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together always, I want you to email me any and also all struggles you’re having with your gear—whether you can’t decide what to buy, can’t affix one point to another, can’t tell why that thing you simply bought is therefore slow, et cetera. If that good, interesting, or quirky (and applicable to more people than simply you), I’ll attribute it in this column!

This week, lasignoralaura.com reader Rick writes:

My inquiry is this. I have an older smart phone, that a 4 gig capacity, its storage is full. I have just obtained a brand-new phone (Samsung Galaxy S8, 64gig). The guy from customer Cellular said me that when I transport over come the new phone ns will lose my message messages. I sure won’t it is in happy about that together my wife passed far 6 months ago and I have actually text’s that average a lot come me. The only means I can uncover to save the messages is to install an app. Though unfortunately i can’t carry out that because the old call doesn’t have actually enough room for the app. Is there any way of conserving these texts and will they remain in the old call after i make the change?

First up, Rick, ns sorry come hear around your loss. I have a couple of friends that are considerably relieved in gift able to look in ~ the old communications—or in part cases, hear to the old voicemails—of loved ones who have passed. I’ll carry out my finest to aid you out.

The quickest and easiest prize is to neglect what your older smartphone is telling you—I’m walk to assume it’s one Android, however if not, write ago with the specific model and also I’ll change my recommendations.


It shouldn’t matter if her 4GB older smartphone is packed complete of data (be the photos, apps, music, whatever). Since you’re moving devices, this is what I’d do:

Delete any apps ~ above the phone that you installed. You’re moving from the device, anyway, so have the right to just redownload them on your brand-new device.Once you’ve excellent that, girlfriend should likewise be able come delete any kind of videos on your device (at minimum) to free up part space. Friend could also delete photos too, when you’ve confirmed every little thing is donate up elsewhere. I like the Google picture method, to it is in honest, due to the fact that then you’ll be able to also access these photos and also videos indigenous your more recent Samsung device.

Now that you’ve freed up part space, girlfriend can try the Samsung smart Switch app and also see how an excellent a job that does at porting her messages end to your new device. However, I’d also recommend grabbing the battle-tested SMS back-up & Restore for her old and brand-new device. The an incredible app that will allow you to both transfer your message and save an archival copy elsewhere, i beg your pardon is specifically what I’d do in her case, provided the situations of her wife’s messages.

Once you’ve set up the app, fill it up, agree to all the permissions the asks for, and also tap “More Options” on the main display (toward the bottom). ~ that, tap on “Settings.”

Here, you’ll be may be to collection a backup location for your messages—Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or in your ar on your device. You will do it then desire to tap top top “Backup settings” and make certain that MMS is selected, so girlfriend can earlier up any photos or videos you’ve sent out (or received). Friend can also select the “Add XSL tag” option if you desire to be able to view your messages in your web browser (handy!).


Once she ready, head ago to the app’s major menu (hamburger icon in the upper-left corner) and also tap the “Back increase now” option. Once you’ve produced your archive, friend can additionally then usage the Transfer option to send her messages to her new device (hopefully). That, or you can just download your backup record onto her new maker and income them via the app; her choice.

While I’m mainly an iPhone male now, SMS back-up & regain has been just one of the very very first apps I’ve set up all the times i have previously supplied Android. It’s among the most helpful apps you can get, in mine opinion. Ns hope that does you well.

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What about voice mails? i’m going to upgrade later this month, and I don’t desire to shed the critical voicemail mine grandma left me. I didn’t also think about that prior to reading this article.