YOU deserve to track someone really easily ~ above Google Maps – yet only through their permission.

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To follow someone's live location, you'll need them to share it with you.

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Google Maps allows you come track various other users

Tracking who without their permission using Google Maps would certainly involve some type of breach of privacy – so we wouldn't introduce that.

But if you're trying to real-time monitor a friend who has actually shared their ar like you would certainly on WhatsApp, Google Maps definitely enables that.

To monitor a friend, they'll have to do one of the following...

How come share Google Maps place on iPhone and also iPad

If you want to share through someone who has a Google account, include their Gmail resolve to her Google Contacts.

Then open up Google Maps on her device, tap her profile picture, and also then pick Location Sharing.

Next choose add People, decide just how long you desire to share her location, and also then tap one or much more contacts.

You can need to provide permission to share contacts with Google Maps in ~ this stage.

Then insanity Share.

If the human being doesn’t have a Google account, you deserve to share a location connect from the include People component of the over process.

You can send this connect via iMessage or a different chat app.

How come share Google Maps place on Android

To share your location with a Google Contact, go to Google Maps and tap her profile picture.

Then choose Location Sharing, include People, set a share time, and also then select a contact.

If the other human being doesn’t have actually a Google account, you’ll require to choose Location Sharing connect from the add People section.

You have the right to tap Copy to Clipboard and also send this attach via a messaging application or end email.

How come share Google Maps ar on PC

Sadly, the only feasible to share her live place using a cell phone device.

But you deserve to still see someone else’s location on the desktop computer version that Google Maps.


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