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Gentlemen, if you space asking the question, "How carry out I get a girl come kiss me?" and also you desire the perfect answer, you've involved the appropriate place. To guys who currently know the answer to this question, the answers space obvious. Come those males who have no clue, they will certainly seem like keys that space worth your weight in gold. Here's the key:

You don't do a girl kiss you.

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Girls do not carry out the kissing. Guys do the kissing. Women, girls, and also ladies get kissed. If girlfriend don't understand precisely what I'm speak here, climate it's no wonder you space asking this question. You, mine dear sir, have been taking precisely the wrong strategy to the whole kissing thing.

Learn these tricks for genuine Success


Improve Your dating Skills

In fact, if you have actually the ideal dating skills, you will never ever ask the question, "How execute I get a girl to kiss me?" Instead, girlfriend will always be questioning the question: "How and when am ns going to kiss this girl?" If a girl is attracted to you, she is questioning herself, "When is the going to kiss me?" In the situation, a girl desires to it is in kissed. A girl does no ask herself the question, "When am ns going come kiss him?" Gentlemen, if you room waiting because that a girl come kiss you, you are going come be waiting a long time. Girls desire to be kissed however they don't want to make the an initial move.

Kissing is about confidence and also it is the gauge all women usage to measure up a man's confidence. If you room trying to acquire a girl to kiss you, then you have actually zero confidence. You are afraid the if you try to kiss the girl, she will reject you. Guess: v what? Everyone has that fear around dating. Gain over it.

Girls are simply as confused around you as you are around them. We women gain insecure, too. Occasionally we get anxious once you don't shot to kiss us. As we're wonder why you're no trying come kiss us, we're also wondering if girlfriend think we're as well fat, too ugly, too smelly, also short, etc. You surname it, we're reasoning it. Next from being fun, kissing reassures us that you choose us and also that our feelings space reciprocated. If girlfriend don't kiss us, then us think you don't want to or that you're not attracted come us. Would you desire somebody to tell you the you to be ugly? so kiss the girl already. She wants you come kiss her due to the fact that she desires to understand that you like her. She desires a signal, and it's approximately you to give it to her.

Basic Kissing Advice


Here room some basic tips about when to kiss a girl and when no to kiss a girl. I'm simply tossing this in right here as a bonus since this short article is a tiny short, and also I want you to obtain maximum value out that it. I likewise want to keep world from thinking they have the right to do other to gain girls come kiss them. So below are my tips:

Don't Wait too Long

If you're in a dating situation, girlfriend should offer yourself a maximum variety of dates you will go on prior to you relocate in because that a kiss, choose three. Most women think that three is probably a little bit long, however it's likewise not too long that we'll think you're monster either. The factor for the day maximum: who desires to garbage that lot time finding out if there's any chemistry there? and guess what, if that first date walk well, she'll desire to it is in kissed. Too numerous guys think that if they wait come kiss a girl they're increasing their opportunities of success. It's precisely the opposite.

Make that first Kiss Short, Sweet, and also Gentle

The key to the very first kiss is to leaving the girl wanting more. Make sense? That an initial kiss should not be around proving what a good kisser girlfriend are, or just how long you deserve to kiss, or how long her tongue is. It should be brief. No matter just how nervous girlfriend are, try to do it seem like the most herbal thing in the world. You can linger a bit, yet don't overstay her welcome. A short, good kiss shows a woman that you understand what you're doing and also have confidence the she'll want more.

Don't to speak Anything

The just reason you need to open your mouth is to part your lips together you move in because that the kiss. Absolutely, positive don't allow any words come come out of your mouth. And also whatever you do, never ever ask a girl if you can kiss her. Just do it. You'll find out right away if she's going come let you.

Move Slowly

In recommendation to the suggest above, since you're not going come say anything, you need to relocate at a slow, predictable pace. She's no an escaped chicken you have to jump on. As you relocate in, the girl will recognize what's walking on, but you've obtained to offer her a possibility to react. If you're going irradiate speed due to the fact that you're concerned or whatever, the girl can duck the end of the way. Relocate too fast and also you give the impression that you're lacking confidence.


Men deserve to be kind of dense sometimes, favor we all have the right to in these kinds of situations. Here are some worst-case scenarios in instance something unthinkable happens. What to carry out if:

The Girl gives You the Cheek - If a girl is attractive to a guy, she kisses him. If she's not, she doesn't. It's quite simple. Yes, it's possible she's a prude, yet then you've obtained an entirely different problem on her hands. Relocate on.The Girl offers You a Hug Instead - exact same as above.The Girl Dodges her Kiss - exact same as above. Are you getting the article yet? Don't waste time on her. The translation of the last 3 moves would certainly be this if she were using words, "Hey, i m really sorry guy, I'm not attracted to you and don't desire you to waste her time, but I don't desire to come out directly and say that and also hurt your feelings."The Girl Backs Away and Screams at the height of she Lungs - first of all, you can be a rapist or somebody wrote "murderer" with a sharpie on her forehead after you passed the end at that party critical night. Look, this have to never happen to a guy in his lifetime, for this reason if this happens, something has gone serious wrong. Women don't scream for no reason, so you've just frightened one to a quite high level. Clearly, whatever approach you have actually taken is around as much from functioning as humanly possible.


The Girl Slaps You - Not rather the same as above, yet pretty close. The main difference is the in the ahead scenario, the girl is probably scared of you and also feels that you represent a bigger threat than any kind of slap is likely to prevent. In this scenario, the girl doesn't take into consideration you a physical threat and feels a slap will deal with her problem.The Girl Throws up on You - The good news right here is the there was probably a millisecond or so where the girl thought she actually want to be kissed, however then one unconscious repulsion to you in her brain triggered a physics reaction and she currently realizes that she's no attracted to you. Still, bonus point out if you traction away prior to she vomited.The Girl has a Seizure and Dies - Actually, of every one of these, this one might not typical that she's no attracted to you since she probably had a pre-existing clinical condition and also was about to croak anyway. Don't feel bad. At the very least wait for the autopsy. And also remember, don't run from the scene. After you're exonerated of responsibility, you have to at least think increase a cool nickname because that yourself like "lady killer" or something.


So, you've inquiry the question: "How execute I obtain a girl come kiss me?" and also you've check out this article. Carry out you recognize the answer? girlfriend better. However, here's a little an enig I've left till the an extremely end. You in reality can gain a girl to kiss you, yet she's walking to need to be her girlfriend or your wife first. Once the girl is her girlfriend or your wife, she'll kiss you a lot.

This content is accurate and also true come the finest of the author’s knowledge and is not intended to substitute for formal and individualized advice indigenous a qualified professional.

Questions & Answers

Question: mine girlfriend is not having a good time through me. How can I acquire her to have actually fun with me?

Answer: exactly how do you recognize she's not having actually fun v you? Usually, when two world stop having fun together, that's the beginning of the end. However, the finest thing to carry out is ask she what she would favor to perform and shot to do it. Room you doing points that space fun for you and also not funny for her? offer it some thought.

Question: The girl that ns am in love v is not quite as interested in me as I am in her. Is over there still any means I can make her want to kiss me or any method I can tell if she ever before will desire to?

Answer: This is a good question. First, kudos come you for recognizing the inequality in her relationship. You're top top the bottom, so to speak. Many guys, when challenged with this situation, come on really strong, make the efforts to press their attraction onto your woman together if pressure will execute the trick. It demands to it is in the opposite. You need to be a an obstacle for this girl. You should disengage and play a lengthy game. You must go after various other women. You sort of should assume that she's no coming around. She can come around and she might not, but at least you'll know. To trust me top top this, there's nothing you have the right to do to obtain this girl come come approximately OTHER 보다 pulling back. You need to discover out if she'll pertained to you.

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DD5 ~ above June 25, 2019:

What is this nonsense? Of food you have the right to ask a girl if you deserve to kiss her! Otherwise that might be assault. Consent much? Jeez! If she wants to kiss you, questioning her first is not going to adjust her mind. Favor seriously.

Sychophantastic (author) from Texas on respectable 30, 2016:

Big Bopper,

Thanks for asking the question. I'm afraid i don't have an excellent news for you. You're in the girlfriend zone and also unlikely to ever get out. Girlfriend can't wait a year come kiss a girl friend like. You just can't. And most men are shy. You're walk to have actually to gain over that by taking part chances and also training yourself the end of it.

That said, over there is a method for friend to obtain out that the girlfriend zone and here the is: get an additional girlfriend. And if friend can't or won't get an additional girlfriend, you're walking to need to imply to this girl that you have a girl friend that's no her. Next time she calls, just say: "I've met someone really an excellent and ns can't walk out v you tonight, yet let's hang out following week. You're among my finest friends and I don't want this brand-new relationship to acquire in the way of us hanging out." you understand? You must say those indigenous exactly. And also what's going to occur is the this girl is going to realize the you're obtaining away and also she's walking to have to make a move of some sort. You're walk to need to keep this charade up because that a little while. You're walk to understand it's working when you lastly get together and she puts she hand on her knee or touch you in a method she hasn't before. And then, and only then, when your drink is done and you guys are leaving the bar, you're walking to walk in for the kiss. You're walking to take it her challenge gently in your hands and also kiss her slowly and passionately and also then you're going to earlier away, speak nothing, and also say, "See you soon."

The huge Bopper on respectable 29, 2016:

This will certainly sound stupid, however I have to ask. I met her almost a year ago, and also she knows complete well that I'm exceptionally shy. But she is no in the least bit shy. Regardless of my shyness, she always calls, periodically for no reason, and even though us didn't satisfy at a bar, we've acquired into the habit the going to a bar I used t hang the end at with each other every Thursday. Even though it's been virtually a year, I'm wonder if due to her learning of my too much shyness, can she maybe be being more patient with me, and also understand the my shyness is what's been preventing me native making the first move?

I now realize the asking if I may kiss her is not the appropriate thing to do, yet would speak something choose "I'm going come kiss you" be simply as bad?

I'm pretty sure she knows exactly how fond the her i really am, yet is it now too late to aim for that first kiss?

Any suggestions?

spekterscript ~ above October 23, 2013:

Case in point. The first time I ever before kissed a girl-she to be older than me btw- ns made the failure of asking. She offered me an angry look and turned her challenge away. I want to kiss her so badly though I claimed F it and I gently pulled the earlier of she neck and also kissed she anyway when she was still rotate away. The was the only kiss I had to initiate the night. She couldn't stop initiating me ~ that.

ekundaryor on January 18, 2013:

At critical i gained to kiss mine girlfriend without peeing in my pants this day after reading this write-up tanx lol

Mary indigenous Washington on February 20, 2012:

Very cool! Yep, if a woman turns her cheek to capture your kiss then she is none as well interested. If she is right into you she will not revolve away from your smooth move. :)This was a funny Hub. I enjoyed reading it.

SanXuary ~ above November 14, 2011:

Be a friend very first and girlfriend can constantly test the kiss and see whereby it goes through no strings attached. If you can not obtain the right setting wait for her birthday or brand-new years.

samanthamsmith from small Town USA top top October 28, 2011:

Great Hub Sychophantastic.

Aceblogs from India top top October 15, 2011:

Very exciting hub , native the start to the end , ns was totally enthusiast to keep reading it :)

funmontrealgirl indigenous Montreal top top September 26, 2011:

That's funny. Her first few sentences were my immediate an answer to the title. Males do the kissing. But, good info every throughout. :)

TheExpertise on September 16, 2011:

lol.... I taken place to it is in a pua yet there's other you deserve to learn indigenous a pro

banjodman native Alabama on September 11, 2011:

Actually over there is a way to obtain her come kiss you...just tell she Ashton is your friend and also you have arraigned a day for her...that candlestick to do it.

top top September 07, 2011:

Great hub, nice to satisfy you.

Sfh from Texas on September 06, 2011:

Well written with solid points. Composed in a method to keep the readers attention. Two-thumbs up!

MG Singh from UAE top top September 05, 2011:

Very well written and enjoyable too.

saif113sb on august 20, 2011:

Love and beautiful hub.

Sychophantastic (author) indigenous Texas on respectable 19, 2011:

Thanks everyone! i aim come please.

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rikabothra on respectable 19, 2011:

This is hillarious, i had a an excellent laugh! lovely hub...i actually burst out laughing once i read some of the points! poll up and also funny!

Paradise7 native Upstate new York on august 19, 2011:

Very cool hub. The made me smile.

ThoughtSandwiches native Reno, Nevada on august 19, 2011:

lol...oh are awesome! You space correct, a an excellent clean autopsy report constantly puts me ago in the kissing mode. I delighted in this an extremely much! poll Up, funny and awesome. Oh...and advantageous too!