Many world search for methods to send a text SMS article from a computer system for Free. In this write-up we room describing 5 complimentary options that you have the right to do this easily, for this reason let’s have a look at below.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to fire turn off a fast text from your computer, even if her phone wasn’t close at hand?

Well, thanks to part pretty new innovative solutions it’s possible to do specifically that – sometimes even faster 보다 you’d have the ability to punch the end a text on her phone, too!

Best of all, many of these choices also permit you to receive text messages at the same time, also if her phone has actually a totally dead battery.

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Option 1: usage a cost-free Online ServiceOption 4: use a social Network AppOption 5: Using other Apps

Option 1: use a complimentary Online Service

There room a lot of 100% free services virtual that let friend send texts through them, and the 5 we highlight quickly listed below are few of the best of the bunch and also easiest to use alternatives you want to consider.



This virtual tool only requires girlfriend to provide the recipients mobile number, the mobile carrier that you want to send your message through, and also the message you are sending it handles all the rest of the heavy lifting for you. You able come send as much as 155 characters in each text with this service.



This web based text message tool only requires you administer information about the country that her recipient is in best now and also their phone call number before you’re able come send message to them. The platform likewise offers complimentary video chat, filesharing, and voice contact capabilities, too.

Open text massage Online


With one of the cleanest interfaces your discover as far as digital texting solutions are concerned, the real benefit with utilizing this platform is the you deserve to send pictures, video, and audio message to actual phone numbers anywhere the civilization alongside your SMS message. You can likewise receive replies via email.

TXT Drop


This platform offers 100% totally free online text massage to phone number in the unified States and also Canada, promising immediate delivery. Incorporate your email deal with so that replies deserve to be sent there straight from the call numbers that you space texting v TXT Drop.

Text Port


The real game changing feature with message Port and also it’s totally free online texting devices is the capability to include emojis, pictures, and gifs with your message through the computer. You can send up to 4 messages for free in a solitary session and receive limitless replies ceded directly to your email inbox v this platform.

Option 2: SMS message Through Email

Believe it or not, a many of modern-day email services (including Gmail) administer you with the capacity to send text messages straight from email client.

Most that us keep our email open up while we space working in ~ our workdesk or at our computer anyways, looking for brand-new messages that come in and working on people we have to send the end – and also the capability to send text messages straight through her email client is a video game changer.

All you have to do to take benefit of this business is change the email address that friend would have actually put in the recipient crate of your message with the 10 digit phone variety of the person you are looking to text.

After the phone number has been punched into your recipient box you’ll desire to connect a details gateway address noted by every cellular network platforms.

Below we highlight the gateway addresses listed by the most famous US cellular carriers to assist you fight the floor running.

Example phone Number to text – 123-456-7890

AT&T :

Boost Mobile :

Sprint :

T-Mobile :

Verizon :

So, to summarize: If you desire to send a text blog post to a Verizon cellular customer, send him/her an e-mail message to

One vital thing to remember v this technique is that if you space going come be sending out text messages v email that are longer than 160 characters they technically i will not ~ be SMS messages any longer but instead MMS messages.

Most cellular plans (especially every one of those enclosed to smart phone devices) include SMS and also MMS messaging, yet if the receiver of her email message messages does not have MMS allowed they may not obtain these message – or they can be charged a dues (usually in between $0.10 and also $0.25) on their cellular bill.

This more than likely isn’t walking to it is in an problem all that often yet it may be something the you want to be mindful of all the same.

Option 3: text Through your Wireless Carrier’s Website

Almost all of the major wireless carriers (especially in the unified States) provide full functionality for client to send text messages v their own website.

What you’ll desire to execute is log into cellular account on your carrier’s website and also look for the devices or links that give you an opportunity to send the end a text via this online portal.

Just together an example, Verizon renders this really simple and straightforward by offering the digital texting tools as component of the My Verizon Account website you usage to pay your bill and to manage your account.

You’ll be able to send and also receive text messages v this online portal the same means you would have actually with her phone, you’ll be able to send photos and also videos with these message messaging devices – and online web links – and you can also download a desktop application devoted to using text capabilities of your phone (and attaching it to her cellular number) v this online portal, too.

The precise same kind of ability are obtainable from AT;T, Sprint, and T-Mobile together well. They might take a small bit of digging to uncover online (though a quick Google find for your details wireless transport should allude you in the best direction) but it’s nice to know that this capabilities space baked right right into your online bureaucratic dashboard every the same.

Option 4: use a society Network App

Social media tools also give you an chance to send message messages (for the most part) straight from her computer.

Most of the moment we think of social media existing totally on our mobile devices, and if you space using a devoted mobile applications to talk to her friends or to check out what’s going ~ above in the human being of society media the odds room pretty an excellent you’re doing for this reason from her phone or your tablet – and can bounce end to the message messaging app really quickly.

At the very same time, though, if you space using social media digital – indigenous your desktop computer or laptop – you will do it still have the ability to use the exact same text message capabilities a lot of the more popular communication without any headache, without any type of hassle, and also without having actually to have actually your phone near by, either.

Below us highlight a couple of the most popular social networking platforms out there that market text messaging capabilities as component of their whole online experience (mobile and also otherwise).

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is among the world most renowned messaging platforms there is, and also while a lot of people are under the impression the you’ll just ever be able to use it to message civilization that room actually on on facebook nothing could be additional from the truth.

In fact, it was a couple of years back that Facebook began to tinker roughly with SMS message messaging capabilities constructed right into the overall Messenger platform.

These features ended up being even an ext robust and even more polished together time went on, and also today it’s feasible to easily send SMS messages and also MMS messages directly from your computer system through the facebook messenger set up.

All you really have to do come take benefit of this capabilities is click a quick settings choice in facebook Mobile settings that lets you send SMS text messages to phone numbers around the world.


As of right now this function is 100% optional and you require to allow it as displayed above.

From over there on out you’ll have the ability to send and also receive SMS and also MMS text messages through the Messenger environment.

It really doesn’t gain much easier than that!

Use WhatsApp

Recognize the world over as perhaps the most convenient messaging platform over there is, WhatsApp has actually totally adjusted the method that human being communicate through really sort of condensing under every type of message you can want to send someone – email, message message, video chat, phone call chat, etc. – into a single source kind of environment.

All you’ll have to do to take benefit of this particular set up come send a text blog post is to have an individual in your contact list with an exact phone number.

As lengthy as you have an internet link of any kind of kind (Wi-Fi, cellular network connection, etc.) you’ll have the ability to send messages through the CHATS ingredient of this platform.

The really neat attribute here, of course, is that you aren’t just going to have the ability to keep all of your message messages in a neat and also organized kind of environment but all of the other messages are going to be organized approximately these contacts as well.

Photo messages, video clip messages, email links, message messages, and more are all going to be archived inside of these call connections – help you watch over every one of the interactions you had actually with who at a glance.

The desktop/browser based capabilities of WhatsApp have gained much much better over time. You have the right to use every one of the use from this mobile business on your computer system through your web web browser or you deserve to download a dedicated desktop application to take advantage of SMS message messaging from your computer, too.

Send SMS v Skype

Skype is one more gold conventional of online communication tools, among the an initial platforms to yes, really dive headfirst into the people of VoIP modern technology and this day it’s still taken into consideration a “must-have” for those that want to use their computer system to talk or text with folks about the world.

After its salvation by Microsoft chat application really started to rollout a whole host of new features, the smartest one easily being the capability for people using skype to communicate with folks that did not necessarily have Skype accounts themselves.

The truth that you can speak to internationally (all over the world) with voice or video clip communications, that you deserve to send SMS and also MMS message to phones anywhere the planet, and the freedom to keep all of your communications in a single environment no issue what kind of communication they were is a game transforming benefit of utilizing something prefer Skype.

All you have to do come leverage the SMS capability of skype is fire up the web internet browser version or your desktop computer version that this communication (SMS messages space also available on the cell phone app), navigate come the message message part of the platform, and fire your message away.

Talk about straightforward and straightforward!

Option 5: Using other Apps

To round things out, there are a whole host an excellent applications you deserve to download to send text messages native your computer that offer lightning fast, simple to set up, and also reliable services – every one of which make life sending text from your laptop or desktop completely headache free.

Here are few of our favorites.



This supervisor lightweight application easily accessible for Windows tools turns her computer, laptop, or hybrid an equipment into an SMS/MMS texting machine – every while interfacing v your clever phone so the you have the right to use your same phone number to send and also receive messages.

Best the all, you get an automatic sync between your phone, your tablet, and your computer to keep all of your message organized and also archived.

With full multimedia support and also support because that links and also attachments, this is among the best apps the end there for text massage from the computer.

Mighty message Chrome Extension


If friend don’t desire to clutter increase your difficult drive by installing applications straight to your desktop computer but would certainly love SMS text massage capabilities built right right into your browser this Chrome extension gets the job done perfectly.

It works best when paired v Android devices (allowing you to sync your text messages, your calls, and your notifications – as well as tickle information like her battery status, because that example) and also essentially stays inside of her browser.

As long as you have actually Chrome open you’ll be able to send and receive text with her actual phone number with this collection up.

Your Phone windows 10 App


Another applications that works v your phone in conjunction through your computer, you’ll have the ability to leave her phone in the drawer gaining charged, tucked away and silenced, while quiet using all of its capability (provided it is one Android device, anyway).

This Windows-based application links directly with your phone to affix it and also your PC, providing you the chance to make and receive calls from her computer, receive and also manage every one of your notifications through your computer, and also even access all of her mobile applications v your computer, too.

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SMS messaging from your laptop or desktop computer becomes effortless v this home windows app.