If you room not do trades in Madden 21 Franchise mode, you space hurting your teams potential. There space over 2,000 football player in Madden 21, it would certainly be naive to think the you have actually the best 53 easily accessible on her roster. When making trades there are a couple of criteria come look for the will assist shape your outlook on targeting players. Ns have created a criteria to look for and a perform of the ideal players to trade for in Madden 21.

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Best players to trade For in Madden 21

Mitchell Schwartz – 96 – Kansas City ChiefsQuenton Nelson – 94 – Indianapolis ColtsJason Kelce – 94 – Philadelphia EaglesNick Chubb – 92 – Cleveland BrownsBrian Burns – 79 – Carolina PanthersDevin White – 78 – Tampa bay BuccaneersMontez Sweat – 76 – Washington football TeamNoah Fant – 74 – Denver BroncosJalen Reagor – 73 – Philadelphia EaglesBlake Cashman – 70 – brand-new York JetsK.J. Hamler – 70 – Denver BroncosAlbert Okwuegbunam – 66 – Denver Broncos

Immediate affect Players

This category is clear the most ideal, however not have to the best option, specifically long term. That said, you room going to desire to make an affect trade or two the second you gain your hands on your new team. This category is booked for players that have actually a high overall and also will be an prompt upgrade on her team. These players will certainly be placed at the peak of her depth chart have actually the potential to placed your team over the edge. The will on the industry for two main reasons.

The most usual is age, over there are great players v one to three years the elite production left that teams will ar a low value on. The other reason is the the team undervalues the position of the player, prefer a running back for example.

RT – Mitchell Schwartz – 96 – Kansas City Chiefs

There are just 15 players v a higher rating than Mitchell Schwartz. The said, he has been rather easy to trade for in the last few Madden games. Schwartz is there is no a doubt one of the finest players to trade for in Madden 21. The is the greatest rated ideal tackle in the game, an interpretation he would be an upgrade on literally any type of team he might be traded to. Schwartz is an absolute anchor ~ above the edge and also can provide your team a couple of years of elite play.

Example Trade: Alex Anzalone (73 all at once MLB), 5th Round Pick, 7th Round pick for Mitchell Schwartz

LG – Quenton Nelson – 94 – Indianapolis Colts

Quenton Nelson is one of the finest offensive football player in football and he is only 24-years-old. Trading for Nelson is far too easy, as he would boost every team in the league. Including Nelson onto your roster is a slam dunk decision. Factoring in his age and skill set, Nelson can be the finest player to trade for in Madden 21.

Example Trade: D.J. Swearinger (73 in its entirety SS), and Jameis Winston for Quenton Nelson and also a 6th Round Pick

C – Jason Kelce – 94 – Philadelphia Eagles

By this suggest you have actually most most likely noticed a trend. Offensive lineman are much too easy to profession for. Kelce is the ideal center in football and also he have the right to be traded for a listed below league mean veteran. If you need to enhance your pass or run blocking game, adding Kelce would be a large time move. This is one more easy profession if you have the cap room.

Example Trade: Kiko Alonso (72 overall LOLB) for Jason Kelce

RB – Nick Chubb – 92 – Cleveland Browns

Nick Chubb is admittedly more tough to trade for than many of the players on this list. However, he is a yes, really young running earlier that is already a 92 overall. Chubb is a game changer on offense that will be precious the investment. This addition would be especially beneficial if girlfriend also include one that superstar lineman ~ above this list.

Sheldon Rankins (82 as whole DT), David Onyemata (78 all at once DT) and a 3rd Round Pick

Future Superstars

The ideal players to profession for in Madden 21 space the players that will be staples of her dynasty. The best means to discover those players is through young, developmental talent. In ~ the begin of every franchise, you must be feather to acquire some young pieces v the on purpose of emerging them right into perennial pro Bowlers. Girlfriend will have to construct these football player from the floor up together they blossom right into the next group of upstream players.

Finding this future superstars is no as difficult as it sounds. By the moment you room done trading friend should have a group of 3 to 5 young players that could come to be your core in the close to future. The ideal players to target space the players v elite athletic file that deserve to hone the rest of their skills through development. I have a large list of young football player that deserve to be emerged into superstars in just a pair of seasons. It will be important to offer these players a heavy workload in stimulate to victory awards, i m sorry directly result in development.

My number one recommendation is to find a quick receiver to give a bunch of targets to in the slot, and also super fast linebacker come send ~ above blitzes and also to rack increase tackles. Those two positions have the right to be developed quickly and are also huge components the a roster. Right here are a perform of players the fit the “future superstar” criteria and also can it is in traded for quickly in Madden 21.

The younger a player is the faster he will certainly develop. The is something to keep in mind as soon as deciding which players to target. One big bonus because that rookies is the they space eligible for Rookie of the Year, and also everything a non-rookie is eligible for. One extra compensation will do wonders for a football player development.

RE – Brian Burns – 79 – Carolina Panthers

Brian Burns is a perfect instance of a player that is primed come breakout in year two. Burns has 88 speed and 91 acceleration coming off the edge. That form of speed is video game breaking. He will certainly excel together a common edge rusher in a 4-3 or as an external linebacker in a 3-4. If used correctly, Burns can be a organization leader in sacks and also tackles because that loss.

MLB – Devin White – 78 – Tampa only Buccaneers

Devin White is the perfect prototype because that a middle linebacker. He will certainly excel in the run game and also has 71 region coverage. His greatest asset is his 92 speed and also 91 acceleration. Speed kills in Madden and also White will be a dominant franchise player in Madden 21. Devin White is there is no a doubt among the best players to profession for in Madden 21.

RE – Montez Sweat – 76 – Washington football Team

Sweat is an additional player with elite rate on defense. Through 91 speed and 93 acceleration, Sweat will certainly explode off the heat of scrimmage. Brian Burns is the more complete player in ~ the moment, but Sweat is a near second. Pairing the 2 would produce the fastest sheet rushing duo in the game. I recommend adding Sweat for fairly cheap and also banking top top his potential.

TE – young name Fant – 74 – Denver Broncos

The Broncos plainly value athleticism in ~ tight finish with Fant and also Okwuegbunam. Both players are almost identical athletically. Fant is 6’4″, 249 lbs through 89 speed and 91 acceleration. He has an upstream athletic profile and a quality baseline of skills. V the enough targets Fant will come to be an elite option at tight end. His speed and size will certainly be a nightmare for opposing defenses. He is a mismatch against almost any kind of prototype which will make it basic to target the second year chop end.

WR – Jalen Reagor – 73 – Philadelphia Eagles

Jalen Reagor is one of the more refined rookies in the rookie draft class. Prefer K.J. Hamler, Reagor is known for his explosive playmaking ability. That is just a tad slower than Hamler yet just together shift. Jalen has 93 speed, 92 acceleration, 94 agility, and also 91 readjust of direction. His catching and route running ratings are really impressive for a rookie. Reagor is rated extremely in all the essential categories through rookie standards. The is an excellent enough to start week one and will have a massive second year bang if given the workload together a rookie.

MLB – Blake Cashman – 70 – brand-new York Jets

Patrick Queen must be your optimal trade target at center linebacker. His advance trait will be higher and his ability to reach superstardom is greater. The said, Cashman will be much less complicated to trade for, and also has equal athleticism. They both have 89 speed and also 90 acceleration, i m sorry is turn off the charts for a linebacker. Cashman is only two ratings lower than Queen, at 70 overall. The greatest seperator in between the two is the breakthrough trait and also the reality that Cashman is no eligible for Rookie of the Year.

Cashman in a vacuum is quiet a phenomenal trade target, v elite athleticism to rack up stats ideal away. I was may be to acquire Cashman every the way up to 99 overall in just two periods with part user skill. Make certain to send Cashman top top blitzes regularly so the is constantly in the backfield. The sacks and also tackles for loss will add up over the course of a season. He is also one the the better players in the league to spy mobile quarterbacks choose Lamar Jackson or Kyler Murray. I will likely have Cashman on every one of my franchise teams in Madden 21 considering his insane upside and lack of profession value.

WR – K.J. Hamler – 70 – Denver Broncos

This short article is do me realize how very I think in the Broncos young skill players in Madden 21. Hamler is an legacy in franchise mode since he is among the shiftiest players in the league, together a rookie. He has actually 94 speed, 95 acceleration, 93 agility, and also a 90 change of direction rating. Hamler is the perfect example of who who deserve to take a slant to the house. V a 65 relax rating I would certainly advise maintaining Hamler in the slot, i beg your pardon is his finest fit anyway. Hamler is straightforward to trade for and will it is in explosive immediately. He will much outplay his all at once as a rookie, and also develop incredibly fast with continuous targets. K.J. Hamler is absolutely one the the best players to trade for in Madden 21.

TE – Albert Okwuegbunam – 66 – Denver Broncos

I fully understand why marketing a 66 as whole will be a challenging sell, but hear me out. Okwuegbunam is a 6’5″, 255 lb tight end with 88 speed and also 91 acceleration. He has actually an 80 capture in website traffic rating, but will need advancement to end up being a star. His speed will develop separation end middle, but his 64 relax rating and abysmal path running ratings will need to be upgraded. These ratings will rise at an increased rate due to the fact that they are so low to begin with.

If friend can get Okwuegbunam 50+ yards a game and some red zone targets, that should relocate up the tight end ranks quickly. The much more targets he it s okay the much better he will certainly become. Tight ends space historically basic to target in Madden, and Okwuegbunam looks prefer he was built in a laboratory to end up being the next great NFL chop end. He have to be simple to acquire because of his overall and also having boy name Fant ahead of the on the depth chart. Despite he is a 66 overall, Albert Okwuegbunam is among the finest players to trade for in Madden 21.

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