many celebrities thank their parents, your agents and their co-stars however someone else is normally thanked first...God. through Angela Guzman angela guzman


If you’re watching the Academy Awards, you’ll regularly hear the words, “I’d like to thank the Academy.” If you watching the ESPYS, you’ll frequently hear the words, “I want to thank my teammates.” Or probably you’re in ~ the Grammys, you’ll often hear the words, “I desire to give thanks to my fans for supporting my music.” We, the children of God, need to thank our God for approving us the opportunity to live our life and pursue our dreams and goals. For without oh my gosh grace us wouldn’t have the capacity to do all of the points that we do. God sacrificed therefore much and also yet you often do no hear the indigenous that say thanks to God for every little thing he does.

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When you carry out hear a good speech that thanks your savior it’s emotional and pulls at her heart strings. This recipients that recognize the Lord inspire those listening through their honesty and also gracefulness. They’re brave because they’re allowing themselves to be vulnerable and also wearing their belief like a argorial of honor on your sleeves. Perform you have actually a favorite speech the thanked her God? Is there a specific speech the truly speak to you because its belief filled honesty was inspirational? check out our list of an effective speeches talked by celebrities. Even though they play several of our favorite personalities in an excellent films, in ~ these particular moments they room speaking from their heart and also soul. They room not acting. They room shedding their costumes and also being real –showing their true side which is enriched with the Lord.

Matthew McConaughey

In 2013 during the 86th Academy Awards, Matthew McConaughey won the compensation for ideal Actor in a Leading function for his personality in The Dallas Buyer’s society – based upon a true story. He played the Ron Woodroof who was a Texan rodeo-riding electrician that was diagnosed with HIV in 1985 and was originally offered 30 days come live. He passed away seven years later due to complications indigenous Aids in 1992. McConaughey’s character broke the law in attempt to stay alive by smuggling in drugs and basically offering them top top the black market.

McConaughey lost 47 pounds for the role. He started his decided by thanking God. That said, “First off, I want to thank God, because that’s who I look up to. He has graced my life with methods that I know are no of mine hand or any kind of other person hand. That has presented me the it’s a scientific truth that gratitude reciprocates. In the words of the so late Charlie Laughton, that said, "When you’ve got God, you’ve gained a friend. And also that girlfriend is you.""

Oprah Winfrey

In 2012 during Oprah Winfrey’s Lifeclass in brand-new York City, she do a job of belief to her countless fans. Oprah opened up up around her spiritual journey and also how she aligned her worths of tolerance, acceptance, and also reverence for life. Many people have questioned Oprah’s belief as a Christian in the past due to the fact that she has actually had world of different faiths top top her present and similar disparities. However, during her decided Oprah was very open around what God has taught her: come respect civilization of all faiths, it is in loving and kind come strangers, and also open her mind! This isn’t Oprah’s first time speaking about the Lord, speak in her acceptance speech at the 84th Academy Awards the she to know without him she would never ever be whereby she is today and also He ultimately adjusted her life.

Steph Curry

Steph Curry is the first NBA athlete to be unanimously picked together the Most an useful Player. Curry is well-known for gift speaking out on his belief whether it’s during a press conference or in the locker. Throughout his MVP speech and throughout other interviews he’s participated in Curry has called out Lord and Savior because that standing through his side and also blessing him with much more than he can have ever hoped or dreamed for.

“I desire to thank God, obviously because that the health, for the talent He"s provided me, for my family who supports me, because that the things that basketball"s taught me on and also off the court. For the people that I"ve to be able to meet through the video game of basketball," the 28-year-old said. "I"ve to be blessed in that regard through and through. Therefore I"m just thankful for this chance to pat the game that ns love and also share that through the world."

Curry pounds his chest and points up during his video game play since that is his method of remembering that he has a love of God and also plays the game of basketball because that God.

Cuba Gooding, Jr.

At the 1997 Oscars Cuba Gooding, Jr. Won the Oscar for finest Supporting Actor because that his role in the movie Jerry Maguire. In the decided Gooding put his hand in the air and said halleluiah prayer the Lord. Those words are spoken so genuinely and naturally through Gooding the you get goosebumps due to the fact that you understand deep under that he truly praises the God because that his many blessings. That goes top top to give thanks to God for offering him the countless gifts in his life and permitted him to seek him dreams as one actor. Gooding has never really been outspoken about his faith; but when that thanked the guy upstairs because that his award you might see the an individual relationship the Gooding has with his Lord and also Savior. And sometimes those room the best and most memorable moments due to the fact that you don’t suppose the support and also love. Gooding was experiencing a fragile moment and also he wanted to identify God for whatever He had actually done to do this all a possibility.

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is not shy around his love and also devotion because that God. As soon as he welcomed the Most an useful Player compensation in 2014, Durant immediately thanked God for the opportunity to go after his dreams. “First off, I"d choose to give thanks to God for changing my life. It let me yes, really realize what life is every about. Basketball is just a communication in order for me to accumulate people, and also I establish that,” stated Durant. In fact, Durant credits pastor Carl Lentz that Hillsong brand-new York City for to teach him the God is entirely around love, which helped him clean his mind indigenous the misconceptions he had actually previously to be bogged under with. In an interview with GW Magazine Durant offered credit to God because that every video game his team has actually won and also further comment by saying that Jesus to be the mr of his game.

The MVP decided was one of the greatest platforms in i beg your pardon Durant has spoken – and also the award is among the greatest honors he’s accepted. Therefore, when he payment homage come his Lord and Savior that speaks volumes around his character and overall lifestyle.

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These awesome world are not afraid to scream at the height of your lungs around the love and devotion the they have for your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. There is no doubt that they believe and also support their faith. The both amazing and humbling that these figures have achieved so much under god’s grace. Hearing your speeches is inspiring because it sheds a brighter irradiate on the accomplishments of anyone in the world. God has actually blessed united state all v some remarkable talents and also blessings that cultivate the means we deserve to live our lives every day. Over there is no limit to the gifts that God has granted His children. Following time you in need of a little inspiration, watch one of these videos and sit earlier as your heart is filled through God.