Whenever we relocate from one Android device to another, we mostly emphasis on transporting our photos, videos, contacts, and other data files. As well often, we forget to transport messages indigenous Android to Android, which might backfire in the long run.

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From an individual chats to crucial information, our SMS messages might contain critical details in ~ times. Therefore, as soon as you move from old Android to new Android, make certain that you also migrate your messages. In this guide, you will discover 5 various ways to deliver SMS native Android to Android.

Part 1: how to transfer SMS from Android to Android in 1 click

Part 2: just how to selectively transfer SMS indigenous Android to Android

Part 3: just how to transport SMS from Android come Android making use of Android SMS carry

Part 4: just how to move messages from Android to Android making use of Bluetooth

Part 5: how to move messages indigenous Android to Android utilizing SMS back-up & regain

Part 1: just how to carry SMS indigenous Android come Android in 1 click

If friend are in search of a hassle-free and quick equipment to transfer text messages indigenous Android to Android, give lasignoralaura.com - Phone transfer a try. Through this tool, girlfriend can directly move every the crucial data prefer SMS native one Android come another. Compatible through all the significant Android and also iOS devices, it enables you come transfer message messages not only between Android and Android but also between Android and iOS.

lasignoralaura.com - Phone transport

Transfer messages from Android come Android in 1 Click

Easily transport every type of data from Android to Android, including messages, music, videos, photos, contacts, contact logs, etc.Transfer messages between two devices even of various operating systems (iOS 14 and Android 10 included).Work perfectly v Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Google, HUAWEI, Motorola, ZTE, and an ext smartphones and also tablets.Fully compatible with major providers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and also T-Mobile.The Latest home windows 10 and also Mac 10.15 supported.
4,085,556 human being have download it

To learn how to transfer message messages from Android to Android in one click, follow these simple steps.

Launch lasignoralaura.com on your computer and select the “Phone Transfer” module native its welcome screen.


Connect both the Android tools to the computer. In no time, the application will certainly detect lock automatically and also display 2 Android call icons.Check which Android will transport the SMS messages and which Android will receive them. If you want to adjust their positions, click on the “Flip” button.


Now, simply choose the kind of data you great to transfer. To transfer SMS from Android come Android, choose the “Text messages” option from the list.After making the ideal selections, click the “Start” button. This will certainly initiate the move of her messages and also other data native the source to the destination Android.


Sit earlier and wait because that a while for SMS transport to complete. Once it is done, you will be notified with a prompt. Climate you have the right to remove both Android tools safely.

In this way, you deserve to transfer message from Android to Android through a solitary click. The procedure is not only easy but also extremely time-saving.

If you"re worn down of analysis text guide, you deserve to learn the video clip tutorial below:

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Part 2: just how to selectively transfer SMS indigenous Android to Android

Sometimes you may not desire to transfer all Android messages in one click but would choose to pick only vital texts to transfer to a new Android phone. Because that this requirement, one-click for all SMS transfer may fail to fulfill your expectations.

What to do?

In this situation, you"d better opt because that Dr.Fone - phone call Manager (Android), i m sorry is emerged to match Android SMS carry by meeting selective-transfer needs.

Dr.Fone - phone call Manager (Android)

Selectively carry SMS messages from Android come Android

Select and transfer desired messages, contacts, call logs indigenous Android to Android.Export/import her music, photos, videos, contacts, SMS, apps, etc. Come computer/Android.Parse and also transfer iTunes messages to Android (vice versa).Manage your Android maker on a computer.Fully compatible through Android 10.0.


This Android SMS transfer device is designed to meet custom deliver requirements. Just transfer only wanted message to brand-new Android, and also leave unwanted ones ~ above old Android. Many users take it it as perfect solution to minimization SMS storage usage in new Android.

Follow the listed below instructions to selectively transport SMS from Android come Android:

Install and also launch Dr.Fone, and also select the "Phone Manager" choice from the key screen.


Connect the two Android devices to your computer using the USB ports. Click the upper left corner and also you have the right to see the name of both Android devices. Click on the name to clues it as the resource Android because that SMS transfer.


Click on the "Information" tab. In this new screen, you have the right to see the Contacts and SMS on the left column. Click "SMS" to accessibility all Android messages.Scroll on the display to see which messages space wanted people on your source Android. Then select the SMS threads, click the "Export" icon on the optimal bar, and also choose .


That"s every the process of selectively transporting Android message to a new device. Quite easy, isn"t it?

Part 3: just how to transport SMS native Android to Android utilizing Android SMS Transfer

There are likewise a few readily accessible apps that you have the right to use come transfer message messages from Android come Android. For instance, the Android SMS Transfer is one of the time-honored apps the can assist you.

The application will first take a back-up of your Android messages and also can later restore them to the target Android device. The messages will be exported to an Android SD card, which will later be provided for SMS restore. While the SMS transfer process is no as fast and direct as lasignoralaura.com - phone call Transfer, the can accomplish your simple SMS transport requirements.

Here’s just how you can transfer SMS indigenous Android come Android utilizing this Android SMS Transfer app.

First the all, download the Android SMS Transfer app on the source Android and also launch it. Indigenous its welcome page, click on the "Backup SMS" option.


You will certainly be asked to surname the backup paper of her Android messages. Just get in any paper name and also proceed.


The application will present that the SMS back-up has been taken and also stored top top the Android SD card.


Just safely eliminate the SD map that consists of the Android article backup, and also insert it into your brand-new Android phone.Launch the app once again and also click ~ above the "Restore SMS" option. Browser the backup paper having your message messages and also restore them come the target Android phone.

In this way, you have the right to transfer messages from Android come Android by making use of an SD card. Though, that will just transfer the text messages and also will not include any kind of other media data.

Part 4: just how to transfer messages native Android to Android making use of Bluetooth

While the an approach is not commonly recommended, you have the right to use the aboriginal Android Bluetooth feature also to transfer text messages native one Android to another. Because Bluetooth SMS transfer is gradually getting obsolete, the feature can not be supported on all Android devices. Also, it would take a lot of time come send her Android message via Bluetooth.

The technique is likewise not recommended from a security perspective. If the source Android phone has actually malware, then it have the right to be transferred to your target phone as well. Therefore, you should only take into consideration this together your last resort for Android SMS transfer.

You have the right to follow these steps for Android SMS transport via Bluetooth.

To start with, carry the resource and the target Android devices in close vicinity.Turn on the Bluetooth feature on both Android devices and pair lock by confirming the passcode.Now, walk to the Messaging application on the source machine and choose the messages the you great to transfer.Go come its Settings and also choose come "Send" or "Share" the selected SMS threads. After ~ that, you have to send SMS via Bluetooth.A list of every the available Android tools will be displayed. Just tap ~ above the target maker to obtain SMS messages.On the target Android, you will get a prompt because that the just arrived SMS data. Touch "Agree" and start the SMS carry process.


As you deserve to see, it have the right to be tedious come learn just how to move messages from Android to Android via Bluetooth. Not only is this SMS transfer technique time-consuming, yet it would likewise be complicated to implement as well.

Part 5: exactly how to carry messages from Android to Android using SMS back-up & Restore

Another smart and also easy way to move SMS indigenous Android to Android is by using the SMS backup & regain app. Besides acquisition a backup of her Android messages and also restoring them afterward, that can likewise perform a wireless SMS transfer. Unequal Bluetooth, this blog post transfer takes ar via WiFi direct, which provides it a lot of faster and reliable.

The app is obtainable for complimentary and have the right to be downloaded from Google beat Store. Therefore, before you begin, make sure that you have downloaded the SMS transfer app on both Android devices.

Later, you can follow these actions to deliver messages native Android come Android directly.

Launch the Android SMS transfer application on both the devices and also choose come "Transfer" her messages. Friend can discover "Transfer" top top the home page the the app or under its setups tab.


Now, you must specify the resource and the target Android device. On the source phone, tap top top the “Send indigenous this phone” option, while on the target device, tap on the “Receive on this phone” button.


The target Android will wait because that the SMS transfer. On the various other hand, you have the right to view a list of every the obtainable devices on the source Android. Simply tap ~ above the target Android device from here.


On the target Android, girlfriend will get an invitation to connect. Tap ~ above the “Accept” switch to proceed.


Great! you are practically there. On the resource Android, the application will carry out an option to send a vault backup paper or all the message messages and also calls. Select the relevant option and also touch on the “OK” button.


Just wait because that a while because that the Android message to transport to the target device. Once the process is complete, you can view the recently transferred message on the target Android phone.

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There girlfriend go! now with the aid of this techniques, girlfriend can easily transfer SMS indigenous Android to Android. Out of every these options, lasignoralaura.com - phone Transfer provides the fastest and most practically solution, and Dr.Fone - phone Manager makes Android SMS transfer an ext customized and flexible. You can simply go to its main website and give this freely obtainable tool a try. It will certainly let you move your data native one device to another without any hassle.