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Go come YouTube in a desktop browser > click Share > select the Start at inspect box > enter the time because that the video clip to start > Copy. A link to the mentioned time in the video clip is currently stored in your clipboard.

This short article explains how to re-publishing a particular time in a YouTube video clip on a desktop browser. It also includes information on a workaround for mobile devices and how to do a hand-operated timestamp.

just how to create a link to a specific Time in a YouTube video

Linking come a certain time in a YouTube video clip is a an excellent trick for once you just want to show a particular segment that a video—especially if the video is long and also the segment that you want to share comes number of minutes after it starts playing.

It's basic to link to the exact component of any YouTube video on a desktop browser. Go to YouTube.com, discover the video you want to share, and follow this instructions.


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Why Linking to a particular Time problem

Internet individuals have short attention spans, therefore forcing someone to sit through even a 4- or 5-minute video clip where the best section doesn't begin until the halfway mark can be sufficient to do them provide up and impatiently near the video out that frustration.

YouTube master thousands and thousands of remarkable videos precious sharing that have the right to be several minutes long and run up to over one hour. If you"re sharing a video clip of an hour-long public speaking presentation top top Facebook, her friends will probably appreciate the truth that you connected to the exact details time in the video clip where the speaking focuses on a appropriate topic they could be interested in.

More world are the town hall YouTube from your mobile devices now more than ever (which largely explains the shorter attention spans). They don't have actually time come sit through a long arrival and other irrelevant bits prior to getting come the an excellent stuff.

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When you decide to share a video at a specific time, viewers deserve to restart the video clip if they want to clock the whole thing in full, therefore you're no doing anyone a disservice through linking to a appropriate point. The YouTube video clip player start buffering and playing at the moment that you collection without any modification to the video.