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Primary Benefit: large Selection

Range: UnlimitedUp to 92% Return RateCompares Payout quantities From assorted Gift card ExchangesPayment approve Via straight Deposit, PayPal, or Check

Visit Gift map Granny

The cool thing around Gift map Granny is that the site mirrors you multiple offers from various gift map marketplaces — and it has an incredible selection if you looking come buy gift cards at a discount.

You can select to either accept an market or list her card for the preferred price. Require money today? The site also lets you find for gift map exchanges near you so you deserve to sell physics cards and get payment instantly.

Sample Payouts because that $100 Gift Cards

iTunes Gift card = $75.58Walmart Gift card = $90Best purchase Gift card = $88.50Target Gift card = $86

2. Cardpool


Primary Benefit: High Payouts

Range: $25 to $1,000Up to 92% Return RatePayment authorize Via CheckOffers Amazon Gift Cards

Visit Cardpool

At Cardpool, you have the right to choose between selling your card for cold, tough cash — or you can earn 6% an ext if you exchange it because that an Amazon store credit instead. You can additionally get a bit much more money if girlfriend list your gift card in the Cardpool the person who lives marketplace.

For part gift cards, this boosts the payout by 30 cents. Because that others, it boosts it by $5 or more. Cardpool has some the the highest possible payouts among online gift map exchanges, and it boasts an superior A+ rating indigenous the better Business Bureau.

Sample Payouts because that $100 Gift Cards

iTunes Gift card = $79 (or $84 Amazon Gift Card)Walmart Gift card = $89 (or $94.34 Amazon Gift Card)Best to buy Gift card = $88.50 (or $93.81 Amazon Gift Card)Target Gift map = $81 (or $85.86 Amazon Gift Card)

3. Raise


Primary Benefit: Easy-to-Use Site

Range: $5 to $2,000Up come 85% Return RateYou set the marketing PricePayment authorize Via direct Deposit, PayPal, or Check

Visit Raise

With more than 2 million buyers and sellers and also a substantial assortment of welcomed brands, the Raise marketplace is a particularly an excellent site to list gift cards and e-gifts from lesser-known stores. You deserve to sell them for cash in ~ your wanted price, and also you’ll get your money as quickly as the gift card sells.

Raise also offers client a one-year money-back guarantee on gift map purchases, i beg your pardon is great for mindful shoppers. Save in mind that Raise just accepts details cards (like iTunes) from pick stores, and also trades aren’t an option. The website deducts a 15% listing fee once the exchange has been completed, for this reason the reduced return rate.

Sample Payouts because that $100 Gift Cards

Walmart Gift card = $84.34Best buy Gift map = $83.82Target Gift card = $83.83

4. CardCash


Primary Benefit: Trades knife Up to 13.5% More

Range: $1 and also upUp to 92% Return RatePayment approve Via straight Deposit, PayPal, or CheckOffers Amazon Gift Cards

Visit CardCash

Much prefer Cardpool, CardCash lets friend choose in between an instant pay the end or a gift map trade-in worth up to 13.5% more. Unlike Cardpool, however, she not minimal to Amazon gift cards alone.

Other map trade-in retailers incorporate AMC Theatres, Bass pro Shops, Bed bathtub & Beyond, CVS, eBay, Fanatics, GameStop,, and Overstock. CardCash additionally has few of the fastest pay outs around (generally within one come two service days).

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Sample Payouts because that $100 Gift Cards

iTunes Gift card = $66 (or a Gift Card profession worth up to $74.91)Walmart Gift map = $89 (or a Gift Card trade worth approximately $101.02)Best to buy Gift map = $87 (or a Gift Card profession worth up to $98)Target Gift card = $82.15 (or a Gift Card profession worth up to $93)

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