991LL/AAT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint
16, 32, 64 & 128 GBiPad miniA1432 | MD528LL/A
WiFi Only
A1454 | MD534LL/AAT&T
A1455 | MD540LL/AVerizon, Sprint
16, 32 & 64 GBiPad fourth GenA1458 | MD510LL/A
WiFi Only
A1459 | MD516LL/AAT&T
A1460 | MD522LL/AVerizon, Sprint
16, 32, 64 & 128 GBiPad 3rd GenA1416 | MC705/A
WiFi Only
A1430 | MD366LL/AAT&T
A1403 | MD733LL/AVerizon
16, 32 & 64 GBiPad 2A1395 | MC769LL/A
WiFi Only
A1395 | MC773LL/AAT&T
A1397 | MC755LL/AVerizon
16 & 32 GBiPadA1219 | MB292LL/A
WiFi Only
A1337 | MC349LL/AAT&T
16, 32 & 64 GB