Hi hairstylist! I’ve constantly had a few questions and also concerns about texting a hair stylist for appointments/information. Ns figured asking a community of hairstylists would be my ideal approach!

Is it okay to gain a hairstylist’s # native a friend and contact them, or need to I go v the salon website?

Is it okay to questioning the stylist for pricing and also then decline if I have cheaper options? i feel weird asking them for prices and then saying no even though I shot to be very polite about it.

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Is it it s okay to text a hairstylist ~ above a weekend to set up one appointment? (My instincts say no, but I wanted to check)

Thanks in advance!:)


No, carry out it through the salon only.

Totally ok! We know that we room not the only option and also we evaluate your interest. No tough feelings

We regularly work evenings/ but on the weekend so IF she offered you her number (not obtaining it second hand) then walk ahead and also reach out however don’t acquire mad if she doesn’t respond until her business hours. Also, don’t be ridiculous. You re welcome don’t message her at 11 pm

I certainly would call salon or use online booking (if they have actually it) and at her appointment being up texting.

It’s entirely ok come ask price simply remember it’s no negotiable however we want you to research and find a stylist that finest fits not only the style and color you room going for yet personality also

Definitely yes sir to text to set up appointments simply be mindful some will only respond in company hours ❤️

I think your question around texting depends on whether or not the stylist is me employed and renting room in the salon, or is one employee of the salon.

I was previously an employee the a chain salon and hated when clients would text me to make appointments, due to the fact that there wasn't anything I might do about it however call my very own salon and also ask someone working to check availability/book the appointment, etc. In that setting, I wanted my client to contact the shop themselves. Someone was paid come be there to price the phone and also book appointments.

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Now, however, I'm me employed and also working in a various salon wherein everyone is independent. Us don't have actually a receptionist. Us all favor our clients to text us directly for everything, since if mine clients call the salon for appointments or questions, an additional stylist needs to step far from their client to price the phone and ultimately simply texts me with the post to contact or message my client.