The St. Luigi native plainly didn’t require to readjust a thing around her strategy to the race, due to the fact that she and also teammate Amy DeJong winner it all, sharing critical season’s $1 million prize.

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With Season 26 beginning tonight (Wednesday, Feb. 25), Warren, a 2003 graduate the Rosati-Kain High college who is completing her doctorate in food science at the college of Wisconsin-Madison, agreed to share some tips (and inspiration) for would-be racers.

“If you’ve constantly wanted to apply, just go because that it. Send in the video. And also be yourself. They want world who are genuine.”

“Find the appropriate teammate. analyze what every of you can lug to the equation. Try to race with someone who is an excellent at points you could not be so an excellent at.”

“Study the race. watch as plenty of old episodes as you can and analyze them. Number out just how you’d tackle the challenges.”

And practice. “Make sure you have all the an abilities you could need, prefer driving a rod shift. Practice driving v maps and without maps.”

“Training is really critical, mental and also physical. ... But don’t train too lot too fast and hurt yourself.” Over-training led DeJong to run the gyeongju with stress fractures in her pelvis.

Pack light. “My backpack weighed 25 pounds. If i did that again, I’d try to keep it around 10 pounds” (including flatiron). Teams are assigned a color and encouraged to load outfits in the color, return Warren and DeJong swapped out their assigned maroon (“Really, who can discover maroon clothes?”) for raspberry pink.

“Don’t display the competition your weakness. That renders you it seems ~ vulnerable.” because that Warren and DeJong, that had playing under DeJong’s injury, which brought about her come limp.

Don’t present your strength, either. “We no mind civilization underestimating us. We never ever talked about being Ph.D. Students, and the display just identified us together food scientists who do ice cream and also candy.”

Have a arrangement in advance for challenges. “We had decided that if it was a physical challenge, I’d perform it. Ns small, yet I’ve been athletic all my life and run marathons.”

“Be diligent around getting directions. As quickly as we gained a clue, us tried to discover someone v a smartphone to gain turn-by-turn directions. On the show, you might see me reading off the directions and also Amy creating them down.”

Don’t think you’ll constantly get assist because she on “The remarkable Race.” “A lot of people, including taxi motorists in brand-new York, had no idea what we were doing. We were always supposed simply to say us were filming one American take trip show. In nations where they’ve filmed a lot, though, anyone figured the out.”

“Write things down. we took notebooks and wrote everything down.” The finale frequently calls for remembering details about earlier foot of the race. “We additionally took clickers in situation we must count things; us took a measure up tape and a calculator, and our watches had a stopwatch function in situation we needed any type of of that.”

“Enjoy the journey. ‘The remarkable Race’ is around so much more than money. It’s around experiences you can not have any type of other way, so don’t forget to have actually fun.”

With she $500,000 share of the prize safely invested, Warren will finish her doctoral routine in August, and plans to move home to St. Louis.

“I’m functioning on placing together a TV show around frozen desserts about the world,” she says. “I think of the as component ‘Good Eats’ and part ‘Diners, Drive-ins and also Dives.’ It would be around the science of ice cream cream as well as the societies where that eaten.”

Warren would likewise like to work as a consultant to ice cream companies and someday have an ice cream shop of she own.

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“I’d additionally like to speak to kids about going for their dreams,” she says. “It would certainly be great to accumulate them by sharing my story.”

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TV critic Gail Pennington chats with Maya Warren, whose "Sweet Scientists" team won Season 25 the CBS" "The impressive Race."