When you move from one old Android phone come a new one, you deserve to actually transport messages from Android to Android instantly and easily!

2.Now, acquire your target Android machine and add the very same Gmail account come it. Browser ‘Settings’ > ‘Accounts’ > ‘Add Account’ > ‘Google’ > vital in girlfriend Google account credentials now and sign in to it.

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3.Next, you’re simply required to turn on the ‘Automatic Restore’ option to allow the backup get revived on your new Android device. For this, head to ‘Settings’ > ‘Backup & reset’ > toggle top top ‘Automatic restore’.

Method 3: exactly how to move Messages in between Android Phones using SMS backup & Restore

This SMS backup & Restore app from Google Play save can assist you restore and also backup speak to records and text messages. It no support progressed settings and can only restore the messages and calls that you have backed up using it. Below is exactly how to transfer message messages from Android to Android.

1.Install the app and also launch that on your old Android phone, click the ‘3 horizontal bars’ found on the peak left corner. Tap top top the ‘Back up now’ button from the menu and also then click the ‘Backup’ button.

2.Find the ‘SMSBackupRestore’ folder on your device’s local storage and also move it come your destination Android phone.

3.Install this application on the target an equipment as well and also tap the ‘3 horizontal bars’ favor you did before. Click the ‘Restore’ switch from the menu and hit the ‘Local back-up Location’ button.

4.Pick the backup paper from your Android phone and tap on the ‘Restore’ button. The message messages will be restored to the destination machine now.

Method 4: how to transport Messages in between Android tools Using smart Switch

The Samsung clever Switch application is solely designed for the Samsung mobile devices. If you space wondering just how to carry messages from Android come Android (for a Samsung device) climate it’s the ideal pick for you. It basically helps girlfriend in transferring text messages from any kind of iOS/Android phone come a Samsung smartphone.

1.Install Samsung clever Switch application on the resource and location devices and also then beginning it.

2.Get her source device and select a setting of deliver from there, let’s take ‘Wireless’ together an example. Now, pick the data kind i.e. ‘Messages’ and also then click the ‘Send’ button.

3.Go to the location Samsung phone and also tap the ‘Accept’ switch to obtain the incoming message messages.

Method 5: just how to transport Messages between Android devices Using Bluetooth

You can also transfer messages from Android to Android using the Bluetooth feature uncovered on her Android devices. The major lacuna through this technique though is, it’s pretty slow and sometimes doesn’t detect the device you great to pair because that data transfer. You can transfer papers including photos and text messages utilizing Bluetooth. Though, you deserve to only move a single message out of a message conversation in ~ a time to another device. This is exactly how to transfer text messages indigenous Android to Android

1.Turn on ‘Bluetooth’ top top both your Android devices and also then pair them.

2. Go to ‘Message’ app and open a conversation and also select a solitary text blog post that you desire to share. Tap ~ above the re-superstructure icon and hit the ‘Bluetooth’ icon.

3.On her target device tap ‘Accept’ to obtain the message message.

Method 6: just how to deliver Messages in between Android gadgets Using SMS Backup+

You have the right to transfer message messages from your old Android phone come a brand-new one making use of SMS Backup+ app as well. This open source app helps you backup and restore SMS databases and collection up automatic back-up as well. Let’s see just how to transfer text messages indigenous Android to Android utilizing SMS Backup+ -

1.On your old Android, login come Gmail > ‘Settings’ > ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’ > ‘Enable IMAP’ > ‘Save Changes’.

2.Download SMS Backup+ top top both the Android phones. ~ above the source device, launch the application > ‘Connect’ > pick the Gmail account you simply used > authorize the app for backing up SMS to your Gmail account > ‘Backup’.

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3.On the target Android phone call > start the application > ‘Connect’ > choose the exact same Gmail account > ‘Restore’.