Looking for a way to text from a computer? We have actually you, and these two dudes, spanned to message without a phone.Credit: Getty Images/Westend61

Misplace or break her phone? No cell signal? have no fear. You have the right to still text away through a computer system via WiFi.

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Texting indigenous a laptop has its perks: it"s (usually) free, typing is easier and faster, and best of all, you deserve to look busy when you"re not.

Here are five various ways you can text from your laptop.

1. Text through email

If you recognize your friend"s phone number and also cellphone provider, you deserve to easily provide a message through email.


Combine her recipient"s 10 number phone number with one of these renowned domains:

For example, if the phone call number is (123) 456-7890 and also the owner"s wireless transport is AT&T, you would certainly send an e-mail to

Just placed your text message into the human body of the email, push send, and voila!

When he or she replies to her text, the message will go directly to your email"s inbox. Store in mind a much longer email will certainly be damaged up into multiple message messages, and also standard text post rates apply to recipients since the message are sent as continuous texts.

2. Message through her wireless carrier"s website

Depending ~ above what her wireless business provider is, friend may be able to text other subscribers indigenous your very own carrier"s website.

If you have Verizon, you can sign right into your my Verizon Account, wherein you have the right to send and receive texts, photos, and also videos. Verizon individuals can likewise download the desktop application for their computers through mine Verizon.

You deserve to do the exact same through a My at&t account.

Take a look at what texting features your carrier uses for her desktop.

3. Message through Apple"s iMessage

iMessage isn"t just for iPhones.


Working or texting? Who have the right to say. Text on your laptop using iMessage.Credit: screenshot: Rachel Kraus/lasignoralaura.com

The Messages application can be provided to send iMessages indigenous a MacBook pro or MacBook Air. Merely open up the message app, type in her recipient"s phone call number (or to apologize ID), and also you"ll be able to write her message and also send it off.

As long as message on her Mac is set up to receive texts native both her Apple ID and also phone number, you should have the ability to text come both iPhones and also other kinds of phones via the app.

4. Text through a cost-free SMS website

If you search the web, you"ll discover a ton of complimentary unlimited SMS websites the will permit you to text internationally. Some free texting message sites are Send SMS Now and also A free SMS.


Be wary through this one, folks.Credit: SCREENSHOT KYLI SINGH

But this websites have their downsides. In some cases, depending upon the website, friend won"t be able to receive responses straight on the website. You might have to provide an email resolve to receive responses. And also some web page may even require you to sign up and also register to see responses.

Then, there"s the map out factor. You might be bombarded v advertisements while using these sites, which allow these services to operation for free.

5. Message through Google Voice

Unlike few of the ways detailed above, you have the right to send and receive text messages with Google Voice without learning the recipient"s carrier. This software offers you the choice to choose a brand brand-new number, complimentary of charge, or use your present mobile number.


Text from her laptop using Google Voice.Credit:

However, Google Voice only allows you come send and receive message messages to phone number in the U.S. And Canada.

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Besides texting, Google Voice has actually other features, such as calling, voicemail, speak to blocking, and also transcribing her voicemail messages to text.

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