Many people are in search of a means to convert the Hi8, Digital8, and also the Video8 style to DVD format. Every these formats were designed because that a details purpose, yet with the an innovation advancement, the analog style recording has been completely transformed right into digital and also hence they have to be converted to be play on a DVD player. In this article, we are going to discuss the ways exactly how we can transform Video8 to DVD, and Hi8 come DVD format.

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Part 1. Exactly how to convert Hi8 to DVD Directly and Quickly

Converting the above-listed styles into DVD style is no that much of a complicated task if you recognize which software application you have to use. It is DVD Creator the would permit the users to transform the formats easily and also quickly. The software program is the most recommended software program that has actually a support for multiple document formats and data disc. The is the ideal Video8/Digital8/Hi8 to DVD converter as it deserve to burn the papers with couple of simple steps. In addition to the conversion and burning, the software can likewise perform several various other tasks.


Step 3 The documents that are included to the interface will be noted according to their name and also format. Friend can also delete the records if you want to. You can add as countless files as you want till the disc space is left. Room will be displayed at the bottom the the interface.


The process will complete in a while and also you will have actually your documents in digital data disc.

Part 3. Steps to transfer Hi8 come PC/Mac

Transferring the Hi8 to computer without switch can likewise be excellent without the need of any 3rd party software. The home windows OS is different from Mac and hence both have actually ways that differ indigenous each various other in specific aspects. So, in this section, we will certainly tell you exactly how you deserve to transfer Hi8 to PC/Mac.

Method 1: carry Hi8 come PC

Here v PC, we average the windows computer. You nothing require plenty of tools to carry out the procedure only a typical collection of cable that can be used in both Camcorder and also your computer. It is the A/V cable the you will need. So, monitor the steps listed below to carry Hi8 records to windows PC

Step 1 affix the A/V cable to your camcorder. Ensure the you space using the ideal A/V cable the is supported by your Camcorder.

Step 2 Now attach the cable come the computer and also move the strength switch off the camcorder to Playback, VTR, or VCR position. Also, cue the video clip that you want to transfer to the beginning point in the camcorder.

Step 3 now turn your computer system on and start the video capture software in it. Remember to play the video clip on the camcorder as well and also the importing the video clip to the video clip Capture software program will initiate.

Method 2: transport Hi8 come Mac

The Mac has special software for capturing and also editing the camcorder videos. So, you can conveniently transfer the Hi8 files to Mac v the adhering to steps:

Step 1 Ensure the you have inserted the tape right into the camcorder and get come the beginning allude of the video clip that you want to transfer.

Step 2 In the menu of the camcorder, pick settings and also choose the Remote manage option.

Step 3 use the FireWire cable to attach the Camcorder come the Mac and twin click top top the applications folder. The will open up the window where you have to uncover the iMovie program.

Step 4 start iMovie and also a popup window will show up stating the the regime has discovered the camcorder. Tap top top the window and follow up the indict to start playing the Hi8 paper and record in the iMovie program.

Step 5 The iMovie will certainly copy the document and you deserve to save the paper anywhere on your Mac. Friend can likewise rename the document if you desire to. It will certainly be easy if you save the document on the desktop as friend won’t need to locate it.

You deserve to quit the iMovie program once the record is copied. Remove the FireWire cable too and also play the documents whenever you want to.

Part 4. Carry Hi8 come DVD without Camcorder

Sometimes, it wake up that civilization can’t discover a camcorder which can read the Hi8 files. And also it is only Sony who has actually the support to pat the Hi8 layout media files. If you don’t have a player which have the right to play those documents then you room left with the choice of choosing third-party software application to transfer Hi8 videos to the computer.

You deserve to also shot to discover your old camcorder on the online platforms, but if girlfriend have currently tried them then you have two last options. One of two people requests some business that can transform the style or look for digital converters. There are numerous third-party services that would permit you to transform the files.

Part 5. Difference amongst Hi8, Digital8, and Video8

The 8mm video clip format is the one i beg your pardon is described as Video8 format. The Hi8 and Digital8 is the improved follower of the Video8 format. The video was enhanced as Hi8 and also Hi8 to Digital. The style originally consisted of the analog recording however soon after the digital recording was also added to the style for advancement. Here in this section, girlfriend will acquire to understand what Hi8, Video8, and also Digital8 format are in brief.

1) Video8

Video8 is the original one which to be designed to conquer the market and stand the end from VHS and also Betamax formats. It was Sony who an initial used this layout for recording. At that time nobody would have thought that it is possible to move the records in Video8 to DVD, but now it deserve to be done hassle free.

The Video8 style tapes supplied the Audio frequency device (AFM) technology for recording which brought about a better quality recording. The audio was likewise linear so that the tape deserve to be rerecorded without changing the Video. The was because of its dimension compaction, Video8 became an extremely popular among the users. But in addition to advantages, the Video8 also had a major drawback. The tapes made v the Video8 camcorders can not be played on VHS hardware and also even the transporting of papers led come the degradation of the quality. Thus, there to be room left for improvement of the format.

The Video8 style was entirely analog and hence through time it required an development and that’s once the Hi8 style was released.

2) Hi8

When the Video8 style was the world’s most popular format for recording, the Super-VHS format was introduced. And also to against the layout Video8 likewise improved to Hi8 v many added features. The Hi8 format improved the bandwidth recording of the signal with enhanced recording electronic and also media formulation. The Hi8 style was the far much more superior advancement of the Video8 as it available other benefits too. The Hi8 style supported an equipment can play and record the videos and also audio in the Video8 format but the opposite is no possible.

It was also the border of super VHS that permitted the Hi8 style to include up digital audio in that feature. It has actually a special booked track for storing the digital audio likewise called PCM.

Ultimately, another advancement was being done in the Hi8 style as Digital8. Yet the layout is tho in use and also people still search for a an approach to transform Hi8 to DVD but that is a different case.

3) Digital8

The Digital8 is a conventional DV codec native that have the right to be taped on a Hi8 media. It was presented one year after ~ the Hi8 as the digital style was added to the Hi8 features. The Digital8 media runs an extremely fast as compared to the Hi8 or the Video8 formats. Return the Digital8 style can play and record in the Hi8 style it will likewise need to operation at twin speed of the Hi8 media.

The Digital8 is nowadays the most renowned camcorder format which have the right to record audio/ video altogether. Hence world are currently interested in learning how they can transform files indigenous digital8 come DVD format.

By analysis the over description girlfriend must have acknowledged the all the styles are quite comparable in part ways. However there are much more differences 보다 similarities.

The Video8 layout can it is in stored into direct sunlight, dry area, and also still critical for as much as 15 years. It to be the resolution i m sorry is the greatest difference among the Video8, Hi8, and also Digital8 format. The Digital8 format is the one which has the remarkable quality layout with digital media support. The is additionally the audio quality in which every the three layouts differ due to the fact that of the time gap they have between their releases.

But now, every the styles have undergone particular enhancements to do them far better from your previous versions.

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Now you know a many of techniques of moving Hi8 to DVD in ~ home and also use castle on her computers. If the above-mentioned approaches fail to move the files from camcorder to computer system then friend can constantly burn those records to the DVD using the DVD Creator. Whatsoever, you also have to remember that no all the devices have support for the just analog Video8 format, so girlfriend will have actually to convert it right into Hi8 or Digital8.