Sun, sea and sand are currently a pretty perfect combination. Litter in some great friends, peak tunes, refresh drinks and also delicious-tasting food, and also you have a recipe for a night to remember forever.

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Here in ~ Sanwin Beachwear, we love coast parties much more than almost anything else. Gift on the beach already encourages civilization to let your hair down, forget your cares and also the stresses of daily life, and also revel in having a great time together… so getting into the party soul couldn’t it is in easier. A well-planned coast party is the perfect means to meet new people, do the most of the liberty that comes with being next to the sea, and also - of course - mirroring off your stylish swim shorts come the assembled crowds.

However, as everyone knows, the essence of format is preparation. If girlfriend really desire your beach party to do an impact for all the ideal reasons, you’re walk to need to put part forethought into. After every you want to ensure it hits all the ideal notes, and stays in people’s minds for years come come. Luckily because that you, the team below at Sanwin Beachwear has actually been to more beach parties 보다 we’d care to remember, and we’ve obtained some good advice for those looking to party on the coast in style!

Tip 1: Location, Location, Location


It goes there is no saying that the place of a beach party is an essential to the success. That doesn’t necessarily average that it’s impossible to have a good night unless you’re in part far-flung tropical location, but it does typical that you’ll have to be selective with where you select to host your seaside bash.

Make sure your beach party is reasonable accessible. Nobody wants to need to clamber end cliffs and scrubland to obtain to where the fun is, and also however impressive your favourite ‘secret’ bay could be, after ~ a few drinks, it could be less than perfect come get back from. However, uneven you desire to party with more revellers 보다 you might have bargained for, it’s probably best to not organize your event on the most renowned beach in town. A happy tool is probably finest - somewhere that you and your mates deserve to be left in peace, but which no going to take it a map, compass and also pair of long walking boots to acquire to.

Tip 2: save the food selection Easy


You might consider yourself miscellaneous of a masterchef, but think us, nobody wants to sit down v a china plate and also knife and fork on the sand. Beach food way finger food - however that doesn’t median you can’t get an imaginative if you want to.

Of course, the standard beach party menu revolves approximately a couple of disposable barbeques. Gain some local specialities top top the go, and also even part fresh fish or shellfish that wouldn’t it is in too challenging or fiddly to eat with your fingers and a hunk of fresh bread. Alternatively, share up ~ above nibbles, chips, sandwiches, and plenty that fresh and also thirst-quenching fruits prefer sliced watermelon and also mango. Store it light, keep it healthy, keep it fresh. Nice!

Tip 3: protect against Themes


Beach parties are at their finest when castle well-planned and also organised in advance, however essentially laid-back and relaxed ~ above the night. To it is in honest, we’re pretty sick and tired of beach parties which have been collection up v a theme… and not least because that template tends come involve things choose plastic palm trees, unattractive ‘comedy’ swimwear and all sorts of other mildly awkward nonsense.

If you’ve preferred your location well, climate the coast itself should carry out all that the thematic details and collection decoration you might possibly wish for. The warm sand, the crashing surf, the starry skies… what an ext could you probably want?

Of course, yes sir nothing wrong through bringing part decorative touch to her night - simply keep it classy and also remember you aren’t organising a 9th birthday party. Fairy lights work well, as perform tiki torches and also other cool accessories that bring some atmosphere and heighten the ambience the the event.

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Tip 4: Think Drink


Hey, what would certainly a beach party be without a bit of booze? Make certain you’ve stocked up plenty the light, update beers (which room going to require a cool bag or comparable to save them from gaining warm), and also bring along a couple of fruit juices too for those no wanting come drink.

It’s additionally a good idea come pre-mix a huge batch the a favourite cocktail or beat for the night. Sangria works really well, and adds a appropriate tropical vibe to the proceedings… add to it’s exceptionally easy to make in big quantities.

Tip 5: Don’t avoid The Music


Set increase a playlist i beg your pardon veers between the old and also the new, the avant-garde and the crowd-pleasing, and don’t be uptight over civilization wanting to add their favourites come the list! acquire hold that a top set of portable speakers and also be sure to load some spare batteries - yes sir no should drag your entirety sound system down come the beach!

Tip 6: have a setup B


Coastal regions and also beaches have the right to be pretty unpredictable when it pertains to weather, and also it’s actually fairly surprising how much the temperature have the right to plummet when the sun has gone down. So lengthy as over there aren’t any kind of restrictions on girlfriend doing so, setting up a camp fire is a good way to keep people warm when they’re partying under the moonlight, yet it’s probably worth having a arrangement B need to the weather rotate bad.

Check out surrounding pubs, clubs and also beach bars you might head come if it gets cold, public or rainy, and also keep the party going whatever may happen!

There you have actually it. Six great tips to litter an unforgettable beach party. With an excellent company, you just can"t go wrong. Now, gain your swim shorts and off to beach it is "cause nothing beats a good beach party! Enjoy!