8mm & super 8 Film

converted come long-lasting DVD’s or convenient thumb drives.

lasignoralaura.com is the nation"s largest agency specializing in super 8 and also 8mm film transfers to DVD and also digital, which were widely provided to capture memories indigenous the 1930s v the 1980s. We have the right to preserve the distinct moments from your movie film by converting her 8mm and also Super 8 to a digital style on DVD, and also as digital documents on a USB hard drive. We invite friend to browse our site and see exactly how lasignoralaura.com can serve you!

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Simple Process


Convert her 8mm and Super 8 movies to long-lasting DVD"s or digital files!

It’s as basic as:

Complete and print bespeak form.Sort and label your movies.Package and also ship your film.We procedure and delivery in about 7-14 service days. (please keep in mind turnaround times may be extended because of Covid-19)Enjoy your DVD"s or digital files!How it works Order

Quality - We use the 8mm movie transfer technique giving the most ACCURATE replication the motion, color and also clarity.Experience - since 2002, we have transferred over 79 MILLION feet that 8mm and Super 8 film.Price - our pricing is amongst the lowest in the industry and also you pay for just what you in reality have, unequal those "fill a box" companies.Speed - 7-14 business DAYS from the moment we receive your order until we ship it out. (please keep in mind turnaround times might be extended because of Covid-19)Backup - us archive all orders and access these papers only at the inquiry of the customer for added copies in the future.BBB Accredited - We are rated A+ and have to be awarded 11 gold Star Awards.


"Hello, I acquired my DVDs back and wanted to call you just how pleased ns am with them. These films are virtually 50 year old and were never ever stored correctly as castle should have actually been. Ns cannot believe how good they quiet looked. This movie is clip of the very first time the national Park business decided come patrol the Colorado flow at the bottom of cool Canyon. I had actually recently been call by the cool Canyon historic Association for information about my being component of that boat crew. When I said them that I had actually these movies they became an extremely excited. I told them i would have actually them transferred and bring them to my very first interview with them. I believe they will be happy v them. I’ve got a the majority of old household films the I’d like to have transferred. Simply to let you know, okay be sending them come you because that transfer. I’m a very satisfied customer. Thanks for the an excellent work."

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Have videotapes and not movie reels? No problem!

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How lot does the cost?

We market prices which are simple to understand, all-inclusive, and among the lowest in the industry, beginning at just $9.99 every reel. Making use of patented equipment, we space able to move 8mm come DVD or digital papers with impeccable quality, bring about a an extremely high resolution snapshot which is free of flicker, hotspots, and also halos, and it is evenly lit and focused. Learn much more >

How long does that take?

We have a quick and also efficient come back time of about 7-14 company days from the moment we receive an order until we ship it earlier out. (please note turnaround times might be extended due to Covid-19) lasignoralaura.com represents the best combination of value, quality, and service easily accessible for 8mm come DVD or 8mm come digital document transfers. Learn more >

What if I shed my brand-new DVD or files?

lasignoralaura.com archives all of your 8mm film deliver footage because that a minimum the 6 months at no extra charge, and also this gives an extra class of security in case you lose or break her DVD, or just want extr copies or digital papers later. You’ll have actually extra security and also peace the mind, as you understand your priceless memories will be protected and also preserved as soon as you select lasignoralaura.com for your 8mm movie transfers.