Source meetings at Panera. Dead drops anywhere DC. Exactly how to construct a sheathe identity. Previous spy Amaryllis Fox tells all in this excerpt from her book, Life Undercover.

Fox traveling with her infant daughter, who was born abroad, before Fox left the CIA.

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The guy looks miffed but tags them with my firm ID number and pads off to discover some clay to make a mold of my face. I’m pretty sure he pipeline me caked in the stuff a beat longer than he has actually to, lie on my earlier and breathing through a straw. “Don’t piss turn off Guillaume,” ns remember my boss telling me when I spotted a crooked latex sleep hanging native his cabinet. Now I recognize what that meant.

Reality gets an ext and more distant, obscured by the ever-thicker veil the my new cover. I take my an initial trip under that protection and also then mine second. At the beginning, i run v the details obsessively during each flight, prepare for feasible grilling at personalizeds when i land. However soon I concerned slip in and out of it much more easily, just like a softening pair the shoes. The real world feels farther and also farther away.

I walk to brunch with my family at a coffee shop on the grape max River and also tell them ns going to shot my hand at dealing in indigenous art. They don’t take lot convincing. They had actually never construed why I’d want to job-related for a multinational anyway. Seeking out cultural expression in remote lands is a much much better match v their expectation of me.

“Now, that’s the rebel i know and love,” mine sister chimes in. Ns relieved once they buy it. If lock do, perhaps al-Qaeda will, too.

“Just don’t get thrown right into prison,” my mom jokes.

“Not lot chance of that,” ns laugh. Of every the lies ns tell them, that one is the biggest.

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