Sprint customers have several means to track and also locate your phone if it"s lost or stolen. Client can access the website, the device manager app, the acceleration WeGo app, the uncover My phone call app, and the Sprint family Locator. Every of these techniques will use the internal general practitioners system on her Sprint phone call to locate your phone call on a map and also ring. Plenty of of these methods deserve to be accessed remotely as well. Customers deserve to remove apps, delete messages, and lock the phone remotely by making use of these methods.

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It happens. Friend may lose your phone and panic since you can"t remember wherein you had actually it last. Luckily acceleration does have actually ways of help you recuperate a shed or stolen phone. In fact, there are numerous solutions girlfriend can try to recoup your lost or steal Sprint phone.

Contact us Immediately!

The first thing you must do if you uncover you have actually lost her phone or her phone has actually been stolen is contact Sprint client service. Sprint will immediately suspend your company to avoid any type of unauthorized charges. Girlfriend then have the alternative to paper a case to replace your phone if friend desire. However, this option is only available if you have purchased the complete Equipment Program.

Sprint household Locator

If you"re out and around and you lose your phone, much more than likely it will certainly be turn on. This is fortunate due to the fact that the odds of friend finding it are significantly increased. A family members locator is a Sprint regime that will expose the ar of your phone. However, your phone have to be in ~ Sprint"s network and turned on. Just register and also the phone you"re trying to track will obtain a text post that says that its location is visible.

Use Find my Phone

Log in right into the acceleration WeGo portal and click find. An additional prompt will show up asking you to click find. The next message will expose the acceleration WeGo location of her phone.

Use Android maker Manager

You can likewise locate your phone by using the an equipment manager. However, this will certainly not occupational on a phone through an Android system 4.3 Jellybean or older. Enlarge phones will require third-party applications. Device manager is a protection application developed into android solution 4.4 or later. This mechanism works by using the website or the application to locate your device. This security application works v the usage of the built-in GPS top top the phone. The app will situate your phone on a map and cause it come ring even if the ringer has been turn off. The phone call can additionally be remotely locked using this security feature. If needed, apps and also messages deserve to be turned off remotely as well.

Can device Manager Be offered When the phone is rotate Off?

You can turn ~ above the device manager remotely. This deserve to be done with the app and the website. This security manager can be turned on remotely and will ring. Messages and apps can be erased and removed as well.

The Guest Feature: Android maker Manager

You might not have accessibility to another android maker or a computer. In instances like this, you can accessibility the machine manager through the guest app. You have the right to use someone else"s Android maker and download the device manager app. Log in and manage your lost or steal device.


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