Tutorial: deliver SMS Messages in between Android devices

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If you"ve got a shiny brand-new phone and also you don"t great to lose any kind of SMS messages on your old device, assist is at your disposal - this post will guide you through exactly how to transfer messages indigenous one Android phone to another. The application used to backup messages on your old phone and restore to your new maker is Droid Transfer.

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There is no must root your phone to use the app. Also, backups done by Droid Transfer are performed locally either end a Wi-Fi or a USB connection.

Backup & Restore: This function is unavailable in the latest variation of Droid Transfer, due to changes in Google"s Play keep policies.However, you deserve to download and install version 1.34 which offers this functionality for friend - details ~ above which are below.

To use this functionality, you"ll must use Droid move (version 1.34) and Transfer Companion (version 2).

Switching to an iphone phone instead?

Learn the ideal ways come transfer message messages native Android to iPhone.


How to move messages native Android come Android...

Open the "Messages" tab.Create a backup of your messages.Disconnect the phone, and connect the new Android device.Choose which messages to deliver from the backup to the phone.Hit "Restore"!

Read on because that a finish walkthrough...

Droid carry is a great professional tool for all Android media transport needs. As well as backing up Android content to her computer, friend can likewise transfer SMS message from Android to Android.

To execute this, friend will should download both parts of the program:

Download Droid transfer 1.34

For this task, you"ll must install variation 1.34 the Droid transfer on her Windows computer or laptop.

Free download because that Windows:

Droid deliver 1.34

Download transfer Companion 2

To Download deliver Companion 2 APK on your Android device, follow these steps...

Part 1: permit APK Installs open the Settings application on her Android device. Android 8 and higher: role down and tap "Apps and also Notifications".Samsung Galaxy: tap Biometrics and security.

insanity "Install Unknown Apps". Relying on your Android, friend may rather see "Install various other apps". If you see neither of these options, you may first need to tap "Special access". Select the internet browser (such as Google Chrome) you desire to use to download the APK file. Toggle the "Allow indigenous this source" move to "on".Tap "OK" to confirm these settings if friend are triggered to.Part 2: install the APK indigenous your liked browser. On your Android, madness the symbol from your app menu to launch her chosen web browser (such together Google Chrome)Ensure that this web browser is the one you choose in part 1 if you required to pick one. If prompted, insanity "OK" to check that you desire to download the APK. If prompted, tap "Open" in ~ the bottom of her screen. If you room not prompted, open your download folder from her Android application menu and tap the transfer Companion APK to open up it.
Tap install to install deliver Companion 2.
insanity "Open" to open the app and begin utilizing it straight away.

Backup and also Restore Android Messages

Once you"ve got the software, connect your Android device which contains your SMS messages. Friend can connect to Droid transport using USB or Wi-Fi. You"ll then be able to see all of your phone"s media within the program.

How come Transfer text Messages indigenous Android to Android - So currently we can open the "Messages" tab in Droid Transfer. ~ above the left-hand side, you"ll discover a perform of contacts. This are all of the message conversations which are stored on your phone. If girlfriend click a contact"s name, it will bring up the conversation on the right-hand-side, consisting of messages sent, message received, and any media consisting of images, videos and emoji"s.


Backup message messages indigenous Android- For the purposes of this tutorial, click the "Backup & Restore" button in the Droid transport toolbar come SMS back-up Android. We have to backup every one of these messages in order to deliver them to a brand-new phone, for this reason click "Backup".

You now have actually the choice to backup all messages, or only certain conversations. Make your selection, then hit "Backup" come confirm. Side note- developing backups of her messages in this method is good for safekeeping. If anything should happen to your current device, together as damages or data loss, you"ll have actually a backup of her messages i m sorry you have the right to restore to her phone (or a brand-new phone).

OK, it"s new phone time! Grab your new Android device, install deliver Companion ~ above it, and also connect it come Droid move in place of the ahead Android device.

Again, open up the "Messages" tab and click "Backup & Restore". This time, we"re going come hit the "Restore" button.

Now we should tell Droid carry where it deserve to locate the backup of ours Android messages. When you have selected the back-up file, click "Open".

At this point, monitor the prompts on your Android an equipment in order come temporarily change your default message app. This is forced so the Droid Transfer deserve to copy over her messages, yet the adjust will be reverted when the move is complete.

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Finally, Droid transport will enable you to either gain back all message or regain selected messages to a device. Simply do your an option and hit "Restore"! Droid move will carry your text messages to your new device.


Will the move overwrite or duplicate mine data?

Unlike a "sync" function like you deserve to see in iTunes, the Droid move messages restore will not overwrite or duplicate her content. The routine intelligently filling in gaps in conversations without duplicating messages, and even adds contact from conversations come your call list if they execute not exist over there already!