The holiday season is comes to an end. After the presents room opened and also the wrapping record is cleaned up, there’s simply one last point to do: take under the decorations, consisting of the Christmas tree.

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Whether you have actually a actual tree dropping needles in your living room, or an man-made one that has seen much better days, you need to recognize how ideal to dispose of her Christmas tree.

According to Cuyahoga Recycles, 10 million Christmas trees end up in the landfill every year, however there are far better and greener alternatives to tossing your tree in the trash. Give one the our suggestions a try, and also start the new year act something great for the environment.

How to eliminate a actual Christmas Tree

Once the decorations space boxed and also the lights are removed, you’re ready to remove the tree. Below are frequently asked questions about how come dispose of her Christmas tree.


Can i Leave mine Christmas Tree top top the Curb?

Many cities and also counties do have actually a Christmas tree recycling organization with curbside pickup. In this case, the trees room usually required to a chipper to reduced them into small pieces come be supplied as mulch. Check with your neighborhood department the public works for accessibility and arsenal schedules.

“Live trees must be clearing of all non-organic items. Make sure you eliminate lights, tinsel, decorations and ornaments prior to putting it out on the curb because that mulching. Examine with your city service department to view if there space any extr instructions for her community.”

Cristie Snyder | Programs and also Communications Officer, Cuyahoga county Solid waste District

If your entirety tree isn’t accepted for curbside pickup, it may still be embraced as yard waste if ready correctly. Examine with your company provider to uncover out if it have the right to be embraced if the tree is chopped up and also placed inside a yard waste bag, or if various other treatment is required.

“If a city or town has actually a Christmas tree pickup service, that would certainly be my an initial choice. In mine town, the young Scouts will pick lock up because that a fee or donation, and I believe they have actually them run through a chipper. Having them chipped would certainly be mine number one recommendation, if possible.”

David Morin | previous President, Massachusetts Christmas Tree Association

If you’d fairly not leave your Christmas tree external your house, look because that a drop-off recycling center that collects tree after the holiday. Many counties have free drop-off locations.

Are There choices for Christmas Tree Recycling?

Yes, over there are methods to recycle genuine Christmas trees. As stated above, some cities will certainly collect trees for recycling. Also, some locations have institutions such as the boy Scouts the America the host comparable collections because that a tiny fee.

You can likewise recycle your tree through donating it come an ecological organization that may have a unique use for old trees. Some zoos accept trees and use them together treats or playthings because that animals. Particular wildlife organizations recycle Christmas trees as habitats for animals in the winter. In some areas, recycled Christmas trees are supplied to defend riverbanks, dunes or coastlines from erosion.

“If you have actually a bigger backyard, placed your tree out earlier as a natural wildlife habitat. The tree will offer cover for little animals during the cold winter months and also will slowly malfunction over time. Other concepts include producing a fish habitat in a backyard pond or utilizing the needles together mulch in your flower beds.”

Cristie Snyder | Programs and Communications Officer, Cuyahoga county Solid rubbish District

You have the right to use this yearly tree recycling guide to find real Christmas tree recycling services close to you.

Can ns Recycle a Flocked Tree?

No. Flocked trees, which are made to look favor they have snow on them, are treated with chemicals and need to be chopped up and also placed in your continual solid waste bin. However, not all urban or counties will accept flocked trees in rubbish bins. Examine with your regional department of public functions for much more information.


Can ns Compost mine Christmas Tree?

“If her city does no chip trees for reuse, think about taking it to a neighborhood compost site. Composting is a an ext sustainable an option than sending out a pine tree come a landfill.”

Cristie Snyder | Programs and also Communications Officer, Cuyahoga county Solid waste District

Composting is a an excellent way to dispose of your Christmas tree and extend the use. The branches from your tree make a good base for a compost pile. If girlfriend take your tree come a chipper, you have the right to use the result mulch in her compost heap.


Can ns Burn my Christmas Tree?

This counts on your location, as well as how you’re looking to burn her tree. As lengthy as fires room acceptable in her area, repurposing a Christmas tree to usage as firewood or kindling for an outdoor fire is fine. However, friend won’t desire to burn this lumber in an indoor fireplace, since sap have the right to stick come the within of her chimney and cause a chimney fire. Chop up her tree and let the lumber dry the end for number of months prior to using the in an out fire pit or bonfire.

Can ns Throw a Christmas Tree in a Dumpster?

Yes, a dumpster deserve to be supplied to dispose of your tree. If you have actually a actual tree, make certain your dumpster rental permits for yard waste. If you’re getting rid of of an man-made tree, any dumpster accepting basic waste should be fine, yet your tree will most likely end up in a landfill. Take into consideration a recycling or repurposing option listed below if your artificial tree still has some pleasure to spread.


How come Dispose that an artificial Christmas Tree

Artificial Christmas trees room a good alternative to actual trees if you don’t want to to buy a brand-new one every year. But if her fake tree is ~ above its last leg, shot one that these artificial Christmas tree handle methods.

Can i Recycle an fabricated Tree?

No, fake Christmas trees room not welcomed in many recycling centers. However there are countless ways to donate or repurpose fabricated trees for this reason they won’t finish up in landfills.

Can ns Donate My fabricated Tree?

We recommend spreading Christmas cheer by donating your artificial tree (as lengthy as it’s quiet in great shape). Many nonprofits, such together thrift stores and also Goodwill retail stores, will certainly gladly take your man-made tree off of your hands. Girlfriend many additionally find that an elderly centers, retirement homes, parenting facilities, hospitals and schools have actually a usage for used fabricated trees. We recommend calling any kind of of these organizations an initial to check out if lock can advantage from your donation.

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How deserve to I Repurpose My fabricated Tree?

Repurposing your fake Christmas tree is a great, eco-friendly means to store the holiday spirit living on. Revolve your old synthetic Christmas tree into other varieties of holiday décor to usage again next year:

Centerpiece: Simply reduced off the optimal of your artificial tree and also place it in a mason jug or vase because that a perfect table centerpiece. You can then usage the remainder of your tree because that the crafts below. Wreath: utilizing wire cutters, eliminate the branches native the center part of the tree. Pick six or eight branches, and also bend them right into arches. Overlap the branches to type a circle and connect them through zip ties or wire. Napkin rings: turn the the smallest twigs right into festive napkin ring by simply shaping lock into small circles and slipping lock onto rolled napkins.

Tips for Cleaning increase After the Holidays

After recycling or disposing of her Christmas tree, you’re ready to handle the rest of her holiday décor. For an ext help, head over to these resources: