As a doctor who specialises in mole removal for aesthetic factors I see many patients who have been tempted by residence remedies and do it yourself mole remove solutions. The temptation is quite apparent as the so referred to as ‘treatments’ space not only depicted as quick, straightforward and easy yet are likewise invariably cost-free or cheap.  part patients of mine are frequently embarrassed to mention they have tried home treatments and also other DIY cures v results varying from ineffective come those that are exceptionally dangerous and in some instances left with major scarring.

I deserve to understand why patients are keen to eliminate their bothersome moles; whether it is because that cosmetic reasons (not liking the watch of them), practical reasons (e.g. Whereby they record on clothes) or merely peace of mind wherein the mole is causing any kind of concern.

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The an excellent benefit that the net is the vast amount of info available, allowing people to research any topic under the sun. Unfortunately, that information is not constantly correct… A rapid Google search on DIY mole remove reveals part staggering suggestions.


DIY / house Remedies Mole Removal techniques to Avoid


1. “Tying” a Mole Off

The technique is to restrict the blood circulation to a mole by tying it very tightly roughly the base with thread or dental floss. The idea is that the mole will fill through blood, dry up and also then loss off.

This concept should be approached v caution. While it actually have the right to work because that skin tags, there space still risks roughly the opportunity of infection. Where cotton object is used, this can become wedged right into the skin there is no finishing the project leaving a lot bigger scar after operation removal.

Moreover, as soon as it comes to moles professional laser or surgical removal is the ideal option for finish removal and this procedure should always include mole testing. Tackling moles at home, no matter how harmless they might appear, misses this an important precautionary step which can highlight any abnormal or malignant cells. This allude applies throughout all DIY mole removal methods and myths and is the number one reason why residence mole removal must be left alone.

2. Creams, Lotions and Solutions

The internet likewise has a plethora the ready-made mole removal commodities which case to result in mole removal.

Again, technique these with extreme caution. These assets are designed on a similar basis (or occasionally the same) as wart and verruca removal. The mole remove cures frequently suggest submit or scratching the top of the mole come ensure the acid is able to penetrate. However, true moles are very different in nature. Mole skin is rather sensitive and also this can be painful and also some patients have actually been left with scarring. In addition, the scratching process can be quite harmful come the mole itself.

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Again, this approach completely misses the critical mole testing – patients can be absent the an initial signs the skin cancer.

3. Mole Lightening Products

Essentially acid or alkali based bleaching agents, mole lightening commodities are creams and potions that seek to eliminate the colours from mole so that they room still there however much less apparent visually.

However, those bleaching agents available over the internet may not accomplish British safety and security standards. If they are too solid they might burn the skin and cause lasting damage.

Once again, the suggest applies that house removal walk not incorporate mole testing…

4. “Natural” house Mole Removal

The principle here is again external application but based on common family members foods. Some of these “cures” are designed to fade the color of the mole; others case to remove it altogether. These residence remedies mimic the acid or alkali based products obtainable over the net by resulting in a chemical burn to the skin in stimulate to remove the coloration and or mole itself.

Suggestions encompass rubbing the mole numerous times a day through lemon juice, apple juice, apologize cider vinegar, cauliflower juice, pineapple juice, castor oil or honey. Other ideas are strapping a part of onion or garlic over the mole underneath a sticking plaster. The many bizarre involves strapping urine-soaked noodle wool come the mole beneath a plaster, having an initial scratched the mole so the it have the right to penetrate.

This area seems increasingly desperate. In ~ best, the patient dangers wasting time and also facing the embarrassment and ridicule of your friends and family. However, they additionally risk irritation, infection and scarring.

At worst, as with all residence cures, the danger of no having suitable mole experimentation is the biggest of all. Few of the web page do mention that suspiciously moles should be examined by a professional, though this is regularly in tiny print.


Patient case Studies


Patient situation 1 – Used cream come bleach his mole the he feel was typical as it had not changed. This caused a severe skin reaction and also has currently left him with a thick dreadful red increased scar (keloid) that is twice the size of the mole on his chest.  he regrets he ever saw this ~ above the web as over there is very small we can do to help improve his scar.

Patient instance 2 - Thirty year old man who had a melanoma skin cancer diagnosed ~ above a mole that tried come bleach which might or may not have added to a hold-up in his diagnosis and treatment.  He now wishes he never ever used the net for advice on something he now admits need to only it is in left in the hands of experienced medical professionals as the after-effects can be  potentially life threatening.

Professional Mole Removal


Mole remove surgery and laser mole removal are efficient safe actions to execute with contemporary techniques and equipment. All procedures will leave a small scar but this is in most situations far more cosmetically acceptable than the original mole.

Even because that harmless mole being removed for cosmetic reasons, I would caution patients not to risk DIY house removal solutions but tempting lock may appear to be.

Good practitioners will always send also the many apparently innocent-looking mole away for trial and error to ascendancy out any possibility of cancerous cells together skin cancer recorded early has actually the ideal chances because that the patient.

The doctors’ experience and training room the many important determinants to look because that when picking the right person to remove your mole quite than glossy makers or cheap pricing as the wrong choice initially deserve to lead to permanent disfigurement that is seldom easy come correct even with contemporary lasers and also medicines.

Please watch your family members doctor / GP or a skin specialist regarding any existing or brand-new moles that are changing in size shape and also or colour ( acquiring darker in particular) or also if friend have pertains to from a cosmetic suggest of view just so as to get the exactly advice to stop potential scarring or lacking a skin cancer.