Amazon sells nearly everything under the sun – i m sorry is one factor why their gift cards space so renowned and constantly in demand.

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But there might be instances as soon as you are gifted an Amazon gift card that you nothing really want – for whatever reasons – and also would much prefer to gain its cash identical instead.

What perform you execute in a sticky case like this?

Well thanks to the marvels of modern technology and the internet, there space in reality several methods you can acquire cash for your gift card.

In this article, we will show you no one or two but 25 straightforward and basic ways you can redeem your unwanted Amazon gift cards and also get difficult cash in return.

So fasten your seat belts and also read on.

List the 25 ways to sell Amazon Gift Cards for Cash



This online marketplace is among the many popular options to exchange amazon gift cards for cash of any type of brand.

All you have to do is perform it online. You also get to collection the price you desire for it.

Raise will verify her gift card details and balance before listing that online.

You get paid the minute your card finds a buyer.

Payments space made via straight Deposit, PayPal or check when her card sells.


Now, this website offers you the flexibility to buy and also sell gift cards indigenous a selection of optimal brands including Macys, Target, Apple, AirBnB, best Buy and Amazon.

They accept both physical and also electronic gift cards.

Once they have actually verified the balance on your gift card, you will certainly be make an market which can be as high together 92% that the value of her card.

Payout alternatives include an eGift card sent to her email attend to or a file check mailed straight to you to arrive in ~ 4-5 functioning days via USPS very first Class Mail.


This famous website supplies you much more than one way to transform amazon gift cards because that cash. You have the right to sell the (or profession for an additional gift card) in ~ a gift card exchange close to you for prompt payment.

You can select to offer it on height gift map websites, choose the finest offer and also pocket the cash (upto 92% that the value) within days.

Or you can straight trade it in because that a an option between a dozen famed retail gift cards to obtain a much higher payout.

The website provides three techniques of payment i m sorry include; check, PayPal and ACH.


Gameflip is another website the accepts amazon gift cards for cash.

Some the the renowned gift card brand noted here include heavy steam cards, PSN, Xbox Live, Amazon, iTunes, and also Google beat cards to name a few.

Sellers have the alternative of listing their unwanted gift cards on your website straight or top top their free mobile app.

Once a buyer receives her gift card code, redeems and completes the transaction by rating, the money is instantly attributed to your Gameflip wallet.

You can choose to retract it anytime using your bank account, PayPal or Bitcoin.


Unfortunately, this website has actually stopped agree gift cards from individual sellers feather to sell online.

But you can still offer Amazon gift cards using any of the 400 offline stores in your network throughout the US and Canada.

All you need to do is take her gift card and a valid ID to the save closest to you whereby it will certainly be verified, and you will get paid in cash.


This online an additional gift card marketplace provides a safe, trusted and also reliable virtual platform come buy, sell and exchange gift cards because that money.

To market your card, you must share the gift card info with them online. They, in turn, will certainly get ago to you with an market which might be as high together 92% that the value of your card.

The following step entails submitting your gift card once you accept their offer. Once the transaction is completed, girlfriend will obtain paid via examine sent by mail or electronically making use of PayPal.


On this website, friend will acquire to decide the price you want for her unused Amazon gift card.

The website will get earlier to you in ~ 24 hours if the price is acceptable. If no you will get a respond to offer indigenous them which you have the right to accept or revolve down.

If the deal is finalized, girlfriend simply need to upload your credit card details and also valid ID within 24 hours.

Next enter your gift card details electronically, or alternatively, you deserve to ship the to their Chicago location.

Once received, the card will be verified and your payment will certainly be processed and sent to you via ACH.


This website buys undesirable gift cards for less than their actual value and also then sell them at a discount to hundreds of savvy shoppers staying across the country.

It’s a good way to eliminate your unused gift cards and make some hard cash (upto 92% the the value) in the process.

You will get paid via ACH deposit, a examine in the letter or via PayPal.

Alternately you deserve to even choose to trade in her gift map for a brand new gift map from the easily accessible brands.


This online marketplace insurance claims to sell unused gift cards in 37 minute flat and also adds they have sold more than 700 various brands this year alone.

A seller spring to offer his Amazon gift card here needs to very first list his card on the website.

Even if yours walk not happen to market in the promised 37 minutes, the website does vouch for the fact that a bulk of gift cards posted for sale to market within a couple of hours the listing.

You also get to choose from multiple for sure payment alternatives which include PayPal or straight credit come your financial institution account. Alternately you also have an opportunity to exchange it for a various value of comparable value.


This website allows you exchange amazon gift map to cash and also offers some an excellent deals. To offer Amazon gift cards, you will need to first enter her gift map details online to acquire the price approximates for her card.

Next, you acquire to pick the price you want to sell your card for native the alternatives provided. The average Gift Cardio user sells your gift map for approx.94.3% the its value – which means if girlfriend a $100 gift card you might sell it for $94.3.

Payment options include PayPal or a document check mailed to you.


This website announces itself as – the world’s biggest Amazon gift map exchange site. And it’s pretty straightforward to usage too.

Just enter your compelled Amazon gift card details to receive a cash market in exchange for your card(s).

If acceptable, girlfriend will need to share some an ext details like your insurance claim code, card balance, PayPal account details and your email id – which will then be verified.

That’s it. As soon as the map balance and also your various other details have been verified, girlfriend will get the money straight into your PayPal account.


This website transaction in discounted gift cards from over 1,300 popular brands.

If you’re looking at obtaining rid of her Amazon gift map on this website – you have actually two alternatives to pick from.

You can either select to offer it for cash and also get approximately 92% the its map value. Or trade it because that a gift card of your an option to acquire an even greater value.

Payment alternatives include a file check mailed straight to you, one ACH deposit or a direct credit right into your PayPal account in ~ a 24-48 hour window.


This virtual marketplace because that buying and also selling gift cards is a popular an option among sellers looking to offload their unused gift cards across Canada and the US.

The procedure is also fairly simple. You will need to share your Amazon gift card information with the website which subsequently will perform on your website for buyers who may be interested in purchase it.

You stand to make upto 92% of the value of her gift card by a document check or PayPal credit, as soon as the card gets sold.


On this website, the an initial thing you have to do is click on the market tab to discover out what MGC will pay for her Amazon gift card. Next, if you room ok through the price offered, get in the current value of her card, the original balance and also then click on the market button.

If it’s a physical card, you will have to ship it come them at your own cost. As soon as received and verified girlfriend should get your cash in ~ 3-5 business days vide check/PayPal/Dwolla.

Some Other means to sell Amazon Gift Cards

I have found out some much more ways to offer your Amazon gift card.

15. Shot a CoinStar Kiosk

You probably have actually seen these equipments in sundry stores which revolve your loose change into bills. Well, the machines have due to the fact that been taken over by Cardpool – one of the leading players in the company of buying and also selling gift cards.

All you must do is take your Amazon gift map to the nearest Cardpool kiosk and also enter the card and ID information.

You will certainly then watch an market (upto 85% that the card value) for your gift map on display. If you accept the offer, you will need to enter the card right into the slot noted and collection the cash; alternately you can just release the transaction and walk away.

16. Reddit

This website likewise has a barter subject (a subreddit) which enables you to profession items favor Amazon gift cards in exchange for free tangible item or a business that you might require.

All you must do is list her Amazon gift card on your site and also wait because that a perfect barter offer to come up.

But before you acquire all excited in ~ this novel ide to make certain you check out all the applicable rules provided in the sidebar, before going ahead v registering your gift card.

17. Craigslist

You deserve to easily uncover a the person who lives for her unused Amazon gift map by merely listing it on Craigslist. As soon as you uncover a potential buyer, you could need to verify the balance in her card in his/her presence.

The advantage here is the the buyer may well be someone from your own neighbourhood, to add you will be payment in hard cash (sans any of transaction fee deducted on various other online websites).

A small word of caution right here though, if the the person who lives is not well-known to friend make certain you fulfill him/her in a publicly place and also take the payment in cash only.

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18. EBay

Like Craigslist, girlfriend could try this well-known online platform to sell Amazon gift cards. Currently a couple of points to remember before you walk ahead with the listing.

There might be listing (and offering fees) connected so decision on a price after taking both right into consideration.

And if the buyer happens to stay in some various other city/state, there might be shipping fees involved as well – suspect of course that you have actually a physics gift card. Therefore that demands to be considered as well.

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19. Facebook

If you’re currently on Facebook, you space probably mindful of the numerous Buy and also Sell groups on this well-known social platform.

Listing her Amazon gift map for revenue on one or more of this groups can be a good way to find a buyer. But do remember to take the important precautions come guard against potential scammers.

The 2nd option friend could try out is to placed out a single post – saying you desire to sell Amazon gift cards for X lot – and share amongst family and friends. That might work simply as well.


Letgo is among the most far-ranging apps come buy and sell lots of stuff locally. And also it’s cost-free too.

It’s frequented by buyers (and sellers) who space usually native the same neighbourhood.

So if you looking at offering your Amazon gift card v the minimum fuss – you must download the app and list that here. The course, the normal precautions apply here as well – if the buyer is not well-known to you.

21. Exchange it for Cryptocurrency

Did you know you can also exchange her unused Amazon gift map for cryptocurrency ~ above Purse?

It’s a website the exchanges just Amazon gift cards – because that Bitcoin. On it you find buyers feather to purchase stuff from Amazon. Your project is to buy that stuff from them – utilizing your gift card.

In return, the human opens one escrow account and also deposits the cash – therefore you obtain paid once the transaction is completed. As soon as done, the person receives his Amazon goodies if you understand his Bitcoin – cool isn’t it?

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22. Check earlier With Amazon

Now, this can seem a small unconventional come some, but what the hell it’s worth a shot. Have actually you considered the possibility of offering the card ago to Amazon?

It’s feasible they might be interested in repurchasing that from you, and all you must do is – asking them. Worst case scenario, they might turn girlfriend down, for this reason what?

But if they execute say – yes, over there is a good chance that you may get the complete monetary value back for your gift card.

23. Usage It, market the Items for Profit

Now due to the fact that we are talking around unconventional ways below is another method you can try.

It requires using the gift card to to buy cool ingredient from Amazon and also then selling it online – because that a tidy profit.

The most far-ranging advantage of utilizing this an approach is that you don’t need to sell her gift map for a discount and you finish up making a nice profit instead. To add if you happen to it is in an Amazon element member, you stand to knife cash rewards too.

How does that sound come you? Good? Then walk for it.

24. Gift that to your Friends & Family.

Got a friend’s birthday coming up? Or probably your parent’s marital relationship anniversary? Both scenarios involve friend buying terrific (and expensive) existing right?

Instead, girlfriend could take into consideration gifting castle the Amazon gift map – and also save yourself both time, effort and money in the bargain.

As the saying goes – A dollar saved is a disagreement earned – and in this case, friend will finish up conserving much much more than a dollar, and nobody needs to know. Smart, eh?

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25. Buy stuff You really Need

Ok now here’s another cool idea and this is exactly how it works. Together you probably know already, Amazon sells thousands of commodities online throughout hundreds of various categories. This likewise includes numerous of the everyday essentials the you have to buy anyway choose soap, groceries, accessories, garments etc.

So you usage your gift map to purchase the stuff you need – for totally free and in return, you gift yourself the cash from your financial institution account – i beg your pardon you would certainly have commonly used to pay for the ingredient – to do as girlfriend please.

This way your gift card is placed to great use and also you likewise get her hands top top some excess cash to spend (or save) – as you deem fit.

In Conclusion

With end 562,382,292 different products provided (as on january 10th, 2019), it comes as no surprised why Amazon proceeds to be among the top selections for virtual shopping.

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Having claimed you should face absolutely no problem in recognize a the person who lives for her unused Amazon gift cards – either virtual or offline – using any type of of the straightforward ways said in this article. An excellent luck.