Siri ~ above HomePod and also HomePod mini have the right to recognize multiple voices, so currently everyone in your home deserve to enjoy music tailored to your taste profile, accessibility their very own playlists, use an individual Requests, and also more.

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Open the home appand follow theonscreen procedures to let HomePod acknowledge your voiceon every HomePod speak in the home.


To letSiri acknowledge who in the household is speaking and also manage their calendar, make phone calls, play their very own music, and also more, revolve on the adhering to settings:

Go to settings > Siri & Search. Turn on hear for "Hey Siri."Go to settings > >Find my > and also turn on Share mine Location. Then set My place to This Device.Open the house app, madness Home, then pick Home Settings. Tap her user profileunder People, and also turn on:Recognize mine Voice: allows Siri to understand your name, access your music library and Music account, use discover My, and also control secure HomeKit equipment from HomePod.Update hearne History: UnderMedia, select your music service, then turn on update Listening background to add the music friend play to her Music taste profile so Siri can suggest and play songs the you"ll love.

Siri features could vary by country or region.

Siri can ask you who you room from time come time. You have the right to respond v your name, or you have the right to even begin a inquiry by saying, "Hey Siri, this is " or "Hey Siri, who am I?"If Siri calls girlfriend the dorn name, say, "No, this is ." If you have actually the very same name together someone rather sharing her HomePod,have Siri contact you through a nickname.

If Siri doesn"t identify you after ~ setup, shot these steps. After every step, check out if Siri establish you.

Reset recognize My Voice:In the residence app, tap home , climate tap house Settings.Tap her name under People, climate turn recognize My Voice off then on.Wait a couple of minutes before trying Siri again.Set increase "Hey Siri" again: On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go to settings > Siri & Search, then rotate Listen for "Hey Siri" turn off then on, and follow onscreen instructions come teach Siri her voice.

If you have two to apologize IDs in your residence that have "Hey Siri" set up through the exact same voice, you could need to rotate off recognize my Voice top top one account.

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HomePod lasignoralaura.coms up to six users in a home. If girlfriend have more than six family users or guest in your home, they deserve to still use Siri top top HomePod come play music. The music will certainly play from the main user"s account and that person"s taste file won"t it is in affected.