Neither chefs no one food writers deserve to agree on whether—or why—you'd want to tie up her turkey. Part say that the splayed legs of one untrussed bird cook faster early out to much more exposure to warm air, plus much more of the skin crisps. Others case that the breasts of one untrussed turkey aren’t safeguarded by the legs and also therefore overcook.

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But one point is certain: whether you like a wet-brined, dry-brined, or exhilaration turkey, trussing absolutely makes because that a bird worthy the a vacation table. (Have you checked out an untrussed roasted turkey? it’s a little eyebrow-raising.)

The thing is, trussing doesn’t need to involve fancy tucks, flips, or toys choose French trussing needles. Occasionally it no require any twine at all. To achieve company-worthy turkey without all the fuss of traditional trussing, girlfriend don't need to do anything an ext than monitor the measures below. Here's exactly how to tie a turkey.


Photo by Chelsea Kyle, Prop Styling by Alex Brannian, Food styling through Cyd McDowell

1. Position the Wings

Tuck the wing tips behind the shoulders to lock them into place and also protect them from scorching. The placing of the wings also helps stabilize the bird on a platter.Next. You'll tie the ankles that the legs together to cover the cavity and also create a holiday-worthy presentation. Pick among these approaches for just how to truss a turkey:

2. Hold the legs In place Using a Hock Lock

Most turkeys come v a plastic, or occasionally metal, contraption the holds the two legs together. Girlfriend know…the piece that you always cut and pull out so you can stuff the cavity. This is referred to as a “hock lock” and it’s meant to remain in place during the cooking to organize the foot in place. So if you're baking your stuffing external the turkey (always a clever idea), you have the right to rest easy. Friend don't must truss the turkey if you have actually a hock lock—it's currently done for you.


Photo through Chelsea Kyle, Prop Styling through Alex Brannian, Food Styling by Cyd McDowell

3. If her Turkey Doesn't Come through a Hock Lock, usage String

Or, you have the right to simply usage twine, kite string, or unwaxed dentist floss to hold the foot together. If you're utilizing this method, monitor these steps for exactly how to tie a turkey:

Cross the turkey’s "ankles" (the end of the drumsticks) one end the other.Wrap twine roughly them and make a continuous (overhand) knot to for sure them.For an also tighter knot, do a continuous knot, and also before tightening it, wrap one finish through the loop a 2nd time, then tighten it. That turkey ain't walking anywhere.

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Now the you know how to truss a turkey, you can want a recipe for just how to roast one:



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